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2006-12-07 Electronic polymer market to grow by 14.5% until 2008
Global demand for conductive electronic polymer products will expand by 14.5 percent per year until 2008, reported Frost & Sullivan
2012-05-30 Counterfeit electronics parts at record high
ERAI reports that counterfeiting of electronics parts is at a high, with a counterfeit part made every 15 seconds
2012-05-24 Conference finds fake electronics parts problem growing
Electronics industry participants, information providers, standards organizations, defense contractors and distributors discussed the growing problem of counterfeit and fraudulent electronics devices at the 2012 ERAI Executive Conference.
2014-10-17 Boost thermal management of electronic systems
Find out how accurate compact thermal models of three-die power packages can be used to improve the thermal management of electronic systems
2015-08-26 Altium to acquire electronic parts content, search providers
The company plans to buy Octopart and Ciiva in hopes of expanding its product offering to include an integrated content strategy for enhanced component management workflows.
2010-09-16 Using LSM303DLH for a tilt compensated electronic compass
This application note describes the method for building a tilt compensated electronic compass using an LSM303DLH sensor module
2015-03-13 Thin cooling device targets compact electronic devices
A loop heat pipe is a heat-transfer device that consists of an evaporator that absorbs heat from the heat source and a condenser that dissipates that heat away.
2007-10-18 Special Report: Counterfeit parts, legitimate woes
This is the first half of a two-part special report by Semicondutor Insights that aims to expose the prevalence of counterfeit devices coming in over the past few years, which could indicate an alarming trend.
2005-06-13 South Korea technology-based parts makers dominate market
Although South Korea's material and substance industry lags behind more advanced countries, some makers, such as Jahwa Electronics, Changsung and Bosan Hitech, are leading the global market in substance and component market of their specialty.
2005-05-20 South Korea electronic component makers move out
Following the footsteps of major consumer electronics makers, such as Samsung Electronics and LG Electronics, an increasing number of their electronic components and substance suppliers in South Korea are moving to overseas markets
2005-05-10 South Korea electronic chip makers move to overseas markets
Following the footsteps of major consumer electronics makers, such as Samsung Electronics and LG Electronics, an increasing number of their electronic components and substance suppliers in South Korea are moving to overseas markets
2014-10-17 Singapore electronic exports suffer sluggish growth
Electronic exports fell 4 per cent on-year in September, following the 6.9 per cent decline in the previous month. The decrease was largely due to parts of PCs falling by 25.1 per cent, ICs by 5.5 per cent) and disc drives by 11.7 per cent.
2008-02-11 Putting the system in electronic system design
The narrow scope of most ESL approaches and tools has limited their adoption. A more encompassing methodology, one that steps beyond the SoC, is needed to dramatically reduce time, cost and errors in complex system development.
2014-05-08 POET integrates electronic, optical elements in one chip
The Planar Opto Electronic Technology (POET) platform is semiconductor fabrication process that uses gallium arsenide technology to combine electronic and optical elements on a single integrated circuit
2012-06-11 MEMS gas flow sensors do without moving parts
MEMSIC's MFA1100R gas flow sensor module uses a precise differential temperature measurement to determine flow rate without any moving parts in the system
2016-05-13 Lego-like electronic bricks redefines 'playing with blocks
The chrome-plated bricks from Brixo Smart Toys can conduct electricity, integrate active parts such as LED lights, motor blocks, and even sound, light and proximity sensors
2009-11-26 LED drivers cut power use in electronic signage
STMicroelectronics brings to market a new series of highly accurate LED drivers with automatic power saving.
2004-05-27 IR control IC eyes electronic transformers
International Rectifier disclosed that it has developed the first intelligent control IC designed for electronic transformers that drive low voltage halogen lamps
2015-10-26 Impact of wearables, IoT on electronic design
Today's IoT and wearable products must deliver ever-increasing capabilities in smaller packages with more aerodynamic shapes. Engineers will need all the help they can get.
2003-06-09 Hongming Electronic builds plant in Chengdu
Chengdu Hongming Electronic Co. Ltd has established a manufacturing facility in Chengdu Longquan Economic and Technological Development Zone
2009-03-12 Digging up a mechanical, electronic beauty
Here is a teardown of a Sperry Flight Systems Vertical Gyro, a surplus from a Boeing 747 aircraft and a strikingly beautiful piece of mechanical and electronic craftsmanship
2002-02-16 Designing electronic equipment for ESD immunity
The first of two parts, this technical article exhaustively discuss the essential requirements for preventing and fighting ESD in electronic equipment.
2007-10-25 Counterfeit parts: Baiting the trap (Part 2
This half concludes the two-part report by Semicondutor Insights that aims to expose the alarming prevalence of counterfeit devices in the supply chain.
2006-09-26 China's electronic component import/export jumps 31% in 1H
The Ministry of Information Industry in mainland China reports that import and export of electronic components in the first half of the year jumped by 31.4 percent to $32.4 billion
2005-01-19 Sipex targets RS485 with 3V parts
Sipex announced a new family of nine 3V RS485 transceivers with very low power consumption and high ESD.
2002-02-22 Ashland electronic chemical plants receive QS 9000 certification
Ashland Specialty Chemical Co., a division of Ashland Inc., has received QS 9000 certification for its manufacturing plants located in Pennsylvania, Colorado, and South Korea. These plants produce wet-process chemicals and photoresist strippers for the semiconductor industry.
2005-05-20 Mainland China accelerates adoption of lead-free manufacturing
With the RoHS and WEEE regulations scheduled to take effect in July next year, makers of electronic components across mainland China are stepping up the adoption of lead-free manufacturing
2007-08-10 Who will be Asia's most outstanding manufacturer?
A total of 211 entries will be competing for the most outstanding product manufactured in Asia at the upcoming Global Sources Electronics Design Awards.
2002-03-25 Views of IC quality are clearly different at ISQED
The opening plenary session of the International Symposium on Quality Electronic Design inadvertently reenacted the proverb of the blind men and the elephant
2013-10-08 Uses of copper barrier capacitors in medical field
Read about the growing demand for capacitors for use in a various medical devices.
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