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2002-06-06 TwinMOS dual-channel RIMM has 4.2GBps data rate
TwinMOS Technologies Inc. has announced the release of its dual-channel RIMM 4200 memory module that operates at 1.066GHz and offers a data rate of 4.2GBps.
2008-04-03 TI positions 16bit, dual-channel DAC
From TI comes a high-performance 16bit, dual-channel, 1GSps DAC family.
2002-06-25 STMicro offers dual-channel ADCs in TQFP casings
2003-06-06 STMicro dual-channel ADCs offer high linearity
STMicroelectronics has introduced TSA1005-20 and TSA1005-40 dual-channel 10-bit ADCs suitable for portable instrumentation apps.
2015-03-12 Smallest dual-channel filter targets ZigBee RF4CE remotes
STMicroelectronics introduced the market's smallest dual-channel filter with 1.2x3.4mm2 footprint, targeting ZigBee RF4CE remotes and consumer electronics equipment.
2005-01-18 Reconfigurable analyzers tout high-speed dual-channel sampling
Acqiris now offers dual- and single-channel 6U-sized CompactPCI high-speed analyzers that capture and perform synchronous dual- and single-channel real-time signal processing at rates of up to 2GS/s.
2007-04-16 NEC unrolls dual-channel optical transceivers
NEC has developed a family of dual-channel SFF and SFP optical transceivers that allow two channels of bi-directional fiber-optic transmission.
2011-07-05 MCUs apply dual-channel Flash tech
Fujitsu Semiconductor's 8bit general-purpose MCU integrates dual-channel Flash, enabling a program to operate on one Flash channel while performing an operation on another Flash channel.
2004-05-14 Maxim dual-channel receiver supports ASK, FSK
Maxim Integrated Products has introduced what it claims as the industry's first dual-channel receiver that can receive both ASK and FSK data simultaneously, the MAX1471.
2005-06-13 Legerity's line card access switch struts dual-channel architecture
It's been a little more than two years since Legerity Inc. acquired the voice interface division of Agere, which developed the first generation of line-card access switches (LCAS). In that time, Legerity has significantly improved the product, employing a special manufacturing technique called trench isolation
2007-08-16 Dual-channel, Hall-effect sensor suits direction sensing apps
Allegro introduces a new dual-channel Hall-effect sensor designed for use in speed and direction sensing applications incorporating encoder ring magnet targets.
2008-05-09 Dual-channel sampling oscilloscope delivers 12GHz
Pico Technology has released the PicoScope 9201 dual-channel PC sampling oscilloscope with a bandwidth of 12GHz.
2009-04-21 Dual-channel photocouplers save 40% board space
Toshiba America Electronic Components Inc. has broadened its IC photocoupler lineup with three dual-channel, totem-pole output devices housed in low-profile S08 packages.
2008-04-17 Dual-channel MPEG-2 encoder zaps visual artifacts
Magnum's DM8803 MPEG-2 encoder features a 3D comb filter for improved image quality, eliminating the visual artifacts that often result from poor analog signal (NTSC/PAL) acquisition and transmission.
2006-03-22 Dual-channel isolators provide data, power isolation in single package
Analog Devices' latest iCoupler digital isolators employ a proprietary technology called isoPower, which enables the transformers not only to isolate data or signals, but also power in a single package.
2015-09-17 Dual-channel generators operate from 3V to 20V
The LT3095 from Linear Tech offers a simple, compact solution footprint with good efficiency for instrumentation amplifiers, RF and data conversion systems, and other low noise biasing applications.
2010-06-15 Dual-channel driver IC offers matched propagation delay
International Rectifier has released the AUIRS4426S dual-channel, low-side driver IC for use in automotive applications including hybrid powertrain drives and DC/DC converter applications.
2009-10-16 Dual-channel digipots pack volatile wiper register
ON Semiconductor's digitally programmable potentiometers can also be used as a two-terminal, variable rheostat.
2006-05-30 Dual channel DC/DC converter gives CCD bias
Linear Tech's boost/inverter DC/DC converter with output disconnect provides bias for the latest generation CCD imagers.
2007-12-03 Computer-on-module extend dual-channel memory support
Kontron introduces the COM Express compliant Kontron ETXexpress-CD computer-on-modules with dual-channel memory support.
2009-01-30 Commex unveils dual-channel 10GbE NIC
Commex Technologies Ltd introduced its Vulcan SE HT6210 HTX-based content aware dual-channel 10GbE network interface card (NIC) for the HP ProLiant DL785 G5 server. It specifically targets the data center's ability to best use servers and process packets accurately and fast.
2002-10-31 Anachip ships dual-channel PWM controller
Anachip's AP2001 dual-channel PWN controller incorporates all the functions required for the construction of two PWM control circuits into a 17-lead SOP or PDIP.
2002-06-28 ADI ships dual-channel W-CDMA receive signal processor
The VersaCOMM AD6634 dual-channel receive signal processor from Analog Devices Inc. performs 80MSa/s in the input side, and outputs signals into a 16-bit parallel output port.
2002-06-13 Acqiris digitzer cards offer single-, dual-channel data acquisition
Acqiris SA has announced the release of two PCI digitzer cards that feature channel multiplexing capability, allowing users to select between dual- or single-channel data acquisition modes.
2007-04-17 8Mbps dual-channel UART rolls for industrial networking apps
Exar's dual-channel, dual-channel UART can support up to 8Mbps data rates for industrial networking applications.
2008-04-25 16bit dual-channel DAC aims at 3G/4G comms
TI has introduced a 16bit, dual channel, 800MSps transmit DAC solution designed for wireless base stations, SDR applications and multifrequency test equipment.
2002-05-09 VKP60xT application notes
This application note describes how the three outputs of VKP60xT series dc/dc converters match the needs of many popular multi-output and multi-channel applications.
2007-07-04 Video filter removes glitch noise, extends battery life
Intersil Corp. has introduced the ISL59118, a 9MHz, dual-channel, low-pass filter that eliminates video glitch noise associated with the use of video DACs.
2002-06-03 TI unveils POTS voice over broadband solution
Texas Instruments Inc. has unveiled a family of programmable voice codecs that enable manufacturers and service providers to quickly deploy enhanced voice capabilities on existing broadband platforms.
2012-01-19 Step-down regulator touts 55V transient protection
The H-grade version of the LT3641 boasts 4-42V input voltage range and 150C maximum junction temperature.
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