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What is a flash memory?
A form of non-volatile computer memory that can be electrically erased and reprogrammed. It is a technology that is primarily used in memory cards. Unlike EEPROM, it is erased and programmed in blocks consisting of multiple locations.
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2006-10-13 New Japan Radio unrolls DSP with eMemory's OTP IP
New Japan Radio has announced the NJU26040 DSP with eMemory's Neobit one-time programmable (OTP) IP inside.
2005-03-18 IPCore, eMemory to offer single-poly OTP solution
China-based design firm IPCore Technologies Corp. has formed an alliance with Taiwan's embedded memory supplier eMemory Technology Inc. to offer a comprehensive single-poly OTP (one-time-programmable) solution.
2003-11-06 Flash maker eMemory gaining foundry converts
A little-known flash maker is quickly winning over foundries, DRAM makers and IDMs with an embedded, nonvolatile memory it says is cheaper, more flexible and more easily scalable than ROM, EPROM and Flash.
2008-02-19 eMemory-MagnaChip alliance eyes OTP macro for 0.18?m
eMemory Technology has agreed to collaborate with MagnaChip Semiconductor in the development of embedded NVM technology and the qualification of an 0.18?m OTP macro using both the CMOS logic and high-voltage processes.
2013-06-12 eMemory, UMC expand eNVM team up to 28nm process
The two companies have expanded their technology cooperation to integrate eMemory's OTP and MTP embedded non-volatile memory technologies into UMC's 28nm process.
2014-01-03 eMemory, SMIC extend eNVM dev't deal
The firms plan to expand the deployment of their collaboration on SMIC's embedded non-volatile memory platform development that covers both OTP and MTP eNVM technologies.
2006-08-28 eMemory, Silterra extend semicon collaboration
eMemory has verified its Neobit one-time-programmable memory on Silterra's 0.18m CL180G and CL180H CMOS process technologies.
2008-09-12 eMemory, MagnaChip team on non-volatile memory IP
eMemory Technology Inc. and MagnaChip Semiconductor Ltd have partnered on Neobit-embedded non-volatile memory (NVM) intellectual property, which received final verification to be applied in CMOS logic and high-voltage processes.
2012-04-03 eMemory, HLMC join in high voltage fabrication
The firms revealed that eMemory's One Time Programmable technology, NeoBit, has completed silicon IP verification in HLMC's 55nm high-voltage process.
2005-03-24 eMemory's Neobit uses pure CMOS devices as cell element
eMemory disclosed that it has made available the technology of 0.13?m Neobit programmable embedded non-volatile memory in logic process, which is advanced to higher level through low-k copper process.
2015-09-16 eMemory rolls out OTP IP in 16nm FinFET Plus process
The NeoFuse IP works at single ultra-low voltage and claims to enhance data protection and security for mobile payment and IoT-related applications.
2006-07-26 eMemory extends OTP to 0.15m high voltage process
Taiwanese IP provider eMemory Technology Inc. is extending its one-time programmable Neobit technology to a 0.15 high voltage process.
2015-04-01 Andes, eMemory unveil novel IC security solutions
Applying Andes Core S801 in SoC designs along with eMemory's OTP silicon IPs for security key storage in IoT products enables data security to be greatly enhanced at the minimum cost.
2011-10-20 Partnership boosts embedded NVM process tech
Grace Semiconductor and eMemory's collaboration combines their design and process platforms to develop diverse eNVM solutions.
2010-03-16 Specialty foundries extend their reach
The specialty foundries Dongbu, MagnaChip, TowerJazz and X-Fab are expanding their wings with new capabilities or alliances.
2004-06-25 Dialog Semi eyes LCD driver market
Dialog Semiconductor is jumping into the fray for LCD drivers on color phones.
2004-06-29 Dialog LCD drivers have fully integrated graphic display RAM
Dialog Semiconductor Plc released the first two products in its new color LCD driver family.
2002-06-13 Denali launches IP core for optimized memory access
Denali Software Inc., a provider of memory system designs, has launched Databahn core for SoC bandwidth allocation.
2006-07-11 China's 3G standard hits a snag
Mobile phone test equipment suppliers say the lack of test equipment hinders the commercialization of China's 3G standard.
2005-09-06 Chartered tackles SoC designs at 2005 tech forums
Chartered Semiconductor Mfg announced details of its annual technology forum series entitled "Ready for the Smart Choice," on September 7 in Hsinchu, Taiwan, and September 22 in San Jose, California.
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