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2006-06-29 Philips, Nokia, others launch mobile payment trial in China
Philips announced the launch of China's near field communication trial together with Nokia, China Mobile's Xiamen Office and Xiamen e-Tong Card.
2008-05-07 NFC readies to crack market
Security and software complexity as well as vested interests surrounding NFC have kept the technology from making its way into commercial applicationsuntil now.
2013-07-22 Virtual design, verification for e-Mobility
Learn how to address many of the emerging engineering challenges that carmakers now face.
2009-11-04 OTI to supply readers for China ePassports
The award comes after testing the product performance, security, durability, communications and personalization.
2012-08-17 Infineon to supply secure chip tech for e-passport program
The company revealed that the U.S. Government Printing Office awarded the company a new contract to supply security chip technology embedded in the U.S. electronic passport
2004-04-20 Factory closures, price hikes predicted amid VAT rebate cut
Electronic components manufacturers predict adverse effects due to the reduction of value-added tax (VAT) rebates
2002-08-12 China downplays new format's challenge to DVD
A Chinese government-backed research developing next-generation video-disk technology has reported progress on a new format called Enhanced Versatile Disk.
2011-05-31 Google, NXP unveils Google Wallet
Google together with NXP has unveiled Google Wallet, an open platform enabling mobile transactions using NXP's near-field communication technology.
2011-05-31 Google, NXP unveil Google Wallet
Google, together with NXP, has unveiled Google Wallet, an open platform enabling mobile transactions using NXP's near-field communication technology.
2008-09-30 Visa-Nokia solidifies further mobile payment project
Visa Inc. and Nokia will jointly deliver Visa payment and payment-related services, including contactless payments, remote payments, money transfer, alerts and notifications, for Nokia's next-generation handsets
2009-05-14 ST8004: Smart card interface
The ST8004 is a smart card interface designed to minimize the microprocessor hardware and software complexity in all the applications that need a smart card, such as STBs, electronic payments, pay TV and identification.
2008-01-15 ABI: NFC progress 'slower than expected'
Although long-term prospects remain promising for contactless technology, ABI reports that deployments in transportation ticketing and electronic payments is making slower progress than anticipated.
2016-02-04 Smartwatch sales to approach $11.5B in 2016
Gartner predicted that 274.6 million wearable electronic devices will be sold globally this year, an increase of 18.4 per cent from 232 million units in 2015
2008-08-26 New batch of wireless wallets, anyone?
Intel's People and Practices Research group has been for the last year pondering the electronic infrastructure needed to support a new generation of wireless wallets
2004-12-13 Too many radios, too little cell space
Cellphone makers are about to find out how many radios they can squeeze into a handset.
2008-02-18 ST debuts fully integrated NFC SoC
ST has announced a new fully integrated secure SoC solution implemented in advanced silicon technology for the fast-emerging NFC market.
2010-10-18 NXP to test ATOP-based automotive telematics system in Singapore
NXP Semiconductors building 3.5G automotive-qualified telematics solution for traffic management
2009-01-28 Maxim gains Innova, advances secure MCU tech
Maxim Integrated Products has acquired Innova Card, a privately held, fabless semiconductor company focusing on advanced secure microcontroller technology for financial terminals.
2008-06-16 Break the barriers to greater innovation
Innovation has propelled the semiconductor industry. In its quest for greater innovation, the industry faces three main challenges.
2008-10-23 'Smart' car key prototype introduced
BMW Group Research and Technology and NXP Semiconductors have unveiled a prototype of what they claim is the world's first multifunctional car key.
2014-09-24 Unwanted plus: Bigger iPhone 6 pricier to buy than to build
With an 0.8-inch display size advantage over the smaller model, iPhone 6 Plus costs $100 extra for consumers. For Apple, however, the difference only amounts to a matter of $16, with a BOM that totals $215.6a pricing strategy that drives maximum profits.
2012-01-03 Top smartphone trends of 2011
As we begin the new year, it is worth recording some of the more significant episodes that left their mark on the mobile market in 2011.
2011-09-08 ST strengthens NFC offerings, offers Android compatibility
STMicroelectronics has announced the availability of new consumer conveniences through the combination of a strengthened dual-interface EEPROM and Android compatibility.
2015-03-23 Smartphones gain novel apps using digital ID, NFC
NXP's acquisition of Athena has allowed it to develop secure solutions across a multitude of applications that include IoT, industry 4.0, automotive and identification.
2011-04-26 Shipment of GPS-enabled handsets increased by 97%
A report from Berg Insight shows a growth in the global shipment of GPS-enabled GSM/WCDMA handsets by 97 percent in 2010.
2012-01-18 Semiconductors and the world's energy crisis
The dramatic increase in the number of people around the world using power and the number of power-hungry devices we use calls for a big change in the world's approach to electrical power.
2009-05-08 RFID market to enjoy 11% growth despite downturn
Positive signs are beginning to appear and forecasts suggest that even with the ailing automotive vertical included, the RFID market should see 11 percent growth between 2009 and 2010.
2010-09-15 Qualcomm says no NFC yet
An acquisition in 2009 looked like Qualcomm's way into NFC, but the company says that its NFC engineers are mostly working on software and handset makers need to go to other vendors for NFC chips.
2007-08-10 Producers challenge authorities on WEEE directives
Producers are challenging authorities in the courts regarding legal action for non-compliance to the WEEE directive in at least two EU member states, Germany and the Netherlands.
2006-08-01 Philips exec sees 3C convergence in China
As senior director and technical support manager for Greater China, Charles Wang manages the entire technical support function of Greater China for Philips Semiconductors.
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