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2013-12-02 Miniature factory geared to revolutionize industry
Fraunhofer scientists constructed a miniature factory, including a small robot that moves barrels, to demonstrate cyber-physical equivalency.
2015-10-28 Mergers in tech industry sees no sign of stopping
The tech industry has sent out tens of thousands of pink slips in the past year related to a mix of mergers, market slowdowns and corporate woes
2013-12-10 Memory vendors outperform industry in 2013
Worldwide semiconductor revenue totaled $315.4 billion in 2013, a 5.2 percent increase from 2012 revenue of $299.9 billion, according to Gartner.
2007-11-20 Marvell paints electronics 'green
Scoring its initial win in the green arena, Marvell earlier this month announced a digital PFC technology for power supplies, which the company claims could raise power efficiencies in computing applications, such that it could actually cut in half power generation.
2014-09-19 Malaysia electronics factories perpetuate servitude
A study by a U.S.-based labour organisation found that one-third of Malaysia's electronics factory workers are unable to pay recruitment fees that often exceeded legal and industry standards.
2004-08-06 Mainland China LCD industry on fast track to growth
Mainland China's LCD industry is expected to continue flourishing. Local manufacturers Shanghai SVA NEC Liquid Crystal Display Ltd and BOE Technology Group Co. Ltd have started construction of 5G TFT-LCD production lines
2003-02-21 M-Wave to supply PCBs to CE Electronics
CE Electronics Inc. has entered a three-year supply chain management agreement with M-Wave Inc. though its Virtual Manufacturing business unit
2007-08-27 Low-ESR devices roll for portable electronics
Kemet has expanded its small case size low-ESR solutions with the addition of three new B Case offerings available with maximum ESR values of 25m.
2014-10-24 Looking ahead: China's 5-year plan for semicon industry
The country's 13th five-year plan will begin in 2016 and end in 2021. The air is already abuzz with what those long-term goals will be and, perhaps more importantly, how the Chinese plan to finish off the 2011 to 2015 period.
2004-05-14 Local talents propel India's tech industry
As more multinational companies settle their investments in India, the demand for more capable and qualified manpower will also increase.
2003-12-09 Link by link, China crafts its industry
An ultra-modern IC design center here is slated to become a hub of creativity, one of several sources that will seed China's domestic design firms.
2006-05-29 Linear motor claims industry's smallest size
New Scale Technologies Inc. touts its latest Squiggle motor is the industry's smallest motor in a 1.5-by-1.5-by-6mm footprint
2004-03-08 Ligitek Electronics to expand SMD-LED capacity
Ligitek Electronics Co. Ltd is expected to triple its monthly capacity for SMD-LED lamps from three million to 10 million units this month
2010-03-17 Lighting initiative to drive flexible electronics
The PLACE-it initiative aims to realize an industrial platform for thin, lightweight and flexible optoelectronics systems that will create unique opportunities for on-body healthcare applications.
2012-08-31 LG Electronics, TP Vision, Toshiba expand Smart TV Alliance
Qualcomm and MStar, also included in the alliance, will bring their expertise and understanding in hardware design to the consortium while Obigo will offer input from a developer's perspective.
2010-07-20 LG Electronics, Toshiba get into ZigBee steering group
The ZigBee Alliance's RF4CE steering committee welcomes LG Electronics and Toshiba Corp. as its latest members
2008-07-07 LG Electronics, Honeywell join forces in building solution system
LG Electronics (LG) will be working with Honeywell on intelligent building systems
2002-02-18 LG Electronics signs five-year deal with Kazakh Telecom
LG Electronics Inc. has signed a five-year agreement with Kazakh Telecom. As part of the agreement, LG Electronics will provide CDMA WLL equipment worth $40 million to Kazakh Telecom
2009-03-12 Lean inventories could revive industry
The semiconductor industry will suffer double-digit contraction this year but lean inventories across the supply chain could jump-start a rapid recovery when the economy finally starts to improve
2006-10-31 LCD-TV reshaping electronics supply chain
The rise of LCD DTVs is reshaping the global television and display industries, but the phenomenal expansion also is impacting the wider electronics business
2002-12-03 LAN industry gives way to SOHO router shipment hike
Taiwan SOHO router annual shipment volume is seen to reach about 5.2 million units by the end of 2002, increasing 280 percent from 2001 and accounting for over 68 percent of worldwide volume, forecasts Market Intelligence Center.
2013-05-03 Korean production collapse will disrupt global electronics supply chain
South Korea now plays a more important role than ever in the global electronics business. And with the supply chain having become more entwined and connected, a significant disruption in any region will impact the entire world
2008-02-12 Korean plasma TV industry set to bounce back in '08
In 2007, South Korea's plasma display panel manufacturers had gone into the red, but that is expected to change this year due to large-scale international sports events and the relatively weak performance of LCD TVs, according to a report.
2005-04-26 Japanese group proposes logic LSI foundry for semi industry
Concerned with the declining presence of Japan in the system-on-chip LSI market, the Economic Research Institute in Japan has proposed to form an independent logic LSI foundry that would combine industry-wide human, financial and intellectual resources in Japan
2015-06-08 Japan, Europe chip industry should prepare for the worst
WSTS estimated the European chip market will contract by 3.7 per cent compared with the previously forecast two per cent fall, while Japan is headed for a 9.5 per cent market fall.
2005-07-15 Japan's semi industry to launch five year R&D project
Japan's semiconductor industry will launch a five year R&D project starting next April focusing on 45nm and 32nm technologies, following the conclusion of the Asuka project next March
2009-02-26 Japan electronics giants struggle to stay on top
Only a few years after emerging from a decade-long slump, Japan's economy is again weakening and its high-tech giants are scrambling to accelerate a much needed reorganization operations and reposition themselves for growth in a worsening global market.
2007-10-11 Japan chip industry up for painful restructuring
Amid a sluggish cycle in semiconductors, Japan's IC industry is moving towards a new round of restructuring if not a shakeout among the weaker players there
2011-10-12 Japan chip industry needs to 'refocus
In order to turn around the decline of Japan's semiconductor industry, an advisor suggests a manufacturing shift to MCUs, NAND flash and CMOS sensors
2007-06-19 iSupply notes 'surprisingly slow' Q1 for HDD industry
It was a double knockout for the HDD industry as it got hit by plunging prices and declining shipments in Q1 according to Suppli
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