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2002-08-29 Yonglin relay exhibit >1 gigaohm insulation resistance
The YL-220 series of electromechanical relays from Ningbo Yinxian Yonglin Electron Electrical Equip Co. Ltd exhibits an insulation resistance >1 gigaohms
2002-10-24 Yinxian Yonglin relay has 2A max switching current
The YL-101 electromechanical relay measures 15.4-by-10.4-by-11.8mm, weighs 4g, and has a maximum switching current of 2A.
2002-10-02 Yinxian relay features 240Vac max switching
Ningbo Yinxian's YL-227 series of electromechanical relays feature a maximum switching voltage of 110Vdc or 240Vac
2002-12-05 Wanjia electromechanical relay withstands 2.2kVac
The WJ184 series of electromechanical relays from Wenzhou Wanjia Electric Equipment Co. Ltd has a dielectric strength of 2.2kVac between coil
2002-01-30 Tyco time delay relay features eight timing modes
The AGASTAT 48K time delay relays have eight timing modes: on delay, off delay, interval, one shot, repeat, cycle on/off delay, on/interval and accumulating on.
2002-10-08 Tianbo relay dissipates 720mW
The HJQ-14F series of electromechanical relays from Ningbo Tianbo Ganglian Electronics Co. Ltd has a nominal voltage 3, 5, 6, 9, 12, 24, or 48Vdc and dissipates either 540mW or 720mW
2002-09-10 Tianbo electromechanical relays offer 8A switching current
The TRA3 series of electromechanical relays from Ningbo Tianbo Ganglian Electronics Co. Ltd has a maximum switching current of 8A and comes with 2A or 2C contact configuration
2003-02-04 Tianbo electromechanical relay has 15A switching current
The HJR-21FF series of electromechanical relays from Ningbo Tianbo Ganglian Electronics has a maximum switching voltage of 250Vac or 30Vdc
2001-09-13 Solid state relays versus electromechanical relays
This application note provides a comparison between solid-state relays and electromechanical relays
2015-04-23 Relay switches operate up to 10M life cycles
Fairview unveiled coaxial relay switches for high-speed broadband and millimetre-wave frequencies. The RF switches can be used for applications in military and commercial communications
2006-04-18 Relay maker eyes automotive market
Sanyou Electrical Appliances disclosed that it will be adding automotive components to its product line to enter the booming automotive electronics market.
2002-02-11 Omron relay offers 4.2mm, 3.6mm height profiles
The G6L single-pole relay features a height of 4.2mm (surface-mount version) and 3.8mm (PCB type), making it suitable for applications such as modems, measurement devices, as well as peripherals of slot machines and security devices
2002-07-03 LKR relay has 10A switching current
The JQX-13F-4Z electromechanical relay has a maximum switching voltage of 48Vdc or 250Vac, and maximum switching current of 10A.
2002-11-13 IR MOSFET replaces electromechanical relays
IR's IRF3000 n-channel power MOSFET is positioned as a replacement for electromechanical relays in networking apps
2004-09-23 HKE electromechanical relays rated at 400W
Zhejiang HKE has released its CMA32-DC12V-2A electromechanical relays, which feature a contact rating of 30A, 12Vdc
2002-04-29 Fujitsu rolls out 42V automotive micro relay
Fujitsu Components America Inc. has began sampling the 42V Micro 280 relay for use in automotive applications such as blower motors, fan motors, electric power steering systems, electric parking brake systems, and wiper motors
2003-05-05 Forward PCB-mounted relay suits household appliances
The NT78 PCB mounted relay from Ningbo Forward Relay Corp. Ltd measures 15.7-by-12.3-by-14mm and is suitable for use in household appliances
2005-08-02 Electromechanical relays rated at 30A
The 26.2-by-26.2-by-23.7mm HK-V5 electromechanical relays from Ningbo Yinzhou Huike Electron are available in 2A contact form
2002-08-28 Clare solid-state relay has output current limiter
Clare Inc.'s PAA140L optically-isolated, solid-state relay has an output current limit feature to drive the relay directly from logic signals without external components
2006-09-14 Tiny solid-state relay delivers bounce-free switching
Using an optical medium, Vishay's new miniature 1-Form-A solid-state relay provides clean, bounce-free switching for indoor security, instrumentation and industrial control systems
2005-05-23 Solid-state relay integrates current-limiting circuitry
Designed to replace electromechanical devices, a new current limiting, normally open, 1 Form A optically isolated solid-state relay (SSR) from Clare Inc., an IXYS company, saves board space while enhancing the performance of wireline-interface applications
2002-04-19 Simulating with SPICE: An electromechanical example
This application note describes how SPICE can be used to model a relay in detail
2006-02-22 Reed relay shrinks in size
Coto Technology said its 9852 ultra-miniature reed relay, housed in a 0.078-inch2 footprint, is the smallest Form C surface-mount device of this type
2007-07-30 Chip extends relay contact lifetime to over 1 million switches
Hendon's IES5541A IC enables electromechanical mains relays to achieve effective contact protection with minimal arcing and extended contact lifetime of up to 1 million switches
2005-06-14 HKE's electromechanical relays provides 120VA switching power
Zhejiang HKE Relay disclosed that it now offers its HRA signal relays in 1A, 1B or 1C contact configuration and have a rated power of 120VA or 30W
2002-05-13 Toshiba photorelays are noise-free
Toshiba Corp. has announced the availability of its line of photorelays that eliminate the use of mechanical contacts used by conventional relays, providing a reliable and noise-free operation.
2002-10-29 Tianbo miniature relays last >5 million operations
The TRJV series of PCB-mountable relays features a mechanical and electrical lifespan of >5 million operations and >100,000 operations, respectively.
2006-11-28 Solid-state relays promise highest insulation
Avago has unveiled three families of solid-state relays that promise the industry's highest insulation voltage in a miniature SO-4 package.
2003-01-09 IR microelectronic relays tout efficiency
The PVT412A series of MERs has two times more load current capability at 400V off state blocking than the company's previous MERs.
2005-01-26 Huaguan relays with 10A current rating
The JZC-33F electromechanical relays from Huaguan Electronics feature 1A or 1C contact arrangement and contact ratings of 5A, 250Vac or 30Vdc, or 10A, 125Vac
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