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2003-06-05 NJR dual op-amp has full-swing I/O
New Japan Radio Co. Ltd has released NJM2732 single supply dual operational amplifier that has full-swing I/O capability.
2007-09-25 Dual op amp extends battery life in portable apps
ADI's AD8506 is a low-power CMOS dual op amp with rail-to-rail inputs and output and is designed for battery-powered portable applications
2005-10-18 New op amp from TI operates from either single or dual supplies
Texas Instruments introduced a high-current, low-cost power operational amplifier (op amp) designed for driving a wide variety of loads while operating on low-voltage supplies
2007-04-18 Dual-edge multiphase controllers promise faster response to load transients
ON Semi's new dual-edge multiphase controllers promise faster response to load transients than existing solutions, thereby enabling power-management subsystems to quickly and efficiently respond to users' activation of high-performance computing functions
2006-03-07 Dual, quad op amps in DFN packages
Linear Technology introduced the 1.8V LT6001 and LT6002 dual and quad operational amplifiers available in a tiny DFN package
2013-02-20 Designing high-temperature differential amplifier
Here's a low cost and high performance design idea for dealing with current and next-generation control applications that require devices to function at temperatures greater than 200C.
2008-04-25 16bit dual-channel DAC aims at 3G/4G comms
TI has introduced a 16bit, dual channel, 800MSps transmit DAC solution designed for wireless base stations, SDR applications and multifrequency test equipment
2008-08-28 Operational amps reject EMI, RF interference
National Semiconductor Corp. has introduced three operational amplifiers (op amps) with integrated EMI filters that maintain the accuracy of analog systems by reducing the effects of RF interference
2006-10-03 Dual audio op amp practically 'eliminates' distortion
National Semiconductor has announced a dual, high-fidelity audio op amp claimed to practically eliminate distortion, with a THD+N of 0.00003 percent
2004-04-13 STMicro op amp drives 200mA down to 2.7V
STMicroelectronics has introduced a dual operational amplifier that is capable of driving 200mA down to voltages as low as 2.7V.
2000-05-16 One-horsepower off-line brushless permanent motor drive
This application note describes the Motorola operation amplifiers that are capable of a wide range of applications
2009-02-18 Low noise op amps eye optical sensors
New Japan Radio has launched the NJU7029 low noise CMOS dual operational amplifier with rail-to-rail output optimal for optical sensors of signal process.
2006-08-25 JFET op-amp targets semiconductor test apps
NEC Electronics has rolled out PC835, a JFET-class dual operational amplifier for IC test applications.
2004-09-27 Intersil op amp offers better fidelity
Intersil's new high-speed dual op amp is designed for use with VDSL and ADSL line driving in DMT-based solutions aimed at video-on-demand service apps
2008-07-01 Energy saving op amp targets home electronics
New Japan Radio Co. Ltd has developed the NJM2718, single-supply high-operating voltage dual operational amplifier suitable for home-electronics applications.
2009-08-04 Zero-drift op amp uses 30% less power
The ADA4051-2 is a chopper-stabilized operational amplifier designed for portable and battery-powered instruments
2011-08-18 Zero-drift op amp delivers low noise of 8.8nV/rtHz
TI's dual-channel OPA2188 targets high- and low-voltage supply applications needing ultra-high precision, such as test and measurement equipment and electronic weigh scales
2004-12-16 TI op amp uses E-trim technology
Texas Instruments released a high-precision, high-speed 12V CMOS operational amplifier from its Burr-Brown product line that utilizes e-trim technology
2004-12-27 TI op amp provides high dynamic range
Texas Instruments unveiled a dual, high-output current, high-gain bandwidth operational amplifier from its Burr-Brown product line.
2004-06-23 TI headphone driver allows sustained dynamic range of >120dB
TI introduced the TPA6120A2, a high-fidelity headphone driver that completes an entire audio signal chain for SACD and DVD audio players.
2008-02-18 Precision op amp suits high-voltage apps
TI has released the OPA454, a precision power operational amplifier that operates on supplies up to 100V and delivers a high output current of 50mA with a 150mA short circuit limit
2007-09-04 Precision op amp eases portable designs
Texas Instruments Inc. has rolled out the what it claims to be the industry's lowest power zero-crossover operational amplifier
2005-04-28 OPA277 op amp from TI now available in DFN package
TI introduced a 4-by-4mm DFN package version of the high-precision OPA277 operational amplifier from its Burr-Brown product line
2007-08-07 Op amps roll with e-Trim precision, low noise
Texas Instruments Inc. has introduced a single-supply operational amplifier with e-Trim precision and very low noise
2009-06-05 Op amps equipped with power-saving features
STMicroelectronics has unveiled three new families of precision operational amplifiers targeting low-power and portable products, with power-saving features
2006-04-10 Op amps are built on VIP50 BiCMOS process
National Semiconductor announced nine single, dual and quad operational amplifiers built on its proprietary VIP50 BiCMOS process technology
2006-03-30 Op amp reduces power consumption by 30%
Analog Devices introduced an operational amplifier (op amp) that aims to meet the power, voltage, accuracy and price requirements of portable battery-powered applications
2006-04-25 Op amp improves performance of data acq systems
STMicroelectronics announced availability of a new, wide bandwidth operational amplifier intended for high-end industrial, medical and instrumentation applications
2004-08-13 NJR op amp comes with full-swing output
The NJM2746 from New Japan Radio is a dual low-supply voltage operational amplifier with full-swing output.
2004-10-13 National op amp offers power select pin
The LMV422 from National features a unique power-saving mode that allows customers to reduce power consumption while maintaining an active circuit.
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