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What is convergence (EDA)?
In electronics circuit design, convergence often refers to the achievement of a final design solution in which all design constraints have been successfully met. This may involve balancing and trading off two or more requirements that are in opposition with one another, such as timing delay versus area.
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2007-03-05 Freescale reduces EDA tool flow
Freescale reported significant design efficiency improvements and a sizeable reduction in the number of EDA "tool flows" the company supports in its global development and design activities.
2008-12-15 FPGAs face EDA tool, designer shortage
The FPGA market has experienced lackluster and flat growth in recent times it now faces a set of new challenges that could threaten the business.
2007-11-01 Formulating an EDA solution to ESI
The growing demand for cheap consumer wireless applications calls for unprecedented levels of integration. Among all the challenges to address ESI impact on analog and RF victims, modeling noise generation and injection is particularly tricky. The issue is to collect the power supply and substrate currents in both time and frequency domains.
2002-07-29 Fears ease as EDA suppliers report revenue increases
Easing fears that the EDA industry is riding the recession's downward slope, Verisity Ltd and Nassda Corp. have reported revenue growth for their recent fiscal quarters.
2003-05-05 Experts seek to expand, redefine EDA
The EDA industry needs to expand its boundaries, and could use a more descriptive term than "electronic design automation,".
2002-03-18 Execs parse the ingredients of EDA success
Design automation innovation could grow faster if EDA companies would cooperate and venture capitalists took more chances on revolutionary tools.
2005-06-14 ESL may rescue EDA, analysts say
Electronic system level (ESL) design tools may return the EDA industry to double-digit growth, according to two Gartner Dataquest analysts.
2008-09-18 ESL EDA platform slashes design time in half
From Agilent comes the SystemVue 2008, a new EDA platform for electronic system-level design.
2004-07-28 ESC-Asia, EDA&T-Taiwan a show of island's resilience
Taiwan's design ascend in electronics food chain seems official on the floor of the 4th annual Embedded System Confer-Asia (ESC-Asia) and 12th Electronics Design Automation & Test-Taiwan (EDA&T-Taiwan) Conference & Exhibition (July 28-29, 2004), displaying yet another show of resilience of island's technology prudence in the emerging electronics landscape.
2009-01-19 EDAC: IP, EDA to help stir economic recovery
Top executives from some of EDA's biggest companies delivered a sober message that could have surprised few, given the economybusiness will be mired in difficult conditions for the foreseeable future.
2003-05-02 EDA, test vendors ponder interoperability at DATE
EDA tool vendors, test companies, and IP providers sat down at the recent DATE conference to discuss how they can better address interoperability issues.
2007-01-19 EDA, IP revenue up 17% in Q3 '06
Worldwide EDA and IP revenue in Q3 of 2006 grew 17 percent over the prior year quarter, according to a report issued by EDAC.
2003-01-09 EDA's unique opportunity in the silicon value chain
As design sizes shrink toward 90nm, a new set of problems has arisen. Signal integrity, design for test, verification, and design reuse are becoming ever more critical in addressing today's increasing design complexities.
2006-11-13 EDA's hope is enabling cheaper design
The future of the EDA industry is not too bright, unless it enables chip design of even greater complexity with fewer engineers, thus helping the IC industry deal with the problem of lower profitability as it moves into designs of 65nm and below.
2007-10-25 EDA's big three unready for 3D chip packaging
Without design tools to allow exploration and tradeoffs to be made in 3D layouts, engineers are restricted to design in two dimensions and occasionally stack chips crudely. But without a clear market for 3D design EDA vendors are unlikely to offer tools.
2006-08-01 EDA&T-Taiwan showcases latest in EDA, test
To update engineers on the latest developments in EDA and test, the 14th Annual EDA & Test Taiwan Conference & Exhibition will gather the world's top vendors on August 17-18 at the Taipei International Convention Center.
2002-01-15 EDA vendors send mixed messages on industry's health
Statements issued last week by design automation vendors presented very mixed views of whether the industry is enjoying a recovery or suffering from a renewed downturn.
2003-01-03 EDA vendors brace for 90nm challenge in 2003
The ramp-up to 90nm chips will give the electronic design automation industry a strong focus in 2003, according to EDA industry executives and observers.
2005-05-27 EDA vendors announce flows for IBM-Chartered 90nm process
IBM and Chartered Semiconductor Mfg added common design support to their jointly developed 90nm process platform.
2004-05-19 EDA vendor, Accellera moves place SystemVerilog at crossroads
Two new developments raise questions about whether the emerging SystemVerilog language is heading for greater harmony or further acrimony.
2006-12-01 EDA vendor rivalry bogs single power spec
Amid calls for a single power spec throughout the design flow, EDA vendor rivalry continues to fuel two separate efforts to develop a low-power description standard.
2003-02-13 EDA users, vendors speak out for OpenAccess
The technical and business imperatives for the OpenAccess database and API were made clear by speakers and panelists at the second annual OpenAccess Conference in San Jose, California.
2003-11-12 EDA users call for better power, timing tools
Better timing and power tools are critically needed for ASIC and processor designs.
2003-09-12 EDA users call for 64-bit Opteron support
A number of EDA users would like to run 64-bit apps on AMD Opteron servers, but are frustrated by the lack of EDA vendor support.
2004-06-09 EDA user study puts Synopsys in top spot
IC design starts are up over last year.
2008-01-24 EDA trio offers UPF-based products
Magma Design Automation, Mentor Graphics and Synopsys are now delivering low-power EDA tools based on the Accellera-developed Unified Power Format standard, UPF 1.0.
2004-03-15 EDA tools support new Altera CPLD family
Altera has announced that the new MAX II CPLD device family is supported by much of the EDA industry as well as by Altera's own Quartus II design software.
2002-09-27 EDA tools support Altera's Cyclone FPGAs
A handful of design-automation vendors, including Mentor Graphics Corp., Synopsys Inc., and Synplicity Inc., announced that they will support Altera Corp.'s newly-announced Cyclone FPGA device family.
2013-01-31 EDA tools stunted due to lack of complaints, says Nvidia exec
Jonah Alben, an executive at Nvidia, stated that cultural complacency and "uncomplaining" engineers are the primary culprits for the stunted growth of EDA tool investment.
1999-11-01 EDA tools for high-performance MCM
In this paper we discuss a high density interconnect design methodology and describe the Tanner MCM Pro integrated MCM and IC design environment which combines strong features of both IC and PCB approaches to EDA and addresses shortcomings of existing tools and design flows.
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