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2006-10-02 Validator matches DUT signals to simulations
Advantest Corp.'s Certimax design validation test system matches signals from a device under test to simulations.
2008-03-07 Modules measure microamp current for DUT
Agilent Technologies has introduced two modules for its Agilent N6700 Modular Power System family that deliver quick and accurate measurements of microamp current for DUT.
2011-10-11 Modular testing gains popularity due to DUT sophistication
The market for modular instruments with revenue of $524.3 million last year is seen to grow to $1.17 billion in 2017, according to a research firm.
2002-05-02 What is your measurement accuracy?
This application note describes a Windows-based program that enables the VNA user to estimate the "uncertainty" for conditions associated with a specific measurement making users meet the analysis requirements of the ISO standards.
2005-09-01 Verification tech captures automotive expertise
The automotive industry calls for modern verification techniques as the proliferation of electronic gadgetry adds to rising IC complexity in cars
2005-02-01 Verification of prototype-board schematics
Learn how to achieve schematic verification by slightly modifying the DUT verification environment.
2002-05-14 Time Domain for vector network analyzers
This application note illustrates the capabilities of vector network analyzers and the Time Domain function.
2000-12-01 The advantage of using logic BIST for ASIC designs
This technical paper reveals the advantage of using logic BIST for ASIC designs.
2010-02-23 Tests system extends test environment life cycle
Aeroflex has rolled out the SMART^E 5300 DC to 40GHz general-purpose test environment that tests, monitors and controls any device under test (DUT) within a single test environment.
2004-07-16 Testing multibus system-on-chip devices
Multiple-clock domain buses require
2006-11-16 Testing HSDPA, HSUPA for 3G mobile apps
This article provides an introduction to both UTRAN enhancementsHSUPA and HSDPAand demonstrates which test requirements exist in the development and deployment of the new technologies.
2000-05-01 Testing designs containing embedded blocks
Deep-submicron processes enable increased complexity, which means that many of the embedded blocks cannot be tested using traditional methods. You must find new solutions to avoid risking product quality.
2006-06-02 Techniques for measuring RF gain using the MAX2016
This application note discusses how to implement the MAX2016 RF detector into an automated test system for gain measurements in heterodyne transceiver applications.
2001-12-01 TDR for characterization and modeling, Part 1
This article is the first of two parts. Here, the author discusses the time domain reflectometry modeling. This modeling technique allows designers to obtain both lumped as well as distributed SPICE and IBIS models for package interconnect that will correlate to the physical layout of the package.
2002-10-10 T/R switch for IMT-2000 handset applications
This application note describes a handset T/R switch design that enables its antenna to be electronically connected to either the transmitter or receiver.
2004-02-02 Source-synchronous clocks pose challenges
A wide range of devices are now using data ports that involve either source-synchronous or embedded clocks. The widespread use of these techniques has profound test implications for SoC devices.
2005-04-08 Semiconductor analyzer packs integrated CV, IV capability
Agilent is introducing a Windows-based semiconductor device analyzer that integrates CV and IV measurements into a single instrument.
2002-10-10 Products that provide 200V/m CW or PM at a distance of 1m
This application note discusses the scenario of how products provide 200V/m CW or PM at a distance of 1m.
2002-12-18 Products that provide 200 V/m cw or pm at a distance of 1 meter
This article provides information on products that provide 200 V/m cw or pm at a distance of 1 meter.
2002-05-10 Noise figure: Scorpion Option 4
This application note provides information on performing and understanding vector error-corrected noise figure measurements using the MS462xx.
2002-05-10 NF accuracy: Scorpion Option 4
This application note describe Anritsu's MS362X Scorpion Vector Network Measurement system and how it provides six ways to measure noise figure.
2012-07-17 National Instruments extends SMU line
Geared for parallel testing of multipin semiconductor DUTs, the NI PXIe-4143 SMU offers 600,000 samples per second and four channels.
2004-04-16 MPLS benchmarks define net processor performance
The NPF black box MPLS benchmarks are in place to level the playing field and return the real-world processor performance data that designers need.
2014-11-26 Modular platforms enable wiring of RF test equipment, DUTs
The modular R&S OSP gives test engineers in production facilities, test labs and R&D departments options for quickly setting up RF wiring configurations and controlling them manually or via a computer.
2014-12-09 Minimising small cell manufacturing cost
Learn about the major aspects of setting up multi-DUT test systems, and the advantages of the PXI modular platform for implementing such systems.
2003-03-18 Meeting the challenge of fast, cost-effective OLED testing
OLED electrical characteristics differ significantly from inorganic semiconductor-based emitters, which verifies the importance of conducting tests that would yield accurate performance results.
2003-12-16 MCUs with PPG can function as PWM and DAC
MCUs that include built-in 16bit PPG timers can be configured in PWM mode to generate waveforms with varied pulse width at a constant period, in synchronization with a dedicated external or software trigger.
2007-12-04 Intro to the six basic audio measurements - Part 1
Much audio testing is concerned with a small number of performance benchmarks, which we call the Big Six measurements: Level, Frequency response, THD+N, Phase, crosstalk and SNR.
2002-05-10 Intermodulation Distortion: Scorpion Option 13
This application note discusses methods to successfully measure two-tone intermodulation distortion (IMD) products using the IMD option of the MS462xx Vector Network Measurement System.
2006-12-01 How to effectively validate new RF technologies
Validation is a system of ensuring that new technologies meet prescribed industry specifications such as RF standards.
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