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2001-05-23 TMS320C54x application code examples
This application note contains complete code examples for routines that have been developed using a TMS320C54x DSP evaluation module platform.
2006-01-24 TI introduces tool for evaluating C55x DSP devices
Texas Instruments announced the availability of the TMS320C55x Power Optimization DSP Starter Kit (DSK) for evaluating C55x DSP devices
2008-08-20 The MIPS32 24KE core family: high-performance RISC cores with DSP enhancements
The MIPS32 24KE core family is the latest high-performance synthesizable microprocessor cores from MIPS Technologies Inc. and features DSP enhancements at a negligible cost
2008-01-21 Tested, effective methods for optimizing DSP algorithms
This article describes the optimization process basics and various practical 'C' level skills needed to accelerate an algorithm. Processor and complier specific options are excluded as they are typically found in the respective vendor documents.
2007-07-26 Spartan-3A DSP FPGAs tout greater power efficiency
Xilinx Inc. has announced the addition of power efficient devices to its XtremeDSP portfolio of solutions for signal processing applications.
2008-06-03 Solution accelerates DSP/FPGA co-processing
Impulse Accelerated Technologies and 3L Ltd have announced a technology bridge allowing DSP application developers to create accelerated algorithms for high-performance embedded systems.
2007-08-22 Smart selection of compilation options in DSP applications
Smart selection of compilation options can yield a dramatic performance improvement in DSP applications. This article shows how to improve code size consumption as well as the consumption of other important resources
2002-12-12 PathusCeva, ARM to jointly create hybrid RISC/DSP solutions
ParthusCeva Inc. and ARM Ltd have entered an agreement enabling ASIC designers to combine ParthusCeva's DSP cores and ARM CPU cores in multiple-core silicon products
2007-04-16 Optimize compilers and embedded DSP software
Understanding the workings of the DSP architecture, compiler, and the application algorithms can speed up applications, sometimes by an order of magnitude. This article will summarize some of the techniques that can improve the performance of your code in terms of cycle count, memory use, and power consumption.
2003-12-08 National Instruments acquires DSP software developer
National Instruments has acquired Texas-based software developer Hyperception, a designer of graphical development tools for DSP
2005-05-23 MIPS cores offer high performance with DSP functionality
MIPS Technologies Inc. introduced the MIPS32(R) 24KE(TM) family of cores, the first to integrate the MIPS(R) DSP Application-Specific Extension (ASE) announced last year.
2005-04-13 Less-than-$1,500 DA board packs USB, 300MHz DSP
Data acquisition board maker Data Translation (DT) is now shipping a less-than-$1500 data acquisition and control board.
2001-04-30 FIFO patented synchronous retransmit: Programmable DSP-interface application for FIR filtering
This application note presents an of the synchronous-retransmit feature of TI's DSP application-specific FIFOs. It describes a synchronous-retransmit feature and shows how this feature can be used in conjunction with a DSP for FIR filtering.
2007-09-11 DSP dev't tools deliver 38 percent faster Fmax
Xilinx Inc. has announced that its DSP development tools deliver up to a 38 percent faster Fmax performance for multi-rate DSP designs and improved ease of use
2003-05-02 DSP app? 80-20 rule still works
Signal processing application is no different than any other embedded application. You will spend 80 percent of execution time in 20 percent of your code and let the compiler take care of the other 80 percent
2008-09-16 Combine C and assembly code for maximum DSP performance
Almost every DSP application today comprises a combination of C and assembly code. When performance is of the essence, DSP engineers use highly optimized assembly code. Less critical functions are written in C. To understand why this is so, let's take a closer look at the advantages and disadvantages of assembly coding compared to C coding.
2002-09-05 Altera to accelerate FPGAs into DSP mainstream
Altera Corp. has introduced the Code:DSP initiative to extend the reach of FPGAs from multichannel signal processing functions to a wide range of mainstream DSP-based applications
2007-06-18 Achieve better DSP code from compilers
Compilers can't generate efficient DSP code without help from the programmer thus learning how to coax efficient signal processing object code out of a compiler is an important skill and can reduce (or eliminate) the amount of time you'll spend optimizing at the assembly level
2000-06-22 A guide to using field programmable gate arrays (FPGAs) for application-specific digital signal processing performance
This application note describes the benefits of using an FPGA as a DSP coprocessor, as well as, a stand-alone DSP engine. Two case studies, a Viterbi decoder and a 16-Tap FIR filter are used to illustrate how the FPGA can radically accelerate system performance and reduce component count in a DSP application.
2002-12-02 Xilinx releases v2.3 of DSP tool System Generator
Xilinx Inc. is shipping v2.3 of its System Generator for DSP tool, which features enhanced multipliers that allows designers to achieve speeds of up to 285MHz while using the Virtex-II series of FPGAs
2001-05-15 Writing interruptible looped code for the TMS320C6x DSP
This application note illustrates the flexibility of the TMS320C6x DSP family for interruptibility and examines the code generated by various interruptibility strategies.
2001-05-23 Writing flexible device drivers for DSP/BIOS II
This application note defines a flexible application programming interface (API) for streaming I/O device drivers for use in real-time DSP applications written with the DSP/BIOS II real-time kernel.
2004-02-05 Wireless PDA application testbed debuts
Handheld devices are becoming more popular than PCs. In particular, application-rich smart phones, or wireless PDAs, have been gradually replacing voice application mobile phones
2002-12-09 Why redesign the wheel - DSP or ASSP
This application note concentrates on the aspects of the base-band signal processing
2008-01-30 VME/VXS board does high-performance DSP, DAQ
Pentek has launched a VME/VXS board for high-performance DSP and DAQ systems. The board employs Freescale's MPC8641D Dual Core PowerPC AltiVec Processor and a Xilinx Inc. Virtex-4 FX Series FPGA
2003-05-14 VIA Telecom licenses LSI Logic DSP for wireless designs
VIA Telecom Inc. has licensed LSI Logic Corp.'s open architecture ZSP500 DSP core for use in CDMA wireless handset designs
2002-10-22 VIA acquires Sweden-based DSP company
VIA Technologies Inc. has acquired Freehand DSP AB
2001-05-07 Using the TMS320C24X DSP controller for optimal digital control
This application note describes an optimal digital control solution using the features of Texas Instruments' TMS320C24x DSP controller.
2001-05-17 Using the eXpressDSP algorithm standard in a static DSP system
This application note shows how an eXpressDSP-compliant algorithm may be used effectively in a static system with limited memory
2001-05-17 Using the eXpressDSP algorithm standard in a dynamic DSP system
This application note illustrates some techniques used to manage data memory when using eXpressDSP standard algorithms
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