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2001-05-07 Using the TMS320C24X DSP controller for optimal digital control
This application note describes an optimal digital control solution using the features of Texas Instruments' TMS320C24x DSP controller.
2001-05-14 Understanding the CAN controller on the TMS320C24x DSP controller
This application note discusses the on-chip Control Area Network (CAN) module of Texas Instruments' TMS320F241, TMS320C241 and TMS320F243 DSP controllers
2001-05-14 TMS320F240 DSP-solution for high-resolution position with sin/cos-encoders
This application note offers a solution for obtaining high-resolution position with sin/cos encoders using Texas Instruments' TMS320F240 DSP controller.
2000-09-08 The DSP solution for microprocessor applications
This application note discusses the high-performance and cost-effective DSP implementation of Zilog's Z893XX DSP controller for microcontroller applications, while supporting conventional on-chip microcontroller peripherals.
2001-05-14 Sensorless speed controlled brushless dc drive using the TMS320C242 DSP controller
This application note describes a brushless dc (BLDC) variable-speed drive solution using Texas Instruments' TMS320C242 DSP controller.
2001-05-14 Reduced electromagnetic interference (EMI) with the TMS320C24x DSP
This application note discusses how a designer can reduce EMI in digital motor control applications using Texas Instruments' TMS320C24x DSP controller.
2001-05-10 Point-to-point serial communications using the SPI module of the TMS320F240 DSP controller
This application note discusses serial communications using the Serial Peripheral Interface (SPI) synchronous serial port of Texas Instruments' TMS320F240 DSP controller.
2002-02-20 Motorola hybrid controller IC performs 40MIPS
A member of the 56800 family, the 56F802 MCU/DSP hybrid controller delivers 40MIPS at 80MHz and is designed for appliance, home security, and control applications.
1999-12-04 High performance control of ac servomotors using an integrated DSP
This paper describes the implementation of high-performance controllers for both the induction motor and permanent magnet synchronous motor using an integrated DSP controller that combines a powerful DSP core, flexible PWM generation, high resolution analog to digital conversion and an embedded encoder interface.
2003-08-29 DSP-based controller improves signal response
nPoint Inc. has introduced the 300-series of DSP controllers
2001-05-08 DSP solutions for motor control using the TMS320F240 DSP-controller
This application note deals with an overview of DSP solutions in digital motor control applications using Texas Instruments' TMS320F240 DSP controller.
2004-10-11 DSP controller now in 6-by-6mm, 28-pin, QFN package
Microchip Technology released the first of its digital signal controllers in a 6-by-6mm, 28-pin, QFN package.
2001-05-14 Driving two three-phase inverters with deadband using the TMS320F240 DSP controller
This application note describes how Texas Instruments' TMS320F240 DSP controller can use PWM signals to drive a three-phase inverter with deadband.
2008-04-23 Designing DSP-based digital DC/DC power supply (Part 1
This article describes a step-by-step DSP-based digital control design and implementation of a high frequency DC/DC converter, illustrating two different approaches to digital control design: design by emulation and direct digital design
2001-05-10 Configuring digital I/Os of the TMS320F240 DSP controller
This application note describes how to configure the digital I/Os of Texas Instruments' TMS320F240 DSP controller.
2002-08-26 ADI DSP provides CAN interface capability
The ADSP-21992 mixed-signal DSP includes a CAN interface and additional on-chip RAM, making the device suitable for use in automotive and industrial motor control applications
2001-05-16 3.3V DSP for digital motor control
This application note reviews designs of 3.3V DSP versus 5V DSP for digital motor control applications
2008-04-21 XtremeDSP ver10.1 improves DSP, ESL design
Xilinx has made available versions 10.1 of the System Generator for DSP tool and the AccelDSP synthesis tool, the development environment delivered by the Xilinx XtremeDSP solution
2005-02-08 UMC adds ZSP400 DSP core to library of IP
United Microelectronics Corp. (UMC) is offering LSI Logic Corp.'s ZSP400 DSP core as part of its comprehensive portfolio of IP
2013-10-09 Touchscreen controller boasts first-rate noise rejection
Cypress' TrueTouch Gen5 touchscreen controller adds a palm rejection feature that recognises a user's palm touching the screen and prevents unintended touch inputs
2001-05-18 TMS320F240 DSP solution for obtaining resolver angular position and speed
This application note presents a TMS320F240 DSP solution for obtaining the angular position and speed of a resolver. The TMS320F240 will eliminate the cost for the external resolver-to-digital conversion IC, since the algorithm runs in addition to the motor control task
2006-07-17 TI's DSP controllers target power conversion, motor-control apps
Targeting digital power conversion and motor-control applications, Texas Instruments has added four new members to its TMS320F280xx digital signal controller family
2006-11-16 TI unrolls low-cost DSP-only DaVinci parts
Looking to expand its video-specific media processors into lower-end applications, Texas Instruments rolled out this week the first DSP-only DaVinci parts, priced as low as $9.95 a unit
2005-06-14 TI TPS5602 for powering TI's DSP
This app note features TI's TPS5602 (a dual-channel synchronous buck switchmode power-supply controller
2007-02-14 TI offers multicore DSP for wireless apps
Texas Instruments Inc. is introducing a W-CDMA baseband device using use three 1GHz DSP cores, and a gateway processor with six DSPs rated at 500MHz each
2005-02-28 TI boosts TMS320C6412 DSP to 720MHz
Texas Instruments has boosted the speed of its TMS320C6412 DSP to 720MHz
2005-05-05 TI adopts Cypress USB controller for portable music player
Texas Instruments Inc. (TI) has selected Cypress Semiconductor Corp.'s EZ-USB FX2LP and EZ-OTG.
2002-05-01 The evolution of the digital signal controller
This technical article discusses the emergence and the features of the digital signal controller from existing DSP and MCU technologies.
2005-05-26 Supertex PWM controller IC uses low noise boost-buck topology
The new HV9930 from Supertex is a variable frequency PWM controller IC designed to control an LED lamp driver using a low noise boost-buck topology
2005-06-16 ST adds DSP core to FPGA-enabled wireless controller
STMicroelectronics said it has an enhanced version of its recently announced STW21000, a multi-purpose microcontroller that includes an FPGA array that targets applications in wireless infrastructure equipment
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