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2001-04-06 Using a Dallas Semiconductor DS1075 EconOscillator to clock an 8051 microprocessor
This application note discusses how Dallas Semiconductor's DS1075 EconOscillator chip can be used for various types of clocked logic, such as microprocessor, FPGA and CPLD circuits.
2002-11-26 Configuring standard DS1073 and DS1075 EconOscillator for standalone operation
This application note discusses how to configure the DS1073 and DS1075 EconOscillator ICs for standalone operation.
2003-06-28 EconOscillator Comparison
This application note presents a side-by-side comparison of members of the EconOscillator family, in order to simplify the selection process.
2002-12-11 DS1075X-M Crystal Replacement Module
This application note discusses the DS1075 Crystal Replacement Module, and its application to evaluate the DS1075 EconOscillator.
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