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What is an LED driver?
Regardless of type, size, or power, all LEDs work best when driven with a constant current source since LED color changes with small variations in driving current. LEDs often support varying system voltages and forward voltages, which can cause variations in LED brightness and color.
An LED driver is a self-contained power supply that has outputs matched to the electrical characteristics of your LED or array of LEDs. There are currently no industry standards (as of 2009), so understanding the electrical characteristics of your LED or array is critical in selecting or designing a driver circuit. Drivers should be current-regulated (deliver a consistent current over a range of load voltages). Drivers may also offer dimming by means of pulse width modulation (PWM) circuits. Drivers may have more than one channel for separate control of different LEDs or arrays.
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2002-03-08 Maxim LVECL/LVPECL drivers feature 8ps channel-to-channel skew
The MAX9400, MAX9402, MAX9403, and MAX9405 quad 3GHz LVECL/LVPECL line driver/receivers are suitable for clock and data distribution applications in automatic test equipment, CO switches, networking switches and routers, and SONET/SDH communication applications.
2002-12-18 Maxim LV clock drivers boast low jitter
Two new LVCMOS/LVPECL clock drivers/repeaters from Maxim offer 3ps maximum rms random jitter for apps that demand low pin-to-pin skew distribution.
2004-03-16 Maxim LED drivers provide 17 7V-tolerant output ports
The MAX6964 LED driver from Maxim Integrated Products provides microprocessors and microcontrollers with seventeen 7V-tolerant output ports.
2002-08-08 Maxim LED drivers come with GPIOs
The MAX6956 and MAX6957 static LED display drivers from Maxim Integrated Products come with GPIOs to expand the I/O capabilities of microcontrollers and microprocessors.
2002-04-03 Maxim BLVDS transceiver integrates four drivers, receivers
Maxim Integrated Product's MAX9157 quad BLVDS transceiver integrates into a 5-by-5mm package, four drivers and four receivers suitable for half-duplex, multipoint busestypically 16 to 20 cards plugged into a backplane.
2002-03-07 Maxim ADSL drivers deliver up to 12.5dBm line power
The MAX4361 and MAX4362 ADSL drivers, and MAX4363 ADSL driver/receiver produce an output current of 280mA (min.) and deliver up to 12.5dBm average line power for DMT-modulated signals.
2007-06-25 LVDS drivers offer 800Mbps at 300ps pulse skew
austriamicrosystems expands its LVDS ICs portfolio with the introduction of its new AS1154/56 single and dual LVDS drivers.
2008-05-14 Low-noise ADC drivers deliver guaranteed matching
Linear Technology has announced the LTC6420-20 and LTC6421-20, said to be the industry's first high-speed dual differential ADC drivers with guaranteed gain matching, and exceptional noise and distortion performance.
2015-01-29 Low-footprint power MOSFET drivers support high speed apps
The MCP14A005X and MCP14A015X from Microchip include low input threshold voltages compatible with low voltage MCUs and controllers, while still maintaining strong noise immunity and hysteresis.
2010-07-15 Low-cost audio DAC packs stereo line drivers
From Cirrus Logic Inc. comes the CS4354, its lowest-cost 24bit DAC with integrated stereo line drivers.
2009-01-14 Load limits for octal high side drivers
AMIS-39100 and AMIS-39101 are general purpose ICs with eight integrated high side drivers. The device is designed to control virtually any type of loads, such as transistor gates, relays, LEDs.
2003-12-18 Linear Tech side drivers protect power MOSFETs
Linear Technology Corp. has introduced two secondary side synchronous N-channel MOSFET drivers that feature timer and current sense comparators to protect the external MOSFETs during normal and light load operation, power up/down, and when the driver supply voltage drops too low.
2009-12-04 Linear drivers enable low-cost 0.5W LEDs
Infineon rolls two new families of linear LED drivers designed for driving 0.5W LEDs with a typical current of 150mA to 200mA.
2003-12-16 Line drivers thrive in ADSL2/ADSL2+ designs
We present a method for calculating power dissipation while also discussing the trade-offs between supply voltage and performance.
2007-06-26 Line drivers suit 100Mbps VDSL2 apps
Intersil Corp. has introduced the latest addition to its family of line drivers that feature low power, a small footprint and good linearity.
2011-07-15 Line drivers provides up to 30V supply voltage
Avago Technologies has launched the AEIC-7272, AEIC-7273 and AEIC-2631 quad differential line drivers that provide up to 30V additional supply voltage required for industrial applications.
2013-10-30 Life-time requirements of HVSON12 plastic drivers
Read about the process of safely operating NXP Semiconductors drivers using the HVSON12 package within its associated life-time requirements.
2009-12-14 LED pump drivers pack digital low-pass filters
Semtech Corp. has added two LED backlight charge pump drivers in its SC65x charge pump platform.
2012-06-04 LED micro-module drivers ease lighting design
Texas Instruments' 450mA TPS92550 and TPS92551 DC/DC LED driver modules incorporate all the required power and passive circuitry into a single IC package to deliver up to 23W of power to the LED.
2009-05-11 LED flash drivers offer design optimization
CAP-XX Ltd is introducing supercapacitor-optimized LED flash drivers from several power management IC companies to optimize the design of high-power LED flash units for high-resolution camera phones and digital cameras.
2006-01-16 LED drivers, with staggered outputs, cut EMI
Allegro Microsystems' A6278 and A6279 LED drivers are touted to be the industry's only devices with a staggered delay (20ns on each output) to cut the effects of inrush current.
2005-11-16 LED drivers with wide input-voltage range
The new MAX16801/MAX16802 high-brightness LED drivers from Maxim Integrated Products feature a wide input-voltage range.
2012-02-09 LED drivers with PWM dimming for LCD backlight
The HV9989 is powered by a built-in 40V linear regulator and has three 1MHz transconductance amplifiers.
2005-11-01 LED drivers with industry-standard SPI-compatible serial interface
Maxim introduced the MAX6971/MAX6983 16-port and the MAX6970/MAX6980/MAX6981 8-port constant-current LED drivers that all feature a 25MHz, 4-wire, industry-standard SPI-compatible serial interface.
2006-07-03 LED drivers with 0.6mm profile suits portable apps
ON Semiconductor has introduced three new white LED drivers with 0.6mm profile designed for backlighting in portable apps.
2005-04-06 LED drivers with 'smallest' footprint
National Semiconductor's three new charge-pump-based white LED drivers feature a tiny chip-scale 18-pin micro SMD package, providing one of the smallest footprint in the industry.
2008-08-07 LED drivers tout completeness
Recom Electronic GmbH offers a complete solution of LED drivers with the RCD-24-x.xx series.
2008-11-18 LED drivers target high-visual impact lighting apps
ON Semiconductor has expanded its line of constant-current, low dropout driver products with two new high-brightness RGB LED pixel drivers.
2010-02-16 LED drivers tailored for solid-state lighting apps
Marvell Semiconductor has unveiled the 88EM8080 family of high-performance, low-cost and high-reliability controllers for LED lighting applications.
2006-06-02 LED drivers simplify design of indoor/outdoor display signs
The new constant-current LED drivers from Maxim Integrated Products simplify the design of large RGB indoor/outdoor LED display signs.
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