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2005-03-23 Controllers with enhanced features
Selco/ECC's new 2698 and 2699 cold/hot controllers offer enhanced functions for sensing and control of heating, cooling and humidity in a variety of products
2011-03-14 USB 3.0 host controllers speed transfers, cut power use
Renesas'?PD720201 and?PD720202 SuperSpeed USB 3.0 xHCI host controllers add a new four-port product to the Renesas Electronics USB lineup for electronic devices such as PCs and DTVs.
2010-11-12 Touchscreen controllers with proximity sensing to 10cm
Semtech capacitive touchscreen controller ICs boast long-range sensing, small footprint, and support for array of sensor panels
2002-12-19 SRE develops controllers for Ballard
CVF Technologies Corp. has completed a controller project for Ballard Power Systems.
2003-08-20 Slow growth seen for industrial temperature controllers
According to VDC, the worldwide market for industrial electronic temperature controllers is expected to grow at a CAGR of 1.4 percent.
2004-09-14 SigmaTel GoChip controllers support Renesas, Toshiba
SigmaTel Inc. has disclosed that its STBD2011 GoChip USB flash drive controllers support Renesas Technology's MLC AG-AND and Toshiba Corp's MLC NAND flash, providing substantial improvements in storage density and system cost
2007-03-09 PFC controllers enable efficient power supplies
ON Semiconductor has announced the expansion of its PFC controller portfolio. The four new devices enable the development of highly efficient power supplies that meet emerging global energy efficiency and power factor standards.
2004-05-10 Linear develops standards-compliant PoE controllers
Linear Technology has launched two quad PoE controllers that are compliant with the nascent IEEE802.3af specification
2004-07-15 Infineon chip card controllers provide foolproof security
Infineon announced that it will be offering new chip card controllers for improved security of electronic identity cards and passports.
2005-12-07 Freescale unveils new FlexRay controllers
Freescale Semiconductor announced integrated and stand-alone FlexRay controllers that are based on the latest FlexRay version 2.1 protocol
2007-02-16 Embedded controllers 'first' to support IR, SPI
Winbond Electronics Corp. is rolling out two embedded controllers that it calls the world's 'first' to support both IR and SPI flash
2004-04-26 Digital Electronic presents Matrix products at CSF
During the China Sourcing Fair: Electronics & Components, Shenzhen Digital Electronic Ltd Corp. presented its Matrix products, camcorder and dividers
2007-06-18 Controllers support Vista SideShow feature
Winbond Electronics Corp. introduces a range of new SideShow-enabled concept devices, created using Winbond controllers and prototyped by Ricavision for Microsoft, wirelessly connected to a PC
2015-08-06 Consumer electronic sensors market to log $34.57B by 2022
Grand View Research revealed that the increasing proliferation of smartphones and tablets on a global level is seen to boost demand over the forecast period.
2005-04-01 Automotives drive hybrid controllers
Hybrid digital signal controllers buckle up inside modern cars and carry functionalities like MCUs with processing power like DSPs
2011-09-15 Atmel releases IEC/EN 60730-certified touch controllers
MCU and touch solutions provider Atmel Corp. has released a family of IEC/EN 60730-certified QTouch capacitive touch controllers for the growing home appliance market
2007-04-20 3-axis electronic compass targets pedestrian navigation in cellphones
AKM has completed development of the AK8973S, one of the smallest and thinnest 3-axis electronic compass designed for pedestrian navigation systems in cellphones, personal navigation devices and video game controllers.
2015-03-24 Top 5 problems with programmable logic controllers
PLC's duties are crucial for complex processes. However, like most things in life, they can be both advantageous and disadvantageous. Read this article to discover what can possibly go wrong.
2004-11-02 Micrel power controllers eye telecom, datacom apps
Micrel announced two new 48V Hot-Swap Power Controller products that are aimed at the telecommunications, datacom and instrumentation infrastructure equipment markets.
2007-11-16 Digital PFC tech in AC/DC controllers halves energy use
Marvell Technology has announced a digital PFC technology for power supplies that reduces energy by about fifty percent.
2002-08-14 Winland to provide system control to Select
Select Comfort has allowed Winland Electronics Inc. to provide them with new product introduction, product manufacturing, test, and repair services.
2015-05-20 Capacitors survive extreme down-hole drilling conditions
Read about capacitors that can withstand the harshest environmental conditions observed in the oil exploration and production industry.
2002-08-01 WEDC DDR SDRAM occupies less board space
White Electronic Designs has released 128MB DDR SDRAM MCPs that are designed to complement high performance memory controllers.
2013-12-05 Updating automotive ECUs over-the-air
Find out how to get the growing amount of software in vehicles under control, reduce the costs and raise customer satisfaction at the same time.
2007-07-16 Tools simplify FlexRay designs
The right choice of tools can ease the design of a complex FlexRay system. Within minutes, a system can be configured and ready for download to target hardware.
2002-08-26 TNE variable resistors last 1 million cycles
The XV09411XX series of carbon-film, rotary-type variable resistors from Taiwan Noble Electronic Co. Ltd is claimed to last 1 million cycles
2008-02-01 Steer the wheels with microcontrollers
A wide range of different car types is equipped with an electromechanical power steering system. But what kind of functionality is involved in implementing electronic power-assisted steering systems
2004-02-25 Software standards seen aiding auto complexity
Increasingly complex electronics has as one of its side effects decreasing quality and reliability. This paradox has been the problem of automotive developers.
2008-07-04 Series promises complete digital motion control solution
ACS Motion Control has developed a family of motion control modules that provide a complete, high-performance, all digital motion control solution.
2002-08-06 ON Semiconductor to expand wireless product line
ON Semiconductor has launched a campaign to expand its presence in the portable and wireless markets.
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