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2002-11-26 Vericity, eInfochips deliver verification component for PCI-X
Verisity Ltd. and eInfochips have announced the availability of an eVC (e Verification Component) that contains all of the verification components for the PCI-X portion of a design.
2006-01-13 SystemVerilog migration services from eInfochips
eInfochips announced the availability of comprehensive verification migration services to speed the transition from other legacy languages and environments to IEEE Std 1800 SystemVerilog hardware design and verification language.
2005-09-01 Indian designer eInfochips tackles hardware development
Design services company eInfochips will unveil a keyboard video mouse-over-IP later this year based on an FPGA platform.
2006-12-20 eInfochips verification component supports Mentor's Questa
A component that provides building blocks for efficient design-under-test in module and system-level verification for Mentor Graphics' Questa Vanguard program, including assertion testing, is now available from eInfochips Inc.
2005-02-23 eInfochips unveils digital multimedia platform
eInfochips introduced what it claims is the industry's lowest cost, high-performance video and imaging development platform for digital multimedia apps.
2005-07-13 eInfochips to expand TI platform base
Chip and system design services company eInfochips Ltd will expand its efforts to tap into the increasing demand for DSP expertise on Texas Instruments' platforms.
2005-06-20 eInfochips plans offices in Europe, Asia-Pacific
Chip and systems design services firm eInfochips Ltd plans to open a European office in either Germany or the U.K. and is considering doing the same in Japan.
2008-06-10 eInfochips launches IP tool for improved functionality
EInfochips Ltd launched what it claims as the first SystemVerilog verification IP that will enable designers to better use key SystemVerilog functionality while cutting verification cycle times for designs and serve as blocks needed for DUT for system-level verification.
2007-02-14 eInfochips expands presence in India
eInfochips Inc. a provider of ASIC design services, embedded systems solutions and IP cores, announced its fourth design center in Ahmedabad, India.
2006-02-21 Chip designer eInfochips expands to Japan
Chip designer eInfochips plans to set up a subsidiary company in Japan to tap what it says is a growing market there.
2006-12-04 Prototyping board rolls for DaVinci-based systems
eInfochips has announced the availability of a DaVinci prototyping board that features all commonly used video system peripheral interfaces, reducing the hardware design cycle and enabling OEMs/ODMs to go to market quickly with their target applications.
2006-02-16 Outsourcing: Navigating a maze of decisions
Successfully outsourcing IC design takes careful planning, strong project management and a realistic set of expectations.
2008-07-22 Two design IP cores simplify interface connection
eInfochips has launched two design IP cores designed to reduce networking interfaces and video surveillance chip development time and cost.
2009-06-09 Memory model generator trims verification time
India-based eInfochips has launched a memory model generator based on the DDR2 SDRAM SystemVerilog Verification Methodology Manual approach.
2008-06-18 HDMI verification tool is OVM-ready
eInfochips has launched a universal verification component designed to verify HDMI transmitters and receivers.
2006-06-16 TI unveils DaVinci-based development kit
TI's new digital video software development kit provides designers greater access to its DaVinci video technology.
2006-11-06 Skill shortage, labor costs challenge India design
An inadequate number of skilled engineers due to lack of specialized institutes and advanced technical courses poses a big barrier to the growth of India's VLSI design business for the next two years.
2005-01-17 Inside a hybrid verification model
The combination of languages, tools, IP and methodologies has morphed the traditional ASIC design cycle into a 'hybrid model' process. Learn more.
2006-04-04 Indian design consolidation coming, say Indian semicon execs
With about 125 captive and non-captive IC, board, and embedded design companies in India at present, a wave of mergers and acquisitions is being predicted by Indian semiconductor executives.
2005-11-11 Indian design activity on fast track, says iSuppli
India's semiconductor design industry will nearly triple by 2010, as overseas and domestic suppliers rush to establish or expand their chip development efforts there
2009-05-20 India designers pursue Japan market
Despite a declining Asian electronics market, design services companies in India continue to target Japan.
2007-12-28 India design houses gear up for business surge
Top Indian chip designers are now tackling 45nm designs while adding new capabilities to extend their design services and prepare for an expected surge in business.
2015-01-19 Guidelines boost test quality in advanced CMOS nodes
The best way to achieve high defect coverage is to apply tests other than the conventional stuck-at and transition tests. Here's a list of the guidelines that help improve test quality.
2015-02-11 Detect physical defects using advanced fault models
Here is a look at the use of advanced fault model for detection of physical defects that cannot be detected using conventional Single Stuck-at and Transition Fault models.
2016-05-02 Data inspection techniques for massive memory designs
Learn about efficient data inspection techniques that will help you reduce the verification stint in a large storage high bandwidth DDR-based memory design.
2006-12-06 Cadence India taps 13 new partners for verification alliance
Thirteen companies have joined the Verification Alliance Program of Cadence Design Systems (India) Pte Ltd, a global partner network of consulting companies focused on verification consulting services, verification IP development and training for Cadence customers.
2014-09-30 Applied Micro, TI SoCs power first enterprise-class ARM server
The launch of 64bit ARM server models, which uses SoCs from Applied Micro and Texas Instruments, marks a significant milestone in the commercial deployments of many ARM-based servers in the market today.
2015-12-22 Accelerate compile/verification under Synopsys VCS
Compilation time can be methodically controlled using a tool developed by Synopsys, the Verilog Compiler and Simulator that uses the Pre-Compilation IP technique.
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