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2013-08-19 SMART rolls eMMC line, expands flash storage solutions
SMART Modular eMMCs are compliant to the JEDEC eMMC standard v4.5/4.5 and are available in both an industrial-temp (-40C to 85&degC) and extended-temp (-25C to 85C) version.
2013-03-04 Arasan's enters its bet for eMMC 5.0 spec
Arasan Chip Systems eMMC Total IP Solution comprises digital and analogue IP cores, software stack, firmware and a hardware validation platform
2008-08-12 32Gbyte NAND flash meets eMMC, eSD standards
Toshiba Corp. has launched the 32Gbyte embedded NAND flash memory devices that are touted to offer the largest density yet, plus full compliance with the eMMC and eSD standards
2014-06-17 Samsung leads eMMC, eMCP memory segment
With $3.317 billion or 35.6 per cent of worldwide revenue in 2013, Gartner named Samsung as the top eMMC and eMCP vendor. Toshiba, SK Hynix, and SanDisk took the next three spots
2009-04-17 New JEDEC standard doubles memory interface performance
JEDEC Solid State Technology Association announced the publication of JESD84-A44 MMC ver. 4.4 standard. The new standard offers designers a doubling of the memory interface performance, flexible partition management and improved security options
2013-05-31 Memoright set to unveil eMMC 4.5 interface at Computex
The Memoright M1560 supports the latest eMMC4.5 interface standard, BGA 153/169 Ball dual transmission interface and capacity options of 4/8/16/32/64GB
2010-06-24 128GB NAND flash supports emmC v4.4 standard
Toshiba has launched a 128GB embedded NAND flash memory module compliant with the emmC v4.4 standard, and is designed for use in digital consumer products.
2009-05-08 Trio to co-develop NAND controllers
Hynix Semiconductor Inc, Numonyx B.V. and Phison Electronics Corp. have signed a collaboration agreement to jointly develop controllers for the next generation of managed-NAND solutions based on the newly released JEDEC eMMC 4.4 industry specification
2012-09-10 MediaTek's reference chip to boost eMCP shipments
DRAMeXchange said the company's duo core MT6577 chipsets are being incorporated with eMMC + Multi Chip Package function as a part of its standard memory chip design.
2015-03-05 Examining the advances in mobile storage
We cannot fully predict the types of architectures that future mobile and storage products will have. However, the possibilities enabled by technologies under development today are exciting.
2010-08-20 CSSP optimizes power, display resolution
QuickLogic Corp.'s ArcticLink II VX2 CSSP solution platform integrates a display power optimizer, visual enhancement engine and proven system blocks.
2007-03-15 Samsung ships 'highest-density' embedded flash
Samsung is shipping samples of an 8Gbyte memory chip, which the company claims is the highest-density embedded flash memory developed to date.
2009-05-14 Embedded memory uses 30nm-class process tech
Samsung Electronics is shipping its 32Gbyte moviNAND, which the company claims is the first embedded memory card to use 32Gbit NAND devices produced with 30nm-class process technology.
2013-11-13 Universal flash storage poised to replace e-MMC
Although e-MMC is still the memory device of choice for mobile applications because of its low power usage and cost, UFS is in a better position to meet higher performance demands from mobile devices.
2014-11-04 Start-up vows to halve SSD cost
A new solid state disc controller is capable of handling 5TB of flash memory on a single PCB. The start-up behind the IC aims to solve issues around fast updates in flash and limited bus speeds by taking the problem to a "higher level of abstraction."
2013-04-12 SMARC Starterkit boasts wide processor selection
Kontron's SMARC Starterkit designs aim to fulfil the demand for a compact Computer-on-Module with a standardised feature set and low-power consumption of only a few watts.
2007-06-01 Multichip package's capacity swells to 4Gbyte
Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd is bumping up the storage capacity in 3G mobile phones with a 4Gbyte multichip package that it says will prompt some phone makers to design out external memory card slots.
2014-11-27 Lollipop 5.0: Encryption causes bitter performance drops
Google ups the security features in its latest release of the Android OS, but the improvement proves to be the hard candy that causes as much as 62.9 per cent drop in random read performance, and 50.5 per cent in random write performance.
2013-10-14 Congatec rolls 22nm Atom powered Qseven modules
Armed with Intel's 22nm Atom E3845 processor,the conga-QA3 Qseven modules are fitted with ceramic capacitors, preparing them for industrial mobile applications in harsh environments.
2008-05-15 Booting from embedded MMC
This technical note describes booting from an embedded MMC device#8212;such as Micron's Managed NAND#8212;and provides supporting documentation for designers incorporating MMCs in their applications.
2012-06-12 Boost system performance and user experience with USB 3.0
Know the considerations that must be addressed to promote mass market adoption of USB 3.0.
2011-10-27 Analyst: NAND flash will grow 20% next year
Due to strong smartphone and tablet sales, NAND flash market value will increase $4 billion in 2012.
2013-05-13 Advantages of surface-mount SSDs
A surface-mount solid state drive in a ball grid array package offers an alternative data storage architecture that has improved performance, power savings and cost.
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