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2004-04-27 Zhone buys DWDM/CWDM supplier Sorrento
Zhone Technologies has added additional optical networking capabilities to its communication equipment product line after announcing late Thursday (April 22, 2004) that it has acquired Sorrento Networks in a stock-for-stock transaction.
2002-03-01 Xtera DWDM system accommodates 240 10Gbps channels
Using proprietary Wide Reach Raman technology, the Nu-Wave DWDM system is claimed to support up to 240 10Gbps channels over a distance of up to 1,500km without electrical regeneration.
2002-10-12 Using the isPAC30 in a DWDM Laser Power Control Loop
This application note will focus on how the ispPAC30 can be used to implement an optical power feedback control system for a DWDM laser.
2002-04-08 Sany Optlayer DWDM module meets Bellcore 1221, 1209 specs
Sany Optlayer Co.'s four-channel 400GHz DWDM module uses interference filter technology to separate ITU wavelength signals or combine different wavelength signals into an optical fiber.
2005-08-25 Peleton unveils 'unique solution' for DWDM system verification
Peleton, a developer and manufacturer of multi-wavelength lasers for applications in optical test and measurement, networking and photonic sensing, recently announced its TM3050C multi-wavelength laser source.
2005-05-25 Optical components makers target FTTH, DWDM applications
Mainland China's optical components industry is on track to recovery. Optimistic of the market growth in the next several years, makers are now targeting high-end applications such as FTTH, FTTP and ULH WDM.
2001-09-13 Optical and DWDM testing with the T-BERD 310
This application note provides a comprehensive guide for testing optical and DWDM networks using the TTC T-BERD 310 communications analyzer.
2001-08-09 OC-192/STM-64 WAN uplink with FEC and intelligent network management for DWDM systems
This conference technical paper discusses DWDM systems and how Intel provides a comprehensive set of FEC devices for various applications.
2003-07-07 NTT Com adopts Nortel DWDM platform
NTT Communications has begun deployment of a new carrier-grade metro optical network based on the OPTera Metro 5200 DWDM multi-service platform.
2003-06-09 NEC selects HighWave to enhance DWDM systems
NEC Corp. will use HighWave Optical Tech's Gain Flattening Filters technology for non-systematic error function on the amplification spectrum.
2006-09-28 Module replaces DCF in DWDM networks
Civcom is launching a free-path Manageable Dispersion Compensation Module (M-DCM) designed to be a replacement for Dispersion Compensation Fiber (DCF) in Metro-Regional DWDM networks.
2001-09-14 Modern test solutions make your DWDM system crystal clear
This application note describes how to perform QoS measurements on DWDM systems by using the OSA-155 Spectral Analyzer test solution.
2002-10-10 Koncent DWDM module has 4.5dB max insertion loss
Fuzhou Koncent Optical Communication's 100G DWDM module exhibits a maximum insertion loss of 4.5dB and a minimum directivity of 50dB.
2007-05-09 KDDI R&D Lab concludes trials on Novera's DWDM tech
KDDI R&D Laboratories has concluded lab testing on Novera Optics' -PON DWDM technology to conduct a feasibility study for use in next-gen transport services.
2002-10-11 Hamamatsu photodiodes target DWDM
Low cross-talk, excellent frequency response characteristics and small terminal capacitance make Hamamatsu Corp.'s new InGaAs PIN photodiode array a match for DWDM monitors utilizing arrayed wavelength gratings.
2002-09-10 Furukawa DWDM transponder measures 89-by-114.3-by-13.5mm
Furukawa Electric Co. Ltd has developed a tunable transponder for 10Gbps DWDM transmissions that measures 89-by-114.3-by-13.5mm.
2004-09-09 Fujitsu deploys Intel transport processor in DWDM gear
Fujitsu is the first major OEM to have declared publicly that it is using Intel's IXF300xx series optical transport processor in a range of dense wavelength division multiplexing (DWDM) platforms it has started delivering, the Flaswave7500.
2002-06-20 Fiber for next-generation extra-large capacity DWDM transmission
This application note describes the use of a large effective area single-mode fiber to reduce nonlinearity in next-generation DWDM systems, as well as a dispersion and slope-compensating fiber.
2002-03-18 Essex, Fiberspace to comarket hyper-DWDM, OPLL techs
Essex Corp. and Fiberspace Inc. have signing of a memorandum of understanding to comarket Essex's hyperfine WDM technology and Fiberspace's Gridlocker laser source, based on the company's patented Optical Phase Locked Loop (OPLL) stabilization technology.
2008-01-02 DWDM transceiver supports 3,200ps/nm, 160km
Sumitomo Electric Industries has announced a DWDM SFP transceiver series that supports 3,200ps/nm and a distance of 160km.
2002-10-07 DWDM pluggable MSA adds six members
Alcatel Optronics, JDS Uniphase, Mitsubishi Electric, NEC Corp., Oki Electric, and Sumitomo/Excelight have joined the DWDM Pluggable Transceiver MSA and will supply devices that conform to the specification defined by the MSA.
2006-09-22 DWDM FTTx transport platform delivers 20Gbps
Novera Optics released a new DWDM FTTx optical access transport platform that is touted by the company as the first PON system to deliver 20Gbps of symmetrical bandwidth via a single feeder fiber.
2004-09-09 Duo claim distortion-tolerant DWDM transponder advance
Optical subsystem start-up CoreOptics has come out of stealth mode about the 10Gbit adaptive distortion-tolerant DWDM transponder it has been developing in collaboration with lead customer Marconi Corp.
2004-11-24 Compact DWDM laser temperature control with the MAX8521
This app note demonstrates a complete thermal control solution for DWDM laser modules using a MAX8520/21 and a single op amp.
2002-03-07 China should install DWDM to increase T/R pair use, says ElectroniCast chief
With China's entry into the World Trade Organization, the country is expected to demonstrate strong growth as they compete with international rivals in the fiber-optic optoelectronic transmitter/receiver pairs (T/R pair) market.
2002-06-20 Cabling validation of NZDSF G.655 for ULH/DWDM transmission network
This application note describes the use of non-zero dispersion fiber for ultra long-haul and DWDM transmission networks.
2002-06-07 Broadcom DWDM processor supports 10GbE, SONET/SDH
Broadcom Corp. has announced the availability of the BCM8512 multi-protocol DWDM transport processor that supports both 10Gb Ethernet and OC-192/STM-64 data for DWDM applications.
2005-02-28 Bookham readies SFP transceiver module for DWDM networks
Bookham is aiming to steal a lead over other transceiver module suppliers readying parts in the SFP format that target 100GHz spaced DWDM apps.
2005-02-28 Bookham readies SFP transceiver module for DWDM networks
Bookham is aiming to steal a lead over other transceiver module suppliers readying parts in the SFP format that target 100GHz spaced DWDM apps.
2002-06-21 Agilent, Nortel, Agere codevelop OC-48 DWDM transceiver standard
Agilent Technologies Inc., Nortel Networks and Agere Systems have formed a multi-source agreement for hot-pluggable OC-48 transceiver modules used in metro DWDM optical networking systems.
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