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2012-09-19 Eval board for TPS92550 450mA 36V LED driver micro-module
Here's a discussion on TPS92550 constant current buck LED driver micro-module that drives maximum 450mA LED current up to 10 LEDs in a single string
2013-03-19 EPC rolls out dev board for 100V eGaN FET apps
The EPC9010 development board a 100 V maximum device voltage, 7 A maximum output current, half bridge with onboard gate drives, featuring the EPC2016 enhancement mode field effect transistor
2013-04-12 EPC arms development board with TI's eGaN FETs
The EPC9005 development board is a half bridge configuration containing two 40 V EPC2014 eGaN FETs with a 7 A maximum output current using a gate driver optimised for GaN devices.
2011-02-10 Embedded board touts Intel Core i7
Data Modul's ECM-QM57 embedded board is based on Intel's 32nm process technology and features a two-chip platform integrating the Northbridge chip with the CPU
2002-02-19 Durel EL lamp driver draws 0.04&microA during standby
The D381A EL lamp driver draws 0.04?A of current during standby mode and 43mA during operation, making it suitable for low-power portable devices such as cellphones and PDAs
2007-12-06 Driver plus FET modules trim power losses
Fairchild Semiconductor has released the FDMF8704 and FDMF8704V driver plus FET modules that minimize power losses across all load levels in DC/DC applications
2006-09-26 Driver module loads up to 60W for high bright LEDs
Applied Concepts' I-DRIVE Series of LED driver modules provide up to 60W for high bright LEDs
2008-05-27 Driver assistance systems push auto navigation utility
Navigation systems are becoming more important in vehicle safety. Road, traffic and weather information can prepare driversand interact with vehicle systemsfor what is around the bend.
2015-07-01 Developing ZigBee driver with SynthOS
Know the unique issues in the development of a ZigBee device driver in particular and drivers for communication devices in general using SynthOS
2013-08-02 Develop a voltage regulator general purpose board
Read about the development and implementation of a voltage regulator GPB for lab automation characterisation.
2014-02-10 Dev't board features 100V eGaN FETs with 35A max output
The EPC9013 boasts a parallel configuration and can be operated as a buck, boost or bidirectional, as well as a half bridge for motor drives and isolated converter applications.
2008-05-12 Demonstration/evaluation board for CAT3643/3644 quad-mode LED driver
This document describes the CAT3643/3644 demonstration/evaluation board for Catalyst's CAT3643/3644 quad-mode fractional LED driver.
2012-01-20 Demo board for LM3448 based flyback LED driver
Read about a demo board that looks into the performance of LM3448 based flyback LED driver solution.
2012-01-18 Demo board for LM3410X LED driver switching converter
Here's a look at a demo board that converts 2.7V to 5.5V input, and illuminates a 285mA HB/OLED using the LM3410X
2010-06-10 DC/DC converters pack WLED driver, VCOM buffer
Advanced Analogic Technologies Inc. is offering its latest active matrix TFT LCD DC/DC converters that include a WLED driver and VCOM buffer
2009-11-03 CFL driver extends lifetime beyond 15,000 hrs
specifications are emerging for CFLS such as better color, faster start-up, better dimming and longer life.
2010-01-27 CCD driver delivers fast, matched rise/fall times
The driver uses a patented technique to deliver fast, matched rise and fall times into highly capacitive image sensor loads
2008-05-13 CAT4201 LED driver evaluation board
This document describes the CAT4201EVAL2 evaluation board for Catalyst's CAT4201 high-efficiency step-down LED driver.
2008-05-12 CAT3636DB1 evaluation/demo board for CAT3636 6-channel quad-mode LED driver
This document describes the CAT3636DB1 evaluation/demonstration board for Catalyst's CAT3636 6-channel quad-mode fractional LED driver.
2008-05-12 CAT3626DB1 evaluation/demo board for CAT3626 6-channel LED driver
This document describes the CAT3626DB1 evaluation/demonstration board for Catalyst Semiconductor's CAT3626 6-channel LED driver with I?C interface.
2008-05-12 CAT3612EVAL1 evaluation board for CAT3612 camera flash LED driver
This document describes the CAT3612EVAL1 evaluation/demonstration board for Catalyst's CAT3612, a 300mA flash LED driver with 1-wire interface.
2008-05-28 CAT32EVAL1 evaluation board for CAT32 white LED driver
This document by Denisa Stefan describes the CAT32EVAL1 evaluation board for the Catalyst Semiconductor CAT32 white LED driver.
2013-09-18 Cancellation speaker driver ICs boast zero audible hiss
The AS3435 and AS3415 ANC speaker drivers from Ams feature integrated bypass switches and claim to provide users with an improved listening experience.
2010-12-27 Buck-boost 2 layer evaluation board
This wide range evaluation board showcases the LM3423 NFET controller used with a buck-boost current regulator
2013-08-28 Brushed DC motor driver IC supports high voltages, currents
Toshiba's TB67H400A claims to improve operation for applications such as home appliances, ATMs, banknote recognition equipment, amusement park machines and office automation equipment.
2002-07-02 Board gives vision-based inspection a speed boost
An image-acquisition board from National Instruments can speed the performance of vision-based inspection systems commonly used in making semiconductors, optoelectronics, telecom devices and automotive components
2007-11-23 Automotive FET pre-driver touts industry's widest voltage range
Freescale Semiconductor has introduced a versatile FET pre-driver designed for three-phase motor control in a wide range of automotive and industrial control apps
2011-08-26 Auto LED driver lessens board space
The AT9919 LED lamp driver IC from Supertex claims to reduce board space while improving system reliability.
2011-08-02 Audio subsystem reduces board space
IDT's audio subsystem with integrated clock IC boasts space and cost efficiency for tablets, game consoles, personal navigation devices and portable projectors.
2009-09-30 Audio converter/driver IC saves board space, BOM costs
ST's TS4657 audio converter/driver IC saves additional external components while reducing power consumption and improving sound quality of consumer audio/video products
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