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What is convergence (EDA)?
In electronics circuit design, convergence often refers to the achievement of a final design solution in which all design constraints have been successfully met. This may involve balancing and trading off two or more requirements that are in opposition with one another, such as timing delay versus area.
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2006-01-01 EDA industry thriving in Asia
EE Times-Asia and Gartner's joint report shows that design for consumer electronics dominates in China and Taiwan.
2004-10-01 EDA industry tallies modest first-quarter growth
A surge in spending on silicon IP lifted the EDA revenue by a modest 6 percent.
2007-04-13 EDA industry saw 15% growth in 2006, reports EDAC
The EDA industry revenue grew 15.3 percent in 2006 to reach $5.274 billion, according to the EDA Consortium's Market Statistics Survey.
2002-04-03 EDA industry revenues topped $4 billion in 2001
Electronic design automation has become a $4 billion industry, according to the latest report from the EDA Consortium's Market Statistics Service.
2002-01-04 EDA industry revenues rise 9 percent
The EDA industry revenues for the Q3 of last year reached $987 million, a 9 percent increase from Q3 in 2000, according to the EDA Consortium's Market Statistics Service (MSS).
2003-01-09 EDA industry reports another quarter of shrinking sales
EDA industry revenues have declined for three consecutive quarters, and were down 5.1 percent in the first nine months of 2002, according to the Electronic Design Automation Consortium.
2013-03-21 EDA industry needs a makeover, says Cadence CEO
Cadence CEO Lip-Bu Tan talks about the lack of start-ups, the rising cost of chip design and the need to reposition the EDA industry for growth at the annual CDN Live event.
2007-03-27 EDA industry grew 11% in 2006, says report
The new EDA Market Forecast report issued by Gary Smith EDA predicts strong growth for the industry through 2011. According to the report, the EDA industry grew approximately 11 percent in 2006.
2005-06-15 EDA industry consolidation seen continuing
The EDA industry is expected to consolidate further over the next several years, reflecting many of the same forces that are shaping the global economy.
2004-06-15 EDA industry at crossroads, execs say
It's not your father's EDA industry anymore, according to industry experts.
2004-10-07 EDA growth turns anemic in second quarter
Judging from the latest EDA Consortium (EDAC) Market Statistics Survey report, the long-awaited EDA recovery is nowhere in sight.
2007-02-16 EDA growth to continue this year
The EDA industry grew faster than expected in 2006 and is up for another good year, thanks to a healthy IC industry, an insatiable CE market and a move to 65nm and 45nm technologies.
2008-01-17 EDA grows slightly, action shifts out of North America
The EDA Consortium recorded modest single-digit growth overall for the EDA sector, even as the industry is continuing its gradual shift out of North America.
2003-09-24 EDA getting serious about analog, mixed-signal
Long assigned supporting roles by suppliers, analog and mixed-signal design tools could soon become a battleground for leading EDA vendors.
2011-10-10 EDA gains 17.6% YoY growth
The EDA sector revenue amounted to $1.438 billion in Q2, but sales declined 0.6 percent.
2003-05-28 EDA firm Prover improves equivalence checker
Prover Technology has released a new version of its Prover eCheck equivalence checker that includes improvements to the tool's debugging capabilities.
2011-06-08 EDA faces cost challenges
EDA market analyst Gary Smith EDA sees the EDA industry booming into a $6.6 billion industry by 2015, but the industry as a whole will face challenges on the way.
2004-02-23 EDA export controls clarified
U.S. and international export controls affecting EDA software will be clarified to prevent restrictions on the sale of model-based simulation software, industry executives said Wednesday (February 18, 2004).
2010-02-25 EDA execs tip recipes for growth
While the EDA executives did not speculate on future industry growth, they did offer recipes for growth for their own firms at the EDAC's Annual CEO Forecast and Industry Vision event.
2004-02-20 EDA execs promote cost savings
Design companies are struggling with cost-performance tradeoffs as they seek to keep pace with and drive Moore's Law, according to a panel of EDA executives.
2005-03-22 EDA exec offers alternative IP channel
It's very hard for small silicon intellectual property (IP) companies to create sales channels, says former Synopsys executive John Atwood. So Atwood has launched a company that serves as a "specialized sales channel partner" for emerging IP companies.
2005-04-08 EDA development going in-house, analyst says
Citing an ominous warning for EDA vendors, Gary Smith, chief EDA analyst at Gartner Dataquest, said at the International Symposium on Physical Design (ISPD) here that design teams are increasingly developing their own EDA tools in-house.
2004-06-11 EDA deals seen as engine of innovation
Most EDA innovation will continue to spring from startups rather than the R&D operations of public EDA companies, prompting large companies to acquire new emerging companies to stay competitive.
2002-04-08 EDA customer segments continue to slump
The semiconductor and communications industries, traditionally the two largest customers of EDA products and services, are still struggling under the weight of the economy and are not likely to recover soon, said analysts at a panel discussion sponsored by the EDA Consortium.
2001-06-16 EDA Consortium tackles FPGA productivity
The recent EDA Consortium tackled important issues that focus on direct HDL entry and better productivity measurements for designers and engineers.
2002-04-26 EDA consolidation continues as Cadence buys Simplex
The consolidation of the electronic design automation industry advanced on two front Wednesday (April 24), when Cadence Design Systems Inc. said it will acquire verification specialist Simplex Solutions Inc. for $300 million, or $18 per share of Simplex stock. Earlier, Mentor Graphics Corp. announced plans to purchase Innoveda Inc.
2007-02-28 EDA CEOs see strong 2007
2007 should be another strong year for the EDA industry, according to CEOs who spoke at the EDA Consortium's annual forecast panel last week.
2004-03-04 EDA CEOs predict growth, cite cost concerns
As the semiconductor business continues a slow recovery, the cost of keeping up with Moore's Law is a foremost issue on the minds of EDA customers, said EDA CEOs attending the EDA Consortium forecast panel in February 26, 2004.
2004-03-08 EDA CEOs field provocative questions
In a broad-ranging panel discussion at the Design and Verification Conference (DVCon), moderator John Cooley asked EDA CEOs a variety of provocative questions - and received some spirited responses.
2004-06-03 EDA center to set up system design lab
The EDA center of the Chinese Academy of Sciences will establish the United Laboratory of System Design to promote the mainland China's IC industry. The new lab is a collaboration with Mentor Graphics Corp.
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