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2005-07-01 ST chip with all core circuitry requirements of electricity meters
STMicroelectronics (ST) announced the availability of a new device that incorporates all of the core circuitry required to implement fully electronic electricity meters.
2011-11-28 Solar energy turns sludge to electricity
An Israel-based startup is thermo-chemically transforming waste into power and raw materials.
2014-12-08 Reversible ammonia cells harness waste heat as electricity
To harvest low-grade waste heat, Penn State researchers used an ammonia-based battery that consists of copper electrodes with ammonia added only to the anolyte, the electrolyte surrounding the anode.
2012-01-26 MCUs geared for electricity metering
TI's MSP430 family touts low power consumption at 1.4?A in standby mode and fast wake up at less than 3?s.
2008-04-17 Maxim touts polyphase IC for electricity metering
Maxim Integrated Products has introduced the MAXQ3180, a highly accurate and low-power polyphase IC for measuring electricity activity.
2007-08-16 Laws of electricity insist high voltage
Engineers know that the most efficient way to deliver power is to keep the voltage high and the current low. Power engineers have known this for over 100 years; that's why they keep raising the voltages on their transmission lines.
1999-04-08 Integrated solutions for solid state electricity metrology
This paper gives an overview of electricity meter design using solid state electronics. It discusses various architectures and some of the key technologies that allow reliable and cost-effective solid-state meters to be implemented. It also discusses semiconductor reliability issues and the challenges posed by the EMI/EMC requirements for solid-state meter approval.
2010-10-27 IEEE setting guidelineS for electricity storage
The group will begin work on guidelines for smart grid interfaces before the end of 2010 as an extension of the work already done on utility storage systems for transmission and distribution networks.
2003-11-06 Hydrogenics power module produces "clean" electricity
Hydrogenics Corp. has announced that it has standardized the commercial design of its 10kW HyPM fuel cell power module, which will enable the company to manufacture the unit in greater numbers at lower cost.
2010-08-31 Harvesting electricity from the air now a power option
Brazil scientist Fernando Galembeck, Ph.D. presented his team’s work on ‘hygroelectricity? or ‘humidity electricity? at the 240th National Meeting of the American Chemical society. The findings set the groundwork for the development of devices that can capture electricity from the air much like solar cells capturing sunlight.
2013-07-19 Gold-studded polyurethane can better conduct electricity
Networks of spherical nanoparticles embedded in elastic materials result in the most flexible conductors, claims University of Michigan engineering researchers.
2009-08-25 First Solar, SCE deliver 550MW PV electricity
The companies will build two large-scale solar plants that will generate electricity for 170,000 homes.
2010-08-03 Diodes guard against static electricity
Torex Semiconductor Ltd introduces a transient voltage suppressor (TVS) that protects electronic devices from static electricity.
2008-04-18 Chips cut electricity usage at home, in cars
Integrated semiconductor solutions such as the improved version of NovalithIC recently presented by Infineon are well suited for engineers involved in the development of economical electronic circuits.
2004-11-01 Xemic, Y-LYNX unveil high-performance AMR solution
During the 2004 China International Water, Electricity & Gas Meters Exhibition, Xemic and Y-LYNX showcased a high-performance AMR solution.
2009-07-06 Wells Fargo, SunPower dip $100M in solar power
Wells Fargo and SunPower Corp. have entered a new collaborative effort to fund up to $100 million in SunPower commercial-scale solar systems.
2008-07-09 Three-phase electronic watt-hour meter design using MSP430
This TI application report describes the implementation of a three-phase electronic electricity meter using MSP430 4xx family of MCUs. The implemented functions are RMS voltage for each phase, RMS current for each phase, frequency, power and a real-time clock.
2003-05-29 The ESD Problem
This application note discusses the properties and sources of Electrostatic Discharge (ESD).
2011-11-14 Test cases for China State Grid Specification
Read about the test procedures developed for the China State Grid specification-based electricity metering code.
2015-07-09 Taiwan power shortage could cripple chip foundries
Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co. (TSMC) pressed the Taiwan government to solve a long-term power supply in the country, which could land a serious blow to TSMC as soon as 2020.
2012-02-29 Super grid market to reach $10B this year
Visiongain sees an increase in public-private partnerships in super grid markets, while technological developments will also evolve for the dynamic electricity transmission and integration of renewable energy.
2004-11-10 ST rolls out semiconductor components kit for Enel
STMicroelectronics has released of a kit of semiconductor components for Enel's static electricity meters.
2012-11-15 Smart grid leads to vast opportunities, says CEO Panel
During Electronica exhibition, The CEO panel allowed the heads of four major companies to discuss the good times ahead for the semiconductor industry.
2011-05-24 Real-time clocks of 71M65XX metering ICs
Know the features and peculiarities of the Teridian electricity meter ICs with respect to their real-time-clocks.
2003-06-30 Protecting IGBTs and MOSFETs from ESD
This application note discusses how to protect IGBTS and MOSFETs from ESD and how HEXFET users can implement and benefit from similar ESD control programs.
2004-01-01 Powering the future
Innovations underway in power management hold great promise for a world driven by an insatiable need for electricity.
2011-06-29 Piezoelectric thin films harvest energy
The ability of piezoelectric thin films to turn mechanical pressure into electricity could be used in creating the everlasting battery.
2014-01-29 Implement three-phase electronic watt-hour meter
Learn about the implementation of a three-phase electronic electricity meter using the Texas Instruments MSP430F677x metering processor.
2011-10-05 IEEE-SA approves DR island systems guide
IEEE has announced that the IEEE-SA Standards Board has already approved the IEEE 1547.4, a guide that targets best practices in reliability improvement and interconnection techniques.
2011-09-02 IBM: Lack of consumer understanding is an energy concern
A recent survey conducted by IBM has revealed that there is a wide gap between what the consumers know and what they need to know about energy consumption and conservation.
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