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What is an LED driver?
Regardless of type, size, or power, all LEDs work best when driven with a constant current source since LED color changes with small variations in driving current. LEDs often support varying system voltages and forward voltages, which can cause variations in LED brightness and color.
An LED driver is a self-contained power supply that has outputs matched to the electrical characteristics of your LED or array of LEDs. There are currently no industry standards (as of 2009), so understanding the electrical characteristics of your LED or array is critical in selecting or designing a driver circuit. Drivers should be current-regulated (deliver a consistent current over a range of load voltages). Drivers may also offer dimming by means of pulse width modulation (PWM) circuits. Drivers may have more than one channel for separate control of different LEDs or arrays.
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2011-12-05 Drivers ICs support up to 15 LEDs at 1A
Allegro MicroSystems' LED drivers are engineered for automotive and industrial lighting applications.
2001-05-29 Drivers for GaAs FET switches and digital attenuators
This application note provides information on M/A-COM's SW-109 and SWD-119 drivers and other commercially available digital logic chips for control of switches and digital attenuators.
2001-06-05 Drivers for GaAs FET MMIC switches and digital attenuators
This application note provides technical and application information to simplify the use of drivers for M/A-COM's FET MMIC switches and digital attenuators.
2015-03-11 Diodes unveils low-power multi-channel load sink drivers
The ULN2003V12 and ULN2003F12 both integrate an input RC snubber circuit and support 3.3V to 5V CMOS logic inputs, making them compatible with a range of MCUs and logic devices.
2009-10-02 Digital power regulators pack gate drivers
Entering the digital power market, Exar Corp. has introduced two highly-integrated field-programmable power regulator ICs series.
2005-07-18 Digicams make use of integrated motor drivers
Learn motion-control requirements in modern DSCs and motor-driver solutions based on an integrated driver IC
2004-06-29 Dialog LCD drivers have fully integrated graphic display RAM
Dialog Semiconductor Plc released the first two products in its new color LCD driver family.
2002-05-01 Device drivers for Windows CE 3.0
This technical article discusses how every OS should place their requirements on device drivers and how Windows CE's driver model fits in with all the necessary requirements.
2004-04-22 Developing embedded Linux device drivers for a system-on-chip device
This paper will focus on aspects of writing device drivers for non-standard hardware, and exploring the hardware APIs.
2008-10-16 Design LED drivers for mobile phones, PDAs
Here is a look at LED apps, white LED, and a discussion of the latest features and driver topology for LCD backlighting, fun lighting and indication, as well as camera phone"s flash.
2009-08-13 Design guidelines for COG modules with NXP monochrome LCD drivers
This application note explains how to design the optimal ITO layout on the input side of the LCD driver IC.
2008-05-14 Design challenges of switching LED drivers
The LED WEBENCH online design environment predicts and simulates the response of an LED to constant current while taking into account several potential design parameters that are new to designers of traditional switching regulators.
2004-04-22 Design and application of OLED display drivers
This paper presents design and application of OLED display drivers.
2010-08-24 Demo boards for LDS87xx LED drivers out
IXYS markets demo boards for new inductor-based, high efficiency LED drivers
2010-03-16 DC/DC controller integrates 1.1? MOSFET drivers
Linear Technology offers the LTC3890/-1 high-voltage, dual-output synchronous step-down DC/DC controller that draws only 50?A when one output is active.
2012-04-19 DC motor drivers target battery-powered apps
TI's DRV8834, DRV8835 and DRV8836 motor drivers feature low RDS(ON) of 305m? and 10nA sleep current that claim to cut power use by 80 percent.
2004-06-21 Cypress rolls out fast PLL clock drivers for DIMMs
Cypress Semiconductor disclosed that it is now sampling one of the industry's fastest PLL clock drivers for registered DIMMs.
2004-03-23 Cypress PLL clock drivers operate to 230MHz
Cypress Semiconductor has announced sampling of its CY2SSTV857-32 phase-locked loop clock drivers for registered dual inline memory modules.
2003-06-24 Cypress clock, data drivers operate to 1.5GHz
The company has announced the availability of its FastEdge family of high-performance clock and data drivers that operate to more than 1.5GHz.
2013-06-06 Cui launches DC-DC converters for power IGBT gate drivers
The VQA series of DC-DC converters operates at 20kHz over an operating temperature range of -40 to 85C and come in a compact, internally-potted 8-pin SIP case measuring 19.5x9.8x12.5mm.
2008-07-21 Compact MOSFET drivers improve system performance
Microchip has introduced the MCP1415 and MCP1416 (MCP141X) single-output MOSFET drivers that are for a variety of consumer electronic, industrial and medical applications that use power supplies.
2010-08-09 Compact linear LED drivers save space
Fairchild Semiconductor's linear LED drivers conserve space in portable backlighting applications up to 60 percent smaller than alternate solutions.
2008-02-20 Compact fuel gauge blends LED drivers, push-button input
Maxim Integrated Products has introduced the DS2788, which the company claims is the smallest standalone fuel gauge to integrate LED drivers and a push-button input for multiple Li+ cells into a single IC.
2002-10-24 Commercial IC products with GaAs integral drivers (on-chip)
This application note describes the voltage requirements, power consumption, user precautions of commercial IC products with GaAs integral drivers (on-chip).
2009-12-11 Codec integrates Class W headphone, line drivers
Wolfson's ultralow-power codec with Class W headphone and line drivers extends playback time in portable applications, such as media players, headsets, voice recorders and multimedia phones.
2008-10-27 CMOS image sensor alerts drivers of road risks
Melexis has released the MLX75307, its newest CMOS image sensor, which is designed for automotive front-vision applications.
2010-02-02 Clock drivers come with selectable equalizer receiver
ON Semiconductor offers the NB6HQ14M and NB7HQ14M integrate a selectable equalizer receiver into a high-performance differential 1:4 CML clock driver.
2003-11-21 Cirrus Logic DAC features integrated line drivers
Cirrus Logic Inc. has expanded its portfolio of analog and mixed-signal audio components with the release of the CS4351 DAC device.
2007-11-08 Charge pump LED drivers offer up to 95% efficiency
Leadis Technology has unveiled a new family of charge pump-based LED drivers featuring up to 95 percent efficiency using its PowerLite Current Regulator.
2010-05-26 CFL drivers enable energy-efficient bulbs
NXP Semiconductors has released two new generations of compact fluorescent lighting (CFL) light bulb drivers and controllers, based on its GreenChip technology.
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