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2008-05-15 Xilinx intros intuitive reconfigurable DSP solution
Xilinx has introduced the Virtex-5 SX240T device to its 65nm Virtex-5 SXT FPGA platform optimized for high-performance DSP
2007-09-03 What makes the FPGA an ideal DSP solution?
The core signal processing of high-performance systems has increasingly moved to FPGAs, as they deliver the highest performance programmable DSP available from any semiconductor device
2005-02-08 UMC adds ZSP400 DSP core to library of IP
United Microelectronics Corp. (UMC) is offering LSI Logic Corp.'s ZSP400 DSP core as part of its comprehensive portfolio of IP
2001-05-14 TMS320F240 DSP-solution for high-resolution position with sin/cos-encoders
This application note offers a solution for obtaining high-resolution position with sin/cos encoders using Texas Instruments' TMS320F240 DSP controller.
2001-05-18 TMS320F240 DSP solution for obtaining resolver angular position and speed
This application note presents a TMS320F240 DSP solution for obtaining the angular position and speed of a resolver. The TMS320F240 will eliminate the cost for the external resolver-to-digital conversion IC, since the algorithm runs in addition to the motor control task.
2000-09-08 The DSP solution for microprocessor applications
This application note discusses the high-performance and cost-effective DSP implementation of Zilog's Z893XX DSP controller for microcontroller applications, while supporting conventional on-chip microcontroller peripherals
2003-06-18 SRS, DSPfactory solution provides better voice quality
SRS Labs Inc. and Dspfactory Ltd. have released a highly integrated single-chip DSP solution that features SRS Voice Intelligibility Processor (VIP) Technology and Dspfactory's BelaSigna 200 for mobile communication devices.
2003-05-02 Speeding up DSP solutions with FPGAs
Even though today's DSPs are fast and are useful for many applications, there are applications out there that need a little extra boost of performance - and FPGAs provide increased performance.
2004-07-13 Sarnoff unveils IP solution for HDTV
Sarnoff's silicon IP is aimed at helping TV makers meet a requirement that half of all TV sets 36 inches or larger and sold after July 1 must include digital TV capabilities.
2007-04-16 Optimize compilers and embedded DSP software
Understanding the workings of the DSP architecture, compiler, and the application algorithms can speed up applications, sometimes by an order of magnitude. This article will summarize some of the techniques that can improve the performance of your code in terms of cycle count, memory use, and power consumption
2003-10-09 Mango DSP solution provides over 100BOPS
Mango DSP Ltd has introduced the Harrier board, a long cPCI video processing board based on TI's C6415 DSP and Altera Stratix FPGA
2006-02-14 EoNex's modem chips based on CEVA DSP solution
CEVA Inc. announced that its low-power CEVA-TeakLite DSP solution is being used in production by EoNex Technologies.
2004-08-18 DSP-IP gets a keener look from Asia
Was it Newton who said that "for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction"?
2002-08-16 DSP is dead; long live DSP
DSP continues to be the technology driver for the semiconductor industry, since only through DSP you can access the Internet, enjoy multimedia and have digital wireless
2002-09-18 Altera method boosts DSP bandwidth performance
Altera Corp. has developed a technique to increase the DSP capability of its FPGAs by building fast and flexible multipliers out of an on-chip memory
2008-04-21 XtremeDSP ver10.1 improves DSP, ESL design
Xilinx has made available versions 10.1 of the System Generator for DSP tool and the AccelDSP synthesis tool, the development environment delivered by the Xilinx XtremeDSP solution.
2008-06-10 Xilinx tips coding solution for LTE wireless systems
Xilinx Inc. has made available a performance-optimized programmable turbo coding solutions for LTE wireless systems.
2008-03-26 Xilinx design tools suit logic, embedded, DSP
Xilinx has introduced its ISE Design Suite 10.1, a single unified release providing FPGA logic, embedded and DSP designers with immediate access to the company's entire line of design tools with full interoperability
2006-07-06 VoIP processor offers 'first' complete IMS solution
Mindspeed Technologies has announced its seventh-generation Comcerto VoIP processor that promises to deliver the industry's first complete IMS solution
2008-08-12 VoIP gateway solution revs up enterprise-class wireless apps
D2 Technologies today announced the availability of D2's vPort Gateway embedded VoIP software on the PowerPC 405EX processor from Applied Micro Circuits Corporation (AMCC).
2013-03-08 Voice activation sol'n based on CEVA-TeakLite-4 DSP
Ceva and Sensory's solution includes Sensory's Low Power Speech Detector technology that claims to cut power use for always listening devices, smartphones, tablets, games, TVs and cars
2008-01-30 VME/VXS board does high-performance DSP, DAQ
Pentek has launched a VME/VXS board for high-performance DSP and DAQ systems. The board employs Freescale's MPC8641D Dual Core PowerPC AltiVec Processor and a Xilinx Inc. Virtex-4 FX Series FPGA
2006-03-29 Video phone solution is built on DaVinci
Texas Instruments and Ittiam Systems announced Ittiam's IP video phone solution built on TI's DaVinci technology-based TMS320DM6446 processor
2008-09-19 VCA taps DaVinci tech for video analytics solution
VCA Technology has developed the first version of its video analytics software suite, VCAsys, based on DaVinci technology from TI.
2001-05-07 Using the TMS320C24X DSP controller for optimal digital control
This application note describes an optimal digital control solution using the features of Texas Instruments' TMS320C24x DSP controller.
2005-06-10 Using the ADS8380 with the TMS320C6713 DSP
This app note presents a solution to interfacing the ADS8380 18bit, 600-KSPS serial interface converter to the TMS320C6713 DSP.
2007-05-04 Using the ADS8327 with the TMS320C6713 DSP
This application report presents one solution for interfacing the ADS8327 16-bit, 500KSPS serial interface converter to the TMS320C6713 DSP. The hardware solution comprises the ADS8327EVM, TMS320C6713 DSP Starter Kit (DSK), and the 5-6K Interface Board. The software demonstrates how to use a McBSP, EDMA and a timer peripheral to collect data at 500 kHz. Discussed also are some of the key points to remember when designing the hardware and writing the software. The software developed is available for download to involve the user in the discussion and as sample code to use in system development.
2000-06-22 Using programmable logic to accelerate DSP functions
This application note implements a programmable logic solution for the computationally intensive functions found in DSP in order to provide increased DSP system performance at reduced system cost.
2001-09-24 Using 16Mb ESDRAM with the ADSP-21065L SHARC DSP
This application note describes a 16Mb ESDRAM memory solution for systems that use Analog Devices' ADSP-21065L 32-bit SHARC DSP.
2004-05-27 Trinity, ARM shake on soft VoIP solution
ARM Ltd is porting Trinity Convergence Inc.'s VeriCall Edge software to the ARM926EJ-S microprocessor core, supporting Trinity's efforts to make the voice-over-Internet Protocol (VoIP) soft-processor architecture a viable alternative to DSP-based solutions
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