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2006-08-08 Wind River donates 300,000 lines of code to Eclipse Foundation
Wind River Systems Inc., a device software optimization (DSO) provider, has turned over 300,000 lines of code to the Eclipse Foundation.
2006-12-06 Wind River boosts Eclipse support in updated Workbench
Wind River Systems' Workbench 2.6 release lets users integrate Wind River tools into existing development projects or workflows, or install the tools into pre-existing Eclipse apps.
2011-03-10 WD-Hitachi merger to eclipse Seagate
WD has announced its intention to buy Hitachi Global Storage Technologies in a deal that could make it the world's biggest hard disk drive maker.
2006-08-01 Using Eclipse as an app framework
Eclipse is an open platform for tool integration. It is constantly expanding, evolving and surprising us.
2007-06-01 Use Eclipse for embedded cross-development
This article describes how to construct a free or low-cost cross-development environment based on the open-source Eclipse IDE and GNU toolsets. The task can be difficult and time-consuming. This article also presents the preconfigured Eclipse projects and pre-built GNU tools offered by Macraigor Systems to help speed construction.
2006-03-27 Tool suite to support eclipse 3.1 platform
Accelerated Technology, a Mentor Graphics division, announced a new version of its EDGE Tool Suite which supports Eclipse 3.1, the latest version of the open framework.
2003-06-17 Tensilica supports Eclipse open software platform
Tensilica Inc. has taken part of the Eclipse consortium.
2016-03-10 Solar energy powers total solar eclipse live broadcast
Panasonic broadcasted the total solar eclipse as it happened live from Ternate, Indonesia, using solar energy captured by a Power Supply Container.
2011-08-11 SOHO spending to eclipse $17M by 2015
Developments in office and communication technologies and recent economic conditions push the growth of SOHO work environment.
2001-08-28 QuickLogic Eclipse devices support high-speed LVPECL transmission
This application note concentrates on discussing the implementation of LVPECL (low-voltage positive/pseudo ECL) high-speed data transmission by applying the DC coupling method using QuickLogic devices.
2008-05-23 Quartz crystal oscillator implementation with PolarPro and Eclipse II
This application note provides relevant information for designers who want to compare the performance of quartz crystal oscillators to self-contained oscillators when implementing their designs on PolarPro and Eclipse II devices.
2009-04-21 Migrating from Numonyx M18 to Spansion Eclipse
This application note details the software considerations for migrating from the Numonyx StrataFlash Cellular Memory (M18) to the Spansion MirrorBit Eclipse family.
2003-09-22 Metron purchases TEL's Eclipse PVD line
Metron Technology N.V. has completed its acquisition of the Eclipse PVD equipment product line from Tokyo Electron Ltd.
2004-08-17 Mentor embedded systems division joins Eclipse
Accelerated Technology, the Embedded Systems Division of Mentor Graphics Corp. has joined the Eclipse Foundation, a software tool vendor consortium formed to foster the expansion of a unified development environment and wide product integration.
2007-01-30 Macraigor announces free Eclipse-compliant debugger
Macraigor Systems has announced the immediate availability of a free Eclipse-compliant embedded debugging solution with sample Eclipse projects that run on many standard evaluation boards.
2007-01-16 Linux IDE beta version promises full Eclipse compliance
MontaVista Software Inc. released the beta version of an integrated development environment (IDE), code-named Project Tsuki, that promises full compatibility with the Eclipse framework.
2006-01-18 Lattix LDM manages Eclipse projects throughout the lifecycle
Lattix Inc., a provider of software architecture management solutions, announced the availability of Lattix LDM for Eclipse as part of the new 2.5 version of Lattix LDM.
2008-05-22 Interfacing LVPECL devices to QuickLogic Eclipse and Eclipse-II FPGAs
This application note discusses software implementation and board level issues when interfacing LVPECL devices with QuickLogic Eclipse FPGAs.
2008-11-11 Interfacing LVDS devices to QuickLogic Eclipse and Eclipse-II FPGAs
This application note discusses software implementation and board level issues when interfacing LVDS devices with QuickLogic Eclipse FPGAs.
2001-08-28 Interfacing from Eclipse to low voltage differential signal receiver?LVDS
This application note concentrates on the implementation of an LVDS transmitter using an Eclipse device to interface with a third-party LVDS receiver.
2009-04-24 How to prepare designs for 65nm MirrorBit GL and 65nm MirrorBit Eclipse GL product families
This document outlines the product differences that will require attention to facilitate the migration in the future.
2008-06-25 Freescale CodeWarrior crosses over to Eclipse
Freescale Semiconductor's CodeWarrior development tools are leveraging Eclipse technology, an open architecture software platform, to ease tool integration for customers and third-party vendors across the company's portfolio.
2008-05-23 Express Logic signs up with Eclipse Foundation
Express Logic has joined Eclipse Foundation, an open-source community whose projects are focused on building an open development platform for building, deploying and managing software across the lifecycle.
2002-02-04 offers C/C++ IDE tool
The consortium has made available for download a fully-functional C and C++ IDE for evaluation with the eclipse platform on Linux workstations.
2006-10-03 Eclipse-based IDE rolls for OSE RTOS
Enea has announced Optima, a new Eclipse-based integrated development environment for the OSE RTOS.
2006-08-01 Eclipse-based development tools go full circle
With the launch of the Eclipse platform, one of the most effective projects in the history of the free software movement revolutionized the industry.
2004-03-01 Eclipse provides tool integration framework
Eclipse provides the framework for combining disparate tools into a single integrated application with a seamless user interface.
2008-08-01 Eclipse framework: on its way to prominence
Recent product launchings and new project initiatives indicate that the Eclipse framework is spilling over from its IT origins to become a dominant factor in the embedded space. The Eclipse Europa CDT Release 4.0 framework, along with GNU C/C++ compilers and debuggers, instruction-set simulators, and a target hardware probe, forms a complete development system.
2009-03-20 Designing with the Eclipse PDD for Windows Mobile 7.0 Windows CE 6.0R2 and 7.0
This application note describes the features and parameters of the Eclipse PDD to unlock the maximum potential for Eclipse devices in Windows Embedded platforms.
2005-08-29 Bug-repelling graphical programming tool plugs into Eclipse platform
The xState Developer from AGP Micro is a state-machine-based graphical programming tool for developers of embedded and real-time systems that harnesses graphical hierarchical state-machine notation to cut the number of software bugs in event-based logic.
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