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2011-08-08 Circuit protection units ease transition to new automotive technologies
Learn how circuit protection devices can address the challenges brought about by the demand for increased number of power components and high-data-rate connections in automotive designs.
2004-12-02 Cinch unveils new products for Electronic Control Units
Cinch announced a line of sealed headers and associated wire harness connectors designed for use in Electronic Control Units.
2004-02-16 Motor control MCUs target appliances
Microchip Technology introduces the four-member PIC18Fxx31 family of 28-pin and 40/44-pin 8bit MCUs aimed at motor control applications
2012-09-19 Choosing the right capacitors to ensure long-term control-circuit stability
Know how tantalum and niobium-oxide technologies meet industry needs for rugged capacitors that maintain high-performance standards even under stress.
2003-06-17 Ximei electronic tuner features 12C bus control
Radio Component Factory Wuxi has developed the two-in-one DTE Video electronic tuner that operates at 5V with a 12C bus control
2014-08-20 Toshiba integrates two ARM core units in smart meter MCU
Aside from the cores, the MCU implements tamper detection, failure detection and key security functions, enabling independent control of the measurement and communication units on one chip
2007-05-31 Small IGBT for flash control handles up to 200A
Renesas Technology Corp. introduces the RJP4004ANS, an IGBT designed for electronic flash (strobe) control in cameras built into cellphone and digital still cameras, which can handle up to 200A
2011-04-07 Power switch touts logic-level gate control
CISSOID introduces CHT-JUPITER, a high-temperature silicon carbide high-voltage switch with seamless gate control through a simple logic-level 0/5V
2007-06-01 PFC control circuit rolls for 75-800W apps
Texas Instruments Inc. introduces what it claims as the industry's first single-chip, interleaved, transition-mode PFC control circuit that helps lower power system cost and save energy in consumer applications
2004-02-17 Huaguan forward relays target electronic equipment
Ningbo Huaguan Electronics has released high sensitivity forward relays for household electrical appliances and electronic equipment
2015-09-02 Highlighting sustainability in the electronic supply chain
Awareness of the need for sustainability in the electronic supply chain is rising, and has to consider not only the carbon output at the point of production but through all the phases of transportation
2008-01-23 GUI MCU supports 'smart' control panel apps
Atmel has released the AT91SAM9RL64 MCU with high throughput and OS support to implement "smart" control panel applications that offers a robust interface to system control functions
2008-12-12 Electronic stability control systems' sales to rise
Despite the plunging demand for cars, electronic stability control (ESC) systems' sales are expected to continue to rise in the coming years. iSuppli reports that ESC systems will generate attractive opportunities for suppliers of MEMS sensors used in these systems
2009-02-24 Control boards fuse high performance, flexibility
LCR Electronics is offering a wide range of general purpose triac (triode for alternating current) control boards that combine low pricing with high quality performance
2010-04-26 Ballast control IC eases HID lighting design
International Rectifier has developed a full-featured high-intensity discharge (HID) electronic ballast control IC for low-, medium- and high-power general purpose industrial HID applications
2011-08-17 U.S. beefs up control of fake chips in supply chain
An analysis of the U.S. government's effort to curb down fake chips, particularly from China, reveals a much serious problem within the supply chain and the country's important installations.
2008-01-17 Ecosystem control is key in high-def DVD war
Warner Bros.' switch from the HD DVD camp to Blu-ray Disc underscores that the high-def DVD format battle lies not only on the technology but taking control of the ecosystem
2013-07-22 Virtual design, verification for e-Mobility
Learn how to address many of the emerging engineering challenges that carmakers now face.
2010-01-26 Vector, TTTech tie-up for ECU software
Vector and TTTech Automotive have forged a partnership for the development and sales of standard software modules for car electronic control units (ECUs).
2013-12-05 Updating automotive ECUs over-the-air
Find out how to get the growing amount of software in vehicles under control, reduce the costs and raise customer satisfaction at the same time
2012-02-16 Security issues in next-gen automotive electronics
With the remote connectivity now made possible by telematics, critical systems could be maliciously infiltrated by exploiting vulnerabilities in the car's embedded systems.
2011-08-24 NXP releases CAN partial networking solutions
NXP's partial networking solution shows intelligent control over electronic control units, resulting to energy efficiency.
2007-04-03 LDO cuts power draw in automotive ECUs
Rohm has announced the development of a high-reliability, 50V/500mA LDO regulator IC suitable for use with MCUs and memory in automotive ECUs.
2002-02-15 IR, Valeo codevelop power modules for automotive apps
International Rectifier and Valeo have entered into a long-term strategic alliance to jointly develop power electronic modules for use in automotive applications
2006-01-17 IPD enables enable smaller, lighter ECUs
NEC announced an intelligent power device designed for on-board electronic control units supporting applications such as headlights, anti-lock braking systems and air conditioners.
2007-03-19 Infineon, Hyundai partner on car electronics
Infineon Technologies AG and Hyundai Motor Company are working together for the development of automotive electronics.
2006-05-05 Infineon opens Chinese automotive lab
Infineon Technologies has opened an automotive electronics lab in collaboration with Tianjin University, China.
2002-05-21 Honda, NEC to hike stake in Nestec
Honda Motor Co. Ltd and NEC Corp. have reached a general agreement regarding the shifting of NEC's vehicle electronic control unit operations into the Honda group
2015-02-23 Grasping architectures for ISO 26262 systems
OS architecture is crucial in an ISO 26262 system as it is fundamental to overall system dependability and it determines how easy it is to protect components with different or equivalent ASIL requirements.
2008-11-24 Freescale, Synerject rev up performance of Ducati bikes
Freescale is powering Synerject's new family of M3 ECUs, designed for motorcycles, such as the 2009 Ducati Monster 696.
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