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2011-05-06 Wozniak: Education stifles creativity
Steve Wozniak critiques education, particularly math, science and engineering education, and suggests that American public schools have outgrown their usefulness.
2009-02-04 Will $20 laptop solve India's education woes?
The $20 laptop unveiled by India's Tata is symbolic at so many levels of both the opportunity and the problem with "designing for India," that it's hard to know where to begin in weighing its chances for success.
2011-10-12 Singapore school promotes cloud education
Singapore Polytechnic has launched a cloud computing center that will offer training in virtualization, enterprise computing and data center management.
2012-04-02 Qualcomm, Microsoft spearhead mobile education project in Singapore
Qualcomm is collaborating with Microsoft and Singapore's Nan Chiau Primary School to launch the WE Learn mobile education project and build 21st century classrooms with 3G smartphones in Singapore.
2008-11-13 Qualcomm helps boost China IT education
Qualcomm Inc. and Beijing Peking University Unity Microsystems Technology Co. Ltd (PKUnity) have entered the third phase of the Connected Computer Classroom program.
2004-12-09 Oracle, Dell, Intel to offer next-gen IT education
To help speed development and adoption of a next generation data center architecture, Oracle is working with Dell, Intel and their Linux partners to roll out a global education and information campaign slated to begin in January 2005.
2010-02-10 Nokia-Pearson JV pushes China wireless education
Nokia and Pearson have formed Beijing Mobiledu Technologies, to accelerate the growth of Mobiledu, the premier mobile phone-delivered education service, developed by Nokia in China.
2011-04-28 Mobile apps give education a new face
Mobile apps, digitization, and smartphone penetration have provided new approaches to learning through high degree of interaction and personalized education.
2008-08-12 Intel-Portugal gov't initiative propels computing education
In one of the most comprehensive educational technology programs in the world, the Portuguese government is providing educational PCs to school children receiving basic educationequivalent to elementary schoolin a memorandum of understanding with Intel Corp.
2009-03-05 Intel's Barrett: Invest in education, R&D
Intel Corp. chairman Craig Barrett told the CeBIT 2009 conference that investments in information and communications technology will help ensure economic prosperity as the world undergoes a digital transformation.
2008-05-23 Intel's Barrett: Education, not technology, is key to success
Intel Chairman Craig Barrett said global alliances will be the key to getting the next 1 billion people on the Internet and better education is the best way to achieve this goal.
2009-04-14 Intel helps modernize Vietnam's education system
Intel Semiconductor Ltd Vietnam and Vietnam's Ministry of Education and Training (MOET) have signed an agreement focused on accelerating the MOET's e-learning initiative.
2008-04-11 Intel aids tech education in Arab region
Craig Barrett, Intel chairman, marked his fourth visit to the United Arab Emirates by unveiling new education initiatives in the Arab world through the use of technology.
2008-07-17 India overhauls technical education system
The government is launching a three-year initiative to boost technical education to improve the quality of education by expanding the capacity of institutions and creating new ones.
2006-06-19 India launches VLSI education program
India launched a VLSI education program that will focus on developing steams of engineering manpower to meet the demand for design engineers.
2014-02-24 Google marks its foray into education with Capital
Google expands its investment scope, with the debut of Google Capital, investing $40 million in Renaissance Learning.
2002-09-30 Experience and education pays - literally
The 2002 salary survey conducted by Electronic Engineering Times - Asia reveals that companies still put a premium on engineers that have attained a high educational degree and possess a substantial number of years in experience.
2009-01-01 Engineering education beckons changes
More calls for a change in engineering education surfaced during the International Electron Devices Meeting (IEDM).
2003-02-10 Education overhaul pushed for nanotech revolution
Nanotechnology is taking on a life of its own, inexorably changing electronics in the same way as the transition from tubes to ICs.
2002-03-19 Continuing education falls victim to cost cuts
The tech recession has taken its toll on enrollment numbers for continuing-education programs in engineering and information technology, program directors say.
2014-07-22 Cloud provides chip design education to developing countries
SRC and SCI hope to grow a whole new crop of qualified SoC design engineers in developing countries worldwide by deploying EDA hardware and software in a private cloud.
2011-08-09 Cisco, ITE Singapore bring virtual education to ICT
With the aim to produce an industry-ready workforce, Cisco and Singapore's ITE will set up a center to host education through increased use of networking and collaboration infrastructure.
2009-09-28 Cisco, Intel, Microsoft help upgrade Kenya education
Cisco, Intel, Microsoft, the government of Kenya and USAID, launched a project to upgrade education.
2009-10-22 China team helps improve education for the blind
The iSee team from China, took the second place in the Embedded Development Invitational with a low-cost embedded solution to help blind people world improve their education.
2006-08-29 Agilent partners with TWB to improve science education in China
The Agilent Foundation, in partnership with Teachers Without Borders, has expanded its efforts to improve the quality of science education through professional development for teachers in China.
2003-10-01 Wages slightly rise amid economic uncertainty
Electronic Engineering Times - Asia found out that despite the economic uncertainty brought about by various factors, Asian companies in general rewarded engineers with higher salaries.
2012-04-26 Vietnam universities team up on chip design
A deal to set up IC design centers and train engineers was signed between the IC Design Research and Education Center (ICDREC) and nine other universities and institutions.
2001-05-16 U.S.-based Indian engineers head home
Two Indian electronics engineers share experiences at college and work in the United States. Read what they have to say to engineering graduates in India.
2010-07-07 Toshiba, Intel deliver educational tablet PCs
Toshiba Corp. and Intel KK will jointly commercialize an educational-use tablet PC designed to facilitate learning in compulsory education.
2008-02-28 TI grooms future DSP engineers in China universities
TI has been running its China University Program for the last 12 years, a commitment that has resulted in 160 DSP labs and three technology centers distributed over 141 universities in China, benefiting 25,000 students every year and producing some 7,500 industrial engineers.
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