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2006-07-18 Vistec unrolls new electron beam lithography tool
Vistec announced it has already accepted orders for the new VB300 electron beam lithography tool targeting nano-lithography e-beam direct write and next-gen mask appslications.
2013-07-16 Understanding electron pairing in magnetic semiconductors
Researchers measured the energy required for electrons to pair up and how that energy varies with direction, and identified the factors needed for magnetically mediated superconductivity.
2009-03-03 Tokyo Electron, Oerlikon Solar team up for PV
Tokyo Electron (TEL), global supplier of semiconductor production equipment, has formed a strategic alliance with Oerlikon Solar, a supplier of thin-film silicon photovoltaic (PV) production equipment.
2007-03-07 Tokyo Electron, Nu Horizons ink distribution agreement
Tokyo Electron Device Ltd announced a global partnership agreement with Nu Horizons Electronics Corp. to distribute TED's inrevium brand line of Xilinx development boards and IP products.
2006-07-03 Tokyo Electron unveils probe mark analyzer
Tokyo Electron has released a new probing accuracy diagnosis system that is integrated with the company's 300mm fully automatic wafer prober.
2003-08-12 Tokyo Electron releases XML networking products
Tokyo Electron Ltd has announced that it has commenced the distribution of the XA35 XML Accelerator and X40 XML Security Gateway.
2012-08-15 Tokyo Electron acquires FSI International for $252.2 million
Tokyo Electron has offered to pay $6.20 per share, which represents a premium of 53.5 percent over the Aug. 10 closing price for FSI's common shares.
2003-01-06 Thermo Electron offers opto-devices under single brand name
Thermo Electron Corp. has joined all of its lasers and photonics offerings under the Spectra-Physics brand.
2003-12-22 Therma-Wave, Tokyo Electron partner on CD metrology developments
Therma-Wave Inc., a semiconductor metrology company, has received a multi-system, multi-million dollar order from Tokyo Electron (TEL). Under the terms of the order, Therma-Wave's advanced INTEGRA CD metrology products will be used with TEL's CLEAN TRACK ACT and CLEAN TRACK LITHIUS series of coater/developer products.
2005-07-05 Therma-Wave sells product line to Tokyo Electron
Therma-Wave Inc., a vendor of process control metrology systems, has agreed to sell its Compact Critical Dimension-integrated (CCD-i) product line to Tokyo Electron Ltd (TEL) for about $9.95 million.
2015-04-27 Testing limits: Sensor detects electron charge in nanoseconds
Researchers at the University of Cambridge created an electronic device that they say can detect the charge of a single electron in less than one microsecond.
2011-12-27 Terahertz pulse ups electron density by 1,000
Research findings may pave the way for the development of ultra- and high-efficiency photovoltaic cells.
2014-03-25 Strain tunes surface electron states of TIs
Surface electrons behave like massless Dirac particles in a similar way to electrons in graphene, which make TIs a prime platform for the realisation of solid state quantum computing devices.
2002-01-08 Startup aims cold-emission electron gun at CRTs
Extreme Devices Inc. is going after a prize that has eluded the big players in the display monitor industry for several decades: the use of cold-emission electron guns in the huge computer monitor and TV markets.
2004-01-20 Shipley, Grace Electron form exclusive agreement
Shipley Co. L.L.C. has signed an agreement with Grace Electron Corp. to broaden its circuit board product offerings to include substrate materials.
2002-01-08 Seoul Electron to begin development of 300mm wafer equipment
Seoul Electron Ltd will begin the development of rapid thermal processing (RTP) with the cooperation of Kostec Sys Co. Ltd.
2016-05-05 Scanning electron microscope offers resolution down to 1nm
The Apreo SEM from FEI is capable of resolution down to 1nm at 1kV without the need for beam deceleration, providing high performance on nearly any sample, even if it is tilted or topographic.
2006-02-07 Sales slide at Tokyo Electron on display weakness
Sales revenue and net income fell at Tokyo Electron Ltd (TEL) in the third fiscal quarter to Dec. 31, 2005, on declining sales of flat panel display making equipment.
2011-04-26 Quantum dots enable photon-electron coupling
Doped semiconductor quantum dots could enable coupling of photonic and electronic properties, impacting such areas as light harvesting, nonlinear optics and quantum information processing.
2004-02-09 NTT nanofabrication uses electron beam lithography
NTT's electron beam lithography system enables the fabrication of small three-dimensional structures.
2006-03-23 NTS, SIINT announce electron, ion-beam system alliance
Carl Zeiss Nano Technology Systems and SII NanoTechnology jointly announced a global strategic alliance in the electron and ion-beam systems, service and solutions market.
2006-02-07 Novel single-electron device formed, claims NIST
Engineers from NTT Corp. have produced a novel design of silicon transistor that is controlled by the motion of individual electrons, according to NIST.
2014-03-19 Nissan probes into electron activity to prolong battery life
Nisan, along with other researchers, has developed an analysis method to observe and monitor the active materials within electrodes for boosting the battery performance of zero emission EVs.
2015-03-17 New material tops silicon, graphene in electron mobility
Scientists recently discovered a new material believed to possess electron mobility that is 200 times greater than that of graphene and more than 1,700 times that of crystalline silicon.
2013-01-29 Low voltage scanning electron microscopy films
Here are examples where Agilent 8500 FE-SEM provides high resolution images of sensitive organic and biological samples.
2003-12-10 Jeelon Electron releases all-weather screen sensors
Shanghai Jeelon Electron Co. Ltd has released its all-weather screen sensors that are suitable for use in paper-cut, leather, wood, forge, and impact machines. The product has the ability of automatically stopping when there is no electricity and when outside objects intrude.
2010-08-12 Inhomogeneities in electron density enhance superconduction
Researchers at the US Energy Department's Oak Ridge National Laboratory working on room-temp superconductivity provide an explanation for the enhanced superconductivity of some materials in relation to others.
2013-01-30 Imaging graphene via scanning electron microscopy
Scanning electron microscopy is getting more popular for imaging graphene because it is a rapid, non-invasive and effective imaging technique complimentary to most other techniques.
2012-08-13 IBM Researchers observe electron waltz in semiconductors
Researchers from IBM and the university ETH have observed a persistent spin helix in semiconductors which could have implications for information storage and processing.
2006-09-07 Electron injector cuts display manufacturing costs
OLED-T's new patented electron injector makes deposition faster and reduces energy consumption, leading to significant savings in production overheads for display manufacturers.
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