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2010-04-06 Automotive industry drives to recovery
Despite a steep hill for vehicle manufacturers to climb, the future looks bright for system makers with several electronic systems that look likely to see continued increasing demand.
2010-07-09 Automotive IC market to hit $19.33B this year
The automotive semiconductor market is expected to grow 23.5 percent in 2010 to $19.334 billion, after declining 21.7 percent in 2009 to $15.661 billion, according to Gartner
2010-01-20 Automotive IC market to hit $18.4B this year
The global market for automotive semiconductors is set to rise 16 percent in 2010 to reach $18.4 billion, according to Semicast Research Ltd, recovering almost all of the ground lost in 2009
2015-07-30 Automotive IC market enjoys growth in China
While the growth rate for vehicle shipments in China has slowed in recent years, the market still requires an increasing number of higher performing chips to power automotive applications
2009-03-13 Automotive head unit gains traction
Several announcements recently target the same direction: The automotive head unit. There are reasons why this computer will be a highly competitive place
2005-05-23 Automotive electronics: safety, security, and ... entertainment
Telematics services are struggling because consumers are hesitant to spend money to deal with a one-time security event, such as a breakdown or a theft.
2011-12-23 Automotive connectors operate from -40C to 85C
The MX34R Series from JAE touts 50 mating cycles and 100M? (min) insulation resistance.
2011-01-17 Automotive connectors evolve to meet EV demands
Learn about the various factors that shaped the evolution of the automotive connectors
2005-01-28 Automotive apps seen driving chip development
This decade will see unprecedented growth in auto electronics content of an automobile, according to a new study
2005-05-10 Automotive applications will demand more mixed signal ASICs, firm says
Demand for mixed signal devices is increasing in the growing $2.4 billion automotive ASIC sector, according to research and consulting firm Strategic Analytics
2010-09-27 Automotive app users to reach 28M by 2015
The worldwide figure of automotive application users will grow from just under 1.4 million in 2010 to over than 28 million in 2015, ABI Research predicts
2010-11-02 Automotive accelerometer works on 3 axes
STMicroelectronics outs robust, high-performance 3-axis low-g accelerometer for automotive applications
2006-09-12 austriamicro joins Japan's automotive software consortium
austriamicrosystems has become a full member of Japan Automotive Software Platform Architecture consortium, a standards body that specializes in automotive electronic devices
2006-04-13 Audio DSPs target low-cost home, automotive apps
Texas Instruments has launched the latest versions of its Aureus generation of audio DSPs.
2011-03-01 Asian electronics growth boosts connector demand
Electronics Demand is being driven by technology-advanced features consumers want, pent-up demand for new infrastructure and the thrust toward sustainability. And Asia is the center of major engagements
2005-07-12 Artisan Software joins Automotive open systems architecture
Artisan Software Tools Inc. has become an associate member of the Automotive Open Systems Architecture (Autosar) development partnership, the company said Friday (July 8
2013-10-28 ARMv8-R geared for automotive, industrial control apps
The ARMv8-R architecture is intended for real-time embedded processors for use in automotive electronics and other integrated safety and control applications.
2008-03-03 Analyst: Auto electronics poised for growth till 2013
The automotive electronics market is forecasted to grow at an annual rate of 9 percent for a total of $173.7 billion by 2013, according to the report titled "2008 Automotive Semiconductors" from research network and publishing company Publications.
2007-06-06 Analysis: Safety apps rev automotive chip market
In its recent study, Strategy Analytics reported that safety applications are the largest growth driver in the automotive chip market
2008-03-17 Altera's automotive aspirations
Altera Corp. is entering the automotive electronics space in a big way. Robert Blake, VP of the automotive and consumer business unit, spoke with EE Times Asia about their automotive solutions.
2008-02-22 Altera zooms in on automotive electronics
Providing a platform for innovation in the automotive electronics market, Altera will begin shipping automotive-grade devices for selected members of its CPLD, FPGA and structured ASIC device families.
2005-05-17 Alp introduces FM/AM tuners for automotive apps
With the TFTC7 series, ALPS Electric offers a family of compact, low-profile automotive AM/FM tuners, boasting high sensitivity of -1dB? and high S/N ratio of 66dB
2010-11-15 Accelerometers for automotive airbags
STMicroelectronics introduced a new family of high-g acceleration sensors for advanced airbag systems. These micro devices pick up rapid deceleration of the vehicle during a collision and relay instantaneous information to the airbag control unit.
2010-11-05 A*STAR funds new automotive projects
The Singapore consortium welcomes eight new members to research car communications and safety; connected car and infotainment; precision engineering and materials; electronics; and electric vehicles
2007-06-15 60/40-type encoder targets automotive electronics
Panasonic Electronic Devices Co. Ltd delivers the new 60/40-type center space encoder with an outer diameter of 60mm and an inner diameter of 40mm as control devices used for automotive electronics applications.
2011-08-15 4Gb NOR flash targets graphics, automotive apps
Spansion has announced what it claims as the industry's first 4Gb NOR flash memory that delivers high-quality and fast read performance for gaming applications.
2007-03-28 32Mbit NOR flash is certified for automotive apps
STMicroelectronics has added a new 32Mbit device to its line of NOR flash products for automotive electronics.
2006-12-15 16Kbit FRAM meets stringent automotive benchmarks
Ramtron's 16Kbit, 5V, SPI FRAM memory device has been qualified to AEC-Q100 standards.
2009-07-23 100V ceramic capacitors handle automotive apps
TDK Electronics has developed a new generation of 100V-rated ceramic chip capacitors that offers the high level of capacitance for mid-voltage applications in devices half the size of their predecessors
2007-11-09 Ion-mask' tech keeps moisture off electronics
U.K. startup P21 has announced a technology that it claims be the latest weapon for electronics companies to prevent moisture ingress from high humidity, rain or accidental immersion in water
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