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2004-05-27 Using the PE3293 fractional-N PLL in single-band 1800 and dual-band CDMA solutions
This app note presents the PE3293 fractional-N PLL in single-band 1800 and dual-band CDMA solutions.
2010-09-27 Samsung selects Anadigics for dual-band CDMA phones
Samsung's Intensity II and Gusto mobile phones are adopting power amplifiers from Anadigics.
2010-02-17 Dual-band power amp integrates directional couplers
Anadigics' AWC6323 dual-band CDMA power amplifier integrates high-performance directional couplers.
2007-09-20 CDMA power amp powers LG Chocolate phone
Anadigics Inc. announced it is shipping production volumes of its new AWT6321R dual-band CDMA power amplifier module to LG Electronics for the new Chocolate handset.
2001-04-06 Application of the SA9500/SA9502 dual-band CDMA/AMPS downconverter
This application note explains how Philips Semiconductors' SA9500/SA9502 front-end receive downconverter ICs can be used in CDMA/AMPS telephone systems
2007-02-21 W-CDMA PA promises 25% more talk time
Leveraging Anadigics' HELP3 technology, the AWT6221 W-CDMA power amplifier reduces average current consumption by 75 percent, which translates to up to 25 percent increase in talk-time
2005-05-12 W-CDMA gets a boost from dual-band power amplifier module
Fairchild's new W-CDMA power amplifiers is one of the first dual-band W-CDMA PAs that offers a 3-by-3mm footprint
2002-10-09 Sanyo CDMA handset adopts RF Micro amplifiers
RF Micro Devices Inc. has begun shipping two power amplifiers and a triple-band LNA/mixer to Sanyo Corp., to be deployed on the latter's latest SCP-4900 CDMA 2000 1X handset
2003-12-17 RFMD device suits CDMA, JCDMA apps
RF Micro Devices Inc. (RFMD) has announced the availability of the RF2890 dual-band cellular/GPS LNA/mixer for CDMA and JCDMA applications.
2002-04-26 Raytheon power amplifier targets AMPS, CDMA phones
Raytheon Co.'s RF Components Division has announced the release of the RMPA1956-103 series of 3.5V dual-band, tri-mode power amplifiers for AMPS, CDMA, and CDMA2000-1x applications.
2002-04-26 Raytheon power amplifier targets AMPS, CDMA phones
Raytheon Co.'s RF Components Division has announced the release of the RMPA1956-103 series of 3.5V dual-band, tri-mode power amplifiers for AMPS, CDMA, and CDMA2000-1x applications.
2005-12-30 NJR LNA IC targets W-CDMA cellphones
New Japan Radio's NJG1122 device is a dual band LNA IC designed for W-CDMA cellphones of 2.1GHz and 800MHz band.
2005-02-21 NEC adopts Agilent's W-CDMA power amplifier into 3G handset
NEC has incorporated Agilent Technologies Inc.'s W-CDMA power amplifier into a new 3G video handset, the NEC 338
2008-08-21 CDMA is not dead, notes ABI
The increased support for LTE from incumbent CDMA operators does not imply the imminent death of EVDO Rev A and B, notes ABI Research. EVDO Rev A subscribers are forecast to exceed 54 million by 2013 while Rev B subscribers will also increase, to 25 million
2007-07-19 Cellphone conquers elements
The Casio GizOne Type-V is a ruggedized clamshell-style cellphone that is said to have passed military specification tests for shock and moisture resistance.
2005-02-01 2.5G, 3G converge in a 'world handset'
While 2.5G systems rely on GSM, the transition to W-CDMA will involve the need for combined GSM/W-CDMA handsets
2005-02-21 TriQuint switches combine low insertion loss, robust harmonic performance
TriQuint announced the addition of two new GSM-EDGE switch products to complement its existing CDMA handset switch product line
2008-02-06 RF modules target handsets in emerging markets
Two RF modules aimed at low-cost GSM and CDMA handsets in emerging markets have been released by TriQuint Semiconductor
2007-09-27 Moto Fone packs a punch of simple, elegant features
Quietly launched in rural India initially, the F3 Fone is aimed mostly at first-time cell users in markets offering low-cost prepaid or monthly service.
2007-03-01 Minor role awaits WiMAX in next-gen cellular
WiMAX won't grab the brass ring as the technology that defines 4G cellular systems but it is likely to capture a healthy minority stake in that emerging sector and could help bring Internet access to a new-gen of consumer devices.
2009-05-08 Front-end modules feature three power modes
Avago Technologies has released two new front-end modules that incorporate a power amplifier, duplexer, band-pass filter and coupler to improve efficiency and extend talk time in mobile handsets.
2011-06-15 Anadigics power amp runs on Samsung's Droid Charge phone
Anadigics announced that it will ship production volumes of AWC6323 dual-band power amplifiers to Samsung Droid Charge smartphones
2002-09-23 AirPrime PDAs to use ANADIGICS power amplifiers
ANADIGICS Inc. has received an order for its CDMA power amplifiers from AirPrime to be used for its PDA wireless modems
2004-03-15 Agilent FBAR duplexers, filters offer low insertion loss
The combined CDMA duplexer/PA FEM from Agilent is the industry's first device to be used in dual-band and U.S. PCS mobile phones and wireless data cards.
2008-05-13 3G PA powers up EGSM handsets
Anadigics has introduced a PA module designed specifically for use in 3G dual-band handsets for EGSM network deployments worldwide, especially Europe
2005-08-08 Anadigics PAs support AMPS/cellular, PCS frequency bands
Anadigics Inc. released a new family of dual-band InGaP power amplifiers (PAs) supporting the AMPS/cellular and PCS frequency bands
2004-03-26 Anadigics expects increased share in PA market
GaAs IC supplier Anadigics Inc. has exhibited its latest 4-band power amplifiers (PA) designed for next-generation GSM/GPRS handsets, as well as CDMA power amplifiers used in cellphones, PCS and 3G handsets, during this year's IIC China
2005-03-29 The 'smallest SAW filters'
Murata disclosed that it has started mass production of what it claims as the world's smallest single band and dual band SAW filters
2004-10-28 NJR amplifier suits 800MHz, 2.1GHz phones
NJR rolled out a bypass circuit-equipped low-noise amplifier GaAs MMIC engineered primarily for use in W-CDMA 800MHz and 2.1GHz dual-band mobile phones.
2005-06-28 Murata's SAW filter claims industry's smallest size for cellphones
Murata Electronics introduced the industry's smallest single band (SAFEB) and dual-band (SAWEP) SAW filters for the cellphone market, which increasingly demands smaller packaging
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