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2002-07-23 Maxeta full bricks build on high efficiency
Innoveta Technologies has beefed up its Maxeta full-brick family with the addition of 12V and 28V output models driven by a nominal 48V input, as well as a version providing 28V for a nominal 24V in.
2011-12-09 Market favors solar products with above 17% efficiency
EnergyTrend revealed that solar products with efficiencies below 17 percent are categorized as B-grade, with prices 30-50 percent lower than A-grade products.
2007-11-16 Manufacturers aim for energy efficiency in appliances
Appliance manufacturers are facing major design challenges to meet the new energy efficiency standards and to cope with significant increases in the cost of raw materials. Variable speed control of a compressor motor significantly reduces both the peak and average energy consumption.
2013-03-15 Management system boosts wireless sensor network efficiency
Engineers at A*STAR said the adaptive classification system cuts the power use of individual sensors and increases their lifespan, while also decreasing network traffic and data storage requirements.
2002-07-24 Magnetek rectifier delivers 92 percent efficiency
Magnetek Inc. has unveiled a 3kW rectifier that converts utility-grade 176Vac to 264Vac input power into dc output power with 92 percent efficiency.
2002-05-08 Magnetek dc/dc converters have >87 percent efficiency
Magnetek Inc.'s Power Electronics Group has unveiled its HEQS family of dual-output, quarter-brick dc/dc converters that operate up to 60W and provide an efficiency >87 percent at full-load.
2007-05-31 LXI-compliant oscilloscope boosts efficiency in ATE systems
The LXI (LAN eXtensions for Instrumentation) standard specifies the interaction of proven, widely used standards to enable fast efficient, and cost-effective creation and reconfiguration of test systems.
2001-09-19 LX1720: AudioMAX high-efficiency class-D amplifier
This application note describes the use of the LX1720 controller chip as a high-efficiency stereo Class-D audio amplifier.
2003-08-25 LRC diodes feature high efficiency and durability
Exported worldwide, the SMA diodes from Leshan Radio Co. Ltd feature high efficiency and durability.
2015-03-04 Low-power MCUs set world record in efficiency
Drawing from the strengths of the ARM Cortex-M4 core and its ultra low-power MCU technology, STMicroelectronics introduces the STM32L4 MCU series, which gained the highest score in the EEMBC test.
2007-08-27 Low-noise regulator touts high PSRR, efficiency
Micrel's new family of 'SuperLNRs' that feature the advantages and ease of use of LDOs with low noise, high PSRR, ultrafast transient performance, while providing the efficiency of a switching regulator.
2009-07-23 Low-loss LED driver improves a system's green footprint by boosting efficiency and extending battery life
Because many systems are battery powered, energy efficiency is key to maximizing each battery charge and the system's operating time. By improving battery efficiency, you also improve the system's "green" footprint.
2008-10-14 Low-cost tuner module enhances power efficiency
Frontier Silicon has begun sampling the latest version of its digital audio broadcasting receiver module, which employs a smaller version of its Kino 3 baseband processor IC.
2009-05-12 Low-axis materials improve antenna efficiency
The Advanced Circuit Materials (ACM) Division of Rogers Corp. has developed the latest patent-pending innovation in high frequency materials, RT/duroid 5880LZ laminate.
2000-11-30 LM2651_3.3V_EVAL 1.5A high efficiency synchronous switching regulator evaluation board
This application note discusses the board design of the LM2651_3.3V_EVAL 1.5A synchronous switching regulator evaluation board, and provides diagrams for the board's schematics and layer layouts.
2006-12-14 Liquid-cooled AC/DC ups thermal efficiency
The LCPM series of 7kW AC/DC front-end rectifiers from Transistor Devices is liquid-cooled for maximum thermal efficiency in data and computer centers.
2003-08-28 Linkchamp inverter has 90 percent efficiency
The SP-400 dc-ac inverter from Linkchamp Co. Ltd features an input voltage of 10Vdc to 15Vdc, and output voltage up to 240V.
2002-02-07 Linear Technology regulator operates at 90 percent efficiency
The LTC3831 regulator is claimed to sink or source up to 15A of load current and operate at 90 percent efficiency.
2002-06-06 Linear Tech regulator delivers up to 96 percent efficiency
The LTC3406 step-down synchronous buck regulator provides up to 600mA of continuous output current and uses 0.40-ohm internal switches to deliver efficiencies of up to 96 percent.
2002-02-07 Linear Tech dc/dc controller delivers >90 percent efficiency
The LTC3830 step-down dc/dc controller uses a synchronous switching architecture with N-channel MOSFETs to deliver efficiencies >90 percent.
2004-02-11 Linear Tech controller has 95 percent efficiency
Linear Technology Corp. has introduced the LTC3703 dc-dc step-down synchronous controller for high operation power supplies.
2002-06-19 Linear Tech capacitor charger has higher efficiency
Designed to charge photoflash capacitors in digital and film cameras, the LT3420 capacitor charger from Linear Technology Corp. uses a flyback topology to achieve efficiencies up to four times better than competing flash modules.
2004-04-28 Linear Tech buck regulator offers 95 percent efficiency
The new synchronous buck regulator from Linear Technology uses a constant frequency, current mode architecture.
2004-01-19 Linear dc-dc converter offers 96 percent efficiency
Linear Technology Corp. has released the LTC3421 3MHz, current mode, synchronous boost dc/dc converter with true output disconnect and inrush current limiting.
2009-03-11 Light-emitting nanotube gets efficiency boost
Researchers claim to have discovered the mechanism limiting the efficiency of light-emitting nanotubes along with a remedy to the problem.
2004-01-29 Li Tone device with >65 percent efficiency
The LTE60U and LTE80U series of U-Channel ac-dc or dc-dc switching power supplies from Li Tone Electronics feature a 90Vac to 264Vac voltage and 30A inrush surge current at 25C.
2007-01-01 LEDs offer high intensity, power efficiency
Lumex has expanded its high-power LED portfolio with three surface-mount packages and 34 product variants that combine high levels of illumination with low power consumption.
2007-04-18 LED/CAM driver achieves 92 percent efficiency
Linear Tech's LTC3207 LED/CAM driver for cellphone displays and lighting achieves 92 percent efficiency when driven from a lithium battery.
2005-07-11 LED drivers offer 80% efficiency
The two new white LED drivers from Vishay Intertechnology promise to deliver efficiencies of up to 80 percent during operation in compact handheld and battery-operated electronics.
2009-11-25 LED drivers improve energy efficiency in LCD TVs
Intelligent control of LED current sinks in direct/matrix backlight applications gives truer blacks and improved contrast.
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