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2009-06-03 Taiwan firm buys e-paper supplier for $215M
Taiwan supplier of small- and medium-sized displays Prime View International (PVI) is set to acquire electronic paper display technology pioneer E Ink Corp.
2010-12-16 MCU maximizes e-paper performance, boost energy-efficiency
Seiko Epson's S1C17F57 offers 16-bit microcontroller power with a built-in driver optimized for small- and medium-sized segmented e-paper displays or EPDs. The device not only drives the display, but also corrects temperature effects which may distort the display image maximizing the characteristics of an e-paper
2007-05-16 LG.Philips comes out with A4 color e-paper
LG.Philips LCD has introduced a color 14.1-inch e-paper display equivalent in size to an A4 sheet of paper
2005-03-28 Intel invests in electronic paper display startup
E Ink Corp., a developer of electronic paper display technology, announced that Intel Capital has invested an undisclosed amount in the company.
2006-04-06 Hitachi, Bridgestone partner in marketing electronic paper displays
Hitachi and Bridgestone have reached a basic agreement to mutually cultivate the market for electronic paper display solutions and to strive towards the commercial application of the displays.
2016-05-03 Graphene e-paper promises brighter display, durability
China develops the world's first graphene electronic paper in a bid to create more pliable and brighter optical displays for e-readers and wearables.
2008-12-12 Get ready for affordable, flexible electronic displays
HP and the Flexible Display Center at Arizona State University have announced the first prototype of affordable, flexible electronic displays. Flexible displays are paper-like computer displays made almost entirely of plastic. This technology enables displays to become easily portable and consumes less power than today's computer displays.
2005-07-15 Fujitsu shows 'electronic paper' display
Fujitsu has developed a display, which is a film-based flexible color display and which has non-volatile capability being able to maintain an image without a power supply.
2011-05-30 Electronic paper offers 4x wider color reproduction
Ricoh achieved a display of color still images with about 2.5x brighter and 4x wider color reproduction range compared with presently commercialized color electronic paper technologies.
2006-09-18 E-paper display rolls for handset markets
Tapping a new display technology, Motorola's 9mm-thick Motofone uses an electrophoretic displayan ultrathin, low-power display often referred to as electronic paper.
2010-05-13 E-books boost e-paper display shipments in '09
The popularity of e-books, particularly Amazon's Kindle, propelled electronic paper display (EPD) shipments to 5 million units in 2009, up 417 percent from 950 thousand in 2008.
2007-08-22 Drivers roll for electronic paper displays
Dialog Semiconductor Plc has launched a new range of display drivers and evaluation kits to support electronic paper segmented displays from E Ink Corp.
2010-10-29 Controller platform sharpens e-paper output
Seiko Epson Corp. has developed a display controller platform that integrates application processor, system power management IC, firmware and the company's image processing technology.
2008-04-21 Chip brings e-paper display to interactive apps
E Ink and Seiko Epson have jointly developed an e-paper display controller that they claim breaks the speed bottleneck that has stood in the way of e-paper's use for interactive applications
2014-08-14 Sweat to power electronic devices
Biobatteries offer certain advantages over conventional batteries: They recharge more quickly, use renewable energy sources, and are safer because they do not explode or leak toxic chemicals.
2014-11-19 Sheet of electronics: Printing memory on paper
What once used as a medium for disseminating information is now being explored as a material for printed electronics. Researchers say paper has a lot of potential as a low-cost surface for printing electronic circuits.
1999-06-29 Power management solution for portable electronic products
This paper examines typical power management requirements from a broad range of portable electronic devices, to analyze the technological trends in peripheral device development and their impact to power management requirements.
2011-08-16 Photonic chip to replace electronic chips
Researchers at the California Institute of Technology and the University of California, San Diego have discovered a way to prevent light signals on a silicon chip from reflecting backwards and interfering with its operation.
2006-05-09 Paper, OLED display sales to reach $10.2B in 2011
Combined sales of OLED and paper-like displays will reach $10.2 billion by 2011 and $14.7 billion by 2013, according to a report from NanoMarkets LC
2004-10-18 Paper outlines consumer trends
Consumer Electronics Outlook: China is the third in a series of annual China-focused reports that examine the performance of mainland China's industry.
2011-05-31 Graphene arrays to aid in electronic IC fabrication
Purdue University researchers have demonstrated a method for creating single-crystal arrays of graphene that could be used to fabricate commercial electronic devices and ICs
2009-10-22 Flexible e-paper reaches 100mm curved radius
Incorporating a plastic substrate, the e-paper display can be repeatedly bent, allowing it to match the functionality of real paper
2009-05-25 e-Paper market to reach $2.1B by 2015
Displaybank projects the e-Paper market to grow from $70 million in 2008 to $2.1 billion in 2015 and $7 billion by 2020representing a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of approximately 47 percent
2007-07-09 E-paper display features improved color brightness
Nemoptic has launched a new version of color e-paper displays designed for electronic shelf labels, PoS terminals, e-newspapers, e-magazines and electronic toys.
2002-07-08 E Ink, TOPPAN, Philips yield color display with electronic ink
E Ink Corp., TOPPAN Printing Ltd and Royal Philips Electronics have jointly developed a high-resolution, active-matrix color display with electronic ink
1999-06-29 Designing in dual battery chemistry systems in portable electronic products
The paper reviews the different primary and rechargeable battery chemistry systems that are commercially available and outlines both the benefits and limitations of each. The paper also reviews the trends in components in the electronic industry, their changes in power consumption, and their effects on the high-tech device category.
2015-03-20 Cooler, faster way to grow electronic-grade graphene
Caltech researchers developed a faster method, at room temperature, an innovative technique to produce graphene, paving the way for commercially feasible graphene-based products.
2014-10-17 Boost thermal management of electronic systems
Find out how accurate compact thermal models of three-die power packages can be used to improve the thermal management of electronic systems
2014-01-21 Atmel, PDI develop EPD Xplained Pro e-Paper shield
Atmel and Pervasive Displays have developed an e-Paper shield called EPD Xplained Pro dedicated to Atmel MCU Xplained Pro kits
2010-07-30 Analysis: a rebuttal of Micron's paper on phase-change memory
Former editor-in-chief of Electronic Engineering Ronald Neale questions the views of Micron's Greg Atwood on phase-change memory
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