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2008-08-08 Superlattice electrolyte to drive cheaper fuel cells for cars
A superlattice electrolyte with far greater conductivity could significantly boost fuel cell efficiency while lowering costs when compared to current solid-oxide fuel cells.
2014-10-24 Garnet makes ideal electrolyte separator material
A cubic garnet material or LLZO has been found to remain structurally stable over time across neutral and extremely alkaline environments, making the compound a promising component in new battery configurations.
2006-07-18 Docomo, Aquafairy to develop polymer electrolyte fuel cell
NTT Docomo Inc. and Aquafairy Co. announced that they agreed to jointly develop a micro fuel cell for 3G FOMA handsets.
2014-04-28 Bi-functional electrolyte boosts cell energy density
The battery chemistry developed by ORNL features an electrolyte that performs dual functions: serving as an ion conductor and as a cathode supplement.
2013-12-30 Taking new steps in rechargeable battery research
Researchers from U.S. DOE developed a way to microscopically view battery electrodes while they are bathed in wet electrolytes, mimicking realistic conditions inside actual batteries.
2002-10-03 Solicore, ICP end development pact
Solicore Inc. has ended a joint development agreement with solar energy products manufacturer ICP Global Technologies.
2002-01-22 Sanyo Electric, Samsung ink MOA on fuel-cell technology
Sanyo Electric Co. Ltd and Samsung Advanced Institute of Technology have entered into a memorandum of agreement for the development of fuel-cell technology.
2014-04-25 Li-ion battery transforms devices into ticking bombs
The cell contains lithium and ether electrolytea volatile combination that can result in combustion when overheated. Whereas a number of testing standards exist to mitigate this risk, a Li-ion battery must also find a balance between cell-balancing and temperature accuracy capabilities.
2004-12-16 Enabling CMOS-based DNA array chips
CMOS-based, fully-electronic DNA detection array chips offer cost and operational advantages over optical detection techniques.
2015-11-19 Clay shows promise in developing high-temp batteries
A unique combination of materials created at Rice University, including a clay-based electrolyte, may solve a problem for rechargeable Li-ion batteries geared for harsh environments.
2014-12-12 Battery maker targets 400Wh/kg Li-polymer energy density
Seeo enables the production of safer batteries by replacing the flammable liquid electrolytes of typical Li-ion cells with its non-flammable and non-volatile DryLyte solid polymer electrolyte.
2015-01-12 Aluminium-air battery uses salt water to recharge
The battery from Fuji Pigment boasts a modified structure that controls anode corrosion and by-product accumulation, which results in longer battery lifetime.
2002-05-31 United Chemi-con chip capacitors last 2,000h
The PXA series of chip capacitors from United Chemi-Con Inc. uses a solid functional polymer electrolyte. They last 2,000h at a maximum temperature of 1050C.
2002-05-22 Tyco battery stand integrates spill containment system
The Electro-Tyte flooded battery stand from Tyco Electronics Power Systems integrates a spill containment system into its design to prevent contact with electrolyte, and provide easier cleanup of acid spills and replacement of spill pans.
2014-05-26 The lowdown on batteries: Lithium thionyl chloride
This technology has limited emissions even under abusive conditions, unlike other battery technologies using liquids that produce a gas by-product. Unfortunately, the electrolyte is toxic and reacts with water.
2002-01-07 Taiwan's NSC wins three U.S. patents for lithium batteries
Taiwan's National Science Council (NSC) has received three U.S. patents for its polyurethane-based polymeric electrolyte, polymeric composite electrolyte and triple-polymer based composite electrolyte lithium batteries.
2007-09-18 Supercapacitors enable high-temperature operation
CAP-XX Ltd's new supercapacitors feature a higher-boiling-point electrolyte that extends the operating and storage temperature from 75C to 85C, and operating voltage to 5.5V.
2014-05-21 Supercapacitor promises better batteries, faster EVs
The supercapacitor utilises a graphene foam architecture based on ruthenium oxide. The foam electrode was found to work safely in aqueous electrolyte, and deliver two times more energy and power.
2003-09-26 Ritar batteries use silica gel
Shenzhen Ritar Power Co. Ltd has released its 2V and 12V Gel series of batteries that use silica gel to immobilize the electrolyte inside the product.
2014-12-08 Reversible ammonia cells harness waste heat as electricity
To harvest low-grade waste heat, Penn State researchers used an ammonia-based battery that consists of copper electrodes with ammonia added only to the anolyte, the electrolyte surrounding the anode.
2007-08-17 Researchers tout rechargeable paper battery
RPI researchers claim they have developed a paper-thin rechargeable battery by immersing a carpet of vertical nanotubes in an ionic liquid electrolyte, resulting in a cellulose paper that stores electrical energy.
2011-09-14 Polymer gel to enable cheaper Lithium batt
The gel contains 70 percent liquid electrolyte and promises to deliver smaller and lighter Lithium batteries.
2011-01-21 Oxford PV creates printable, low-cost solar cell
Oxford Photovoltaics’s solid-state dye-sensitized solar cells can be manufactured at low-cost and scaled to any volume. Replacing the liquid electrolyte with a solid organic semiconductor, the new technology enables entire solar modules to be screen printed onto glass or other surfaces.
2015-02-12 nanoFlowcell to unveil all-wheel drive prototype in Geneva
nanoFlowCell will showcase a successor to the Quant E: The Quant F, an all-wheel drive sedan with four electric motors, larger tanks for the electrolyte, a flow batterya hybrid from fuel cell and an electrochemical battery.
2014-04-10 Nanodots facilitate half-a-minute battery charging
The 'nanodots' developed by Israeli start-up StoreDot are derived from peptidesbio-organic materials that increase electrode capacitance and electrolyte performance. This yields batteries that can be fully charged in minutes rather than hours.
2011-12-27 Lithium-imide better than Li-ion for mobile devices
Lithium-imide electrolyte chemistry overcomes conventional Li-ion's energy density and durability hurdles.
2004-02-20 Japanese firms create switching tech for programmable LSI devices
NEC Corp., National Institute for Materials Science, and the Japan Science and Technology Agency have announced the development of a switching technology, called NanoBridge, that migrate metal atoms in a solid electrolyte to be able to manufacture programmable LSI devices.
2002-06-04 Whitener to help cut the cost of solar cells
Researchers from Bath University are developing an alternative solar technology to silicon, and have turned to a chemical more commonly found in coffee whitener and toothpaste.
2014-05-14 Wearable supercapacitor chalks up high energy density
The device packs a network of graphene and carbon nanotubes, storing energy comparable to thin-film lithium batteries. It has volumetric energy density of 6.3microwatt-hours per cubic millimetre.
2014-09-24 Waste to storage? Cigarette butts for storing energy
A material made from used cigarette filters can store higher amount of electrical energy than commercially available carbon and also had a higher amount of storage compared to graphene and carbon nanotubes.
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