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2009-01-15 Wi-Fi weathered the '08 economic storm
Driven by strong consumer and enterprise demand for a wide range of Wi-Fi-enabled devices, Wi-Fi chipset sales jumped 25 percent in 2008 to 387 million.
2003-10-01 Wages slightly rise amid economic uncertainty
Electronic Engineering Times - Asia found out that despite the economic uncertainty brought about by various factors, Asian companies in general rewarded engineers with higher salaries.
2015-06-19 Uncovering the economic and social impact of Moore's Law
Gordon Moore's prediction for the pace of semiconductor technology advances has set the stage for global technology innovation for 50 years, and has changed the world as we know it.
2010-09-09 Top 31 tech startups named by World Economic Forum
The World Economic Forum names the top 31 startups based on how well they have answered a basic human need with their innovative technologies.
2009-01-28 The bright side of the economic depression
Reports say that this year's CES is smaller, and many consumers plan to spend less on CE in 2009. In spite of these, Planet Analog site editor Bill Schweber sees the silver lining.
2008-12-17 Survey: Engineers brave job, economic panic
Engineers weren't supposed to be this fearful of the future but the increasing panic in once-stellar sectors is reminding even the best minds in the world of communication, electronics, IT and manufacturing that they, too, are mere mortals.
2009-01-12 Sony CEO stays positive despite economic crisis
Sony Corp. CEO Howard Stringer cheerfully depicted the current worldwide economic crisis as a temporary "challenge" that will eventually succumb toamong other forcesthe "innovative" power of the CE industry.
2008-12-03 Social, economic forces: a tug of war for 'green' handsets
ABI Research found that very few handset manufacturers are highly motivated to produce lines of green phones, as they face the economic realities of 'going green.'
2006-08-21 Singapore to help set up economic zones in Siberia
Singapore has signed a deal to advise Russia on setting up two special economic zones in Siberia for R&D and manufacturing.
2008-08-28 Robotics shipment slides amid economic setbacks
North American robotics orders decline 23 percent in 1H 08, compared to the same period in 2007, according to the Robotic Industries Association.
2008-09-10 Nokia feels pressure of economic slowdown
Nokia's warning that it is losing market share to rivals who are undercutting it spooked the market late last week, and with it major suppliers such as STMicroelectronics, Texas Instruments and Qualcomm.
2009-03-23 Nokia braves out economic crunch
After years of strong growth and overwhelming domination of the handset market, Nokia Corp. is entering unknown territory as its core product segment matures, leaving it to reorganize and transform operations in the midst of a sweeping recession.
2009-05-07 Netbook, MID shipments defy economic downturn
Ultramobile devices that include netbooks, mobile Internet devices (MIDs) and ultramobile PCs (UMPCs) are predicted to see considerable uptake in 2009 and 2010, albeit the slow economy.
2007-02-08 Nanotech to propel China's economic growth
China's "growing investment in nanoscience" leverages its position to capture a big slice of the global market for nanotech manufactured goodsa segment projected to quickly hit $3 trillion.
2000-11-01 Malaysia's economic plan targets high-tech role
The Malaysian government plans to unveil an economic master plan in early November that will stress the need for boosting high-technology capabilities.
2005-05-30 Japan's economic bond with China to stay strong, JEITA chairman says
The chairman of the Japan Electronics and Information Technology Industries Association (JEITA) has sought to dispel concerns that an uneasy relationship between China and Japan would have economic repercussions.
2008-07-18 Intel enjoys solid growth amid economic woes
Intel Corp., the world's biggest semiconductor company by revenue, is enjoying solid growth despite rising globally economic worries.
2011-05-23 IEEE: 4G access to accelerate economic development
IEEE says that 4G would improve education through more sophisticated distance learning, as well as extend the reach of high-quality healthcare through telemedicine.
2012-02-03 IC market succumbs to economic, inventory snag
IHS believes the semicon industry will be facing an unfavorable year with revenue expected to reach $323.2 billion, up by only 3.3 percent from last year's $312.8 billion.
2009-01-23 How to weather the economic storm
Fab-tool veteran Nick Konidaris, president and CEO of Electro Scientific Industries Inc., provided some tips.
2011-09-23 Global energy use outpaces economic growth
A recent study showed that worldwide energy intensity grew 1.35 percent last year, surpassing global economic growth.
2008-10-17 Firm boosts strategies amid economic downturn
Renesas has announced it will aggressively boost efforts in its international business and expand its MCU share despite shaky economic conditions that may delay its lofty goals.
2008-05-14 Emerging markets offset global economic slump
According to forecaster Future Horizons, emerging economies like China and India could offset the growing economic slump in the rest of the world.
2003-01-20 Embedded FPGA market to weather current economic downturn
While current economic conditions will affect all aspects of the chip industry, the impact on the embedded FPGA market should be minimal, said In-Stat/MDR.
2009-12-03 EEs stay optimistic despite economic downturn
EE Times found that engineers are generally satisfied with their career choices and growth opportunities, despite the rising concerns about job security and compensation.
2009-01-19 EDAC: IP, EDA to help stir economic recovery
Top executives from some of EDA's biggest companies delivered a sober message that could have surprised few, given the economybusiness will be mired in difficult conditions for the foreseeable future.
2008-01-10 Economic woes dampen hopes for electronics growth
Despite various predictions of a robust global growth this year for the electronics electronic equipment market, prevailing economic winds seem to dictate otherwise.
2012-01-17 Economic uncertainty provides GSD adoption opportunities
In Southeast Asia, we expect the machine makers to adopt rapid prototyping platforms based on graphical systems design (GSD) to differentiate their capabilities from their competitors.
2008-10-27 Economic crunch forces design service firm to close shop
Less than five months after its official launch, Indian River Silicon LLC, a wireless IC design services company founded by group of IEEE 802.11 pioneers, has closed its doors.
1999-11-01 Designing economic, standards-based WLAN solutions
Highly integrated chipsets for wireless LANs enable you to meet high-bandwidth needs at low costs.
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