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2010-01-21 MCU dev't kit packs on-chip LCD driver
NEC Electronics Europe is offering the 78K0R development kit designed for the evaluation of the company's 16bit 78K0R/Lx3 microcontroller.
2008-05-23 MCU 'first' to integrate high-current driver
NEC Electronics America and NEC Electronics introduced what they said is the world's first MCU with a constant high-current driver
2002-09-03 Maxim transceiver saves 70 percent of board space
The MAX3060E/MAX3061E/MAX3062E RS-485/RS-232 transceivers are packaged in an 8-pin SOT casing, enabling the devices to save 70 percent more board space over industry-standard SOPs
2013-11-20 Match LED driver architecture with the application
Read about LED driver architectures and their impact on the performance of a lighting application
2003-03-11 LSP2908 High-Voltage Driver Evaluation Board
This application note discusses the LSP2908 High-Voltage Evaluation Board, while providing schematics of said board
2011-03-23 LM3444-230VAC, 8W isolated flyback LED driver
This demonstration board highlights the performance of a LM3444 based flyback LED driver solution that can be used to power a single LED string.
2011-03-21 LM3444-120VAC, 8W isolated flyback LED driver
This demonstration board highlights the performance of a LM3444 based flyback LED driver solution that can be used to power a single LED string.
2008-10-21 LM3433 4A to 20A LED driver evaluation board
The LM3433 is an adaptive constant on-time DC/DC buck constant current controller designed to drive a high brightness LEDs (HB LED) at high forward currents.
2010-03-10 LM3429 buck-boost evaluation board
This wide range evaluation board showcases the LM3429 NFET controller used with a buck-boost current regulator
2010-03-10 LM3429 boost evaluation board
This evaluation board showcases the LM3429 NFET controller used with a boost current regulator. It is designed to drive nine to 12 LEDs at a maximum average LED current of 1A from a DC input voltage of 10V to 26V
2011-03-04 LM3423 boost 2 layer evaluation board
The evaluation board discussed in this document showcases the LM3423 NFET controller used with a boost current regulator
2011-05-16 LM3410X SEPIC 6-Pin LLP demo board
Read about a demo board that converts 2.7V to 5.5V input, and illuminates a 320mA HB/OLED using the LM3410X 1.6MHz LED driver switching converter.
2010-04-08 LM3409 demonstration board
This demonstration board showcases the LM3409 PFET controller for a buck current regulator
2011-04-08 Line driver IC designed for master applications
The ZIOL2411 line-driver IC from ZMDI is the fourth member of the company's IO-Link IC family and offers two independent I/O channels
2009-06-29 LED flash driver suits ultraslim phones
ON Semiconductor has introduced the NCP5680 supercapacitor-optimized LED flash driver capable of delivering up to 10A for photo flash and video light in ultra-slim camera phones and compact digital cameras
2010-05-04 LED driver with PWM eases dimming control
Clare Inc. has launched the CPC9909 high-voltage HB LED driver that can drive hundreds of HB LEDs in-series and/or parallel combinations in a constant peak-current control topology
2012-03-16 LED driver ups LCD TV power efficiency by 9
It is the first device of its type to provide LED driving capabilities in TVs based on the LCD integrated power supply (LIPS) architecture, Microsemi said.
2008-03-05 LED driver trims component count in designs
Exar has released a LED driver in a small 3mm x 3mm QFN package that integrates several off-chip functions, which lowers external component requirements while saving board space.
2011-03-08 LED driver touts current accuracy
Supertex presents the HV9971, a patented, isolated, constant current LED driver for solid-state lighting applications
2005-04-22 LED driver suits wireless handsets
California Micro Devices unveiled PhotonIC CM4600, the first member of its new PhotonIC family of highly integrated LED drivers, that is capable of driving all the LEDs in a wireless handset.
2010-01-25 LED driver saves space, cost in illumination apps
Diodes has released a 1A-rated linear-mode constant current LED driver designed to reduce the size and cost of a range of general illumination products
2005-02-17 LED driver offers consistent LED brightness, extended battery life
The new SC606 charge pump white/color LED driver from Semtech can power up to six LEDs in a configuration that is suitable for advanced PDAs and cellphones
2006-09-11 LED driver needs no external MCU, switch-mode converter
Maxim said its new LED driver has a unique architecture that eliminates the need for external controllers
2007-11-19 LED driver lights up your photos
Catalyst's LED driver drives LED strings up to 22V, making it suitable for digital photo frames and other backlighting applications where high LED countsup to 40 LEDsare used
2013-03-04 LED driver for LCD TVs touts intelligent digital control
The iW7011 from iWatt is a 6-channel LED driver that claims to reduce BOM cost and simplify design of edge-lit and direct-lit LCD TVs
2010-04-05 LED driver ensures equal brightness in portable apps
Fairchild Semiconductor has introduced the FAN5341 highly-efficient LED driver solution that improves brightness and resolution in portable designs
2008-03-18 LED driver eases interface control for backlighting
The new CAT3637 from Catalyst addresses the requirements for high-efficiency and easy LED programming in portable products, with 10-percent higher efficiency and a simple, 1-wire EZDim interface control.
2010-07-12 LED driver combines PFC, AC/DC conversion
ON Semiconductor introduces an offline LED driver that integrates power-factor correction (PFC) and isolated step-down AC-DC power conversion in a single stage
2006-08-29 LED driver allows wide dimming range
Maxim said its new LED driver features a high-voltage PWM pin that allows a wide dimming range and a wide operating input voltage range that protects against large transients
2012-09-03 LED driver aimed at 100W incandescent bulb replacements
Power Integrations' DER-323, a reference design for an 18W, 88 percent-efficient, non-isolated A19 LED driver based on LNK460VG, is a low-profile IC from the company's LinkSwitch-PL family
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