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2007-01-29 Philips Lumileds 'breaks' industry record for light source efficiency
Philips Lumileds Lighting Co. revealed that its high-power white LEDs have broken the 100 lumens per watt (lm/W) record in the LED industry.
2002-03-01 Phihong adapter aims for efficiency
The PSA100U power adapter from Phihong USA offers system designers 85 percent efficiency in a unit that measures only 35 inches?.
2010-03-12 PFC controller delivers high system efficiency at light load
Fairchild has developed a CCM PFC controller for 300W to 2kW power supply designs that bring high system efficiency, high power factor and low THD.
2008-04-17 PFC control IC delivers high power conversion efficiency
From Renesas Technology comes the R2A20116 critical-conduction-mode interleaving PFC control IC, with improved high power conversion efficiency in all load areas.
2010-01-25 PDP boasts quadruple luminance efficiency
Panasonic Corp. has developed new plasma display panels (PDP) that boast quadruple luminance efficiency.
2003-01-07 PC power supply has >65 percent full load efficiency
The company's LW-8388S PC power supply operates from an input voltage of 230Vac or 115Vac and has an efficiency of at least 65 percent at full load.
2005-02-23 PAM offers small form factor with high efficiency
The new GSM850/GSM900/DCS/PCS PAM from TriQuint is touted to represent a breakthrough in size reduction while maintaining fully-matched, specification-compliant, high-efficiency performance.
2008-07-14 Paint-on solar panels boost efficiency at less cost
Paint-on solar panels could increase current energy efficiency by 50 percent while making new solar panel installations invisible by painting organic dyes onto windows.
2003-04-16 Package efficiency: A boost to power MOSFETs
DirectFET technology has radically reduced package resistance and inductance, and facilitated a large reduction in the thermal resistance.
2010-02-11 PA linearization SoC boosts 3G network efficiency
Scintera's SC1887 adaptive RF power amplifier linearizer SoC that enables highly-efficient broadband 3G and 4G networks.
2005-01-17 Over the air efficiency with incremental redundancy
Incremental redundancy is the system used by EDGE to get maximum performance out of the available bandwidth.
2014-03-17 Organic solar cells boast 8.4% conversion efficiency
Imec created fullerene-free organic photovoltaic multilayer stacks that offer compatibility with flexible substrates and tunable absorption window.
2007-08-14 Organic solar cell tech touts new efficiency record
Plextronics announced that its organic photovoltaic technology has achieved a new efficiency record of 5.4 percent in the conversion of solar light to power for single-layer solar cells.
2011-12-19 Organic solar cell achieves 8.3% efficiency record
Imec, Solvay and Polyera claims to set a world record efficiency of 8.3 percent for organic solar cells in an inverted device architecture.
2012-02-24 Organic PV consortium pushes for solar efficiency
CSEM SA has launched a 4-year $18.8 million project that aims to develop highly efficient, long-lasting, cheap and environmentally friendly printed organic photovoltaics.
2007-04-16 Optocouplers add efficiency to motor inverters
Avago's intelligent gate drivers improve precision and efficiency of motor inverters by featuring Active Miller Clamp, integrated Vce desaturation detection, undervoltage lockout protection, built-in IGBT shutdown and isolated open collector fault feedback.
2010-01-11 Optimizing MCU power efficiency for ultralow-power designs
Trends such as single-cell operation, charging/discharging closer to battery thresholds, and the need to control motors and/or high brightness LEDs have changed how developers must approach power optimization.
2007-09-04 Opteron beats Xeon in power efficiency: benchmark firm
Based on recent tests by Neal Nelson & Associates, an AMD Opteron-based server delivers better power efficiency than a comparably configured Intel Xeon-based server.
2002-07-01 ON Semi buck converter delivers up to 91 percent efficiency
The NCP1500 dual-mode PWM buck converter from ON Semiconductor features a linear mode that the company claims reduces noise and quiescent current at low current levels, and a PWM mode that delivers up to 91 percent efficiency for heavy loads.
2003-01-06 Omron LED touts light utilization efficiency
Omron Corp. has announced the availability of a high brightness Double Reflection LED that consumes lesser power and boosts system efficiency.
2006-08-22 OLED researchers report 12lumens/W power efficiency at 1,000 candelas/m2
Universal Display and Novaled have collaborated to develop a saturated red phosphorescent organic LED with record specifications.
2014-03-07 OLED lighting panel boasts 131lm/W efficiency
Konica Minolta developed what it flaunts as the world's most efficient OLED lighting panel with an emitting area is 15 square centimetres.
2013-10-01 OLED efficiency enhanced by wagon-wheel shaped molecule
University of Utah physicists developed the "pi-conjugated spoked-wheel macrocycle," an organic molecule shaped like a rotelle pasta, which can improve the efficiency of organic LED light bulbs.
2009-02-02 Now sampling: base station amps with >40% efficiency
NXP Semiconductors has started sampling integrated Doherty amplifiers for cellular base stations based on its RF transistor technology. The initial BLD6G21-50 and BLD6G22-50 amplifiers are designed to deliver efficiency of greater than 40 percent at an average power of 10W.
2015-01-08 Novel method improves fuel cell efficiency
Researchers from South Korea indicated that the direct methanol fuel cell boasts potential as an energy conversion device for electrical vehicles and portable devices without any toxic heavy metal ions.
2013-11-29 Novel energy conversion principle to boost engine efficiency
The compressive combustion principle formulated by a professor from Waseda University yields engines with the ultimate level of efficiency.
2004-08-20 NJR switching driver achieves high power-efficiency
The new NJU8719 IC from New Japan Radio is a monaural BTL output switching driver designed for class D amplifiers.
2004-08-23 NJR driver has high power-efficiency features
The new NJU8710 from New Japan Radio is a 2V operation clockless switching driver that has a separate power supply between input and output.
2005-06-22 NIS6111 BERS_ IC (better efficiency rectifier system) switching application note
This app note details NIS6111 BERS that consists of an integrated control IC and a low RDS (on) power MOSFET to replace the Schottky diode using hybrid technology.
2006-01-05 NI software tools improve system efficiency
NI released a comprehensive suite of vision software tools that engineers, integrators and machine builders can use to improve system efficiency and save money by increasing quality control in the manufacturing process.
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