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2006-07-17 Philippine electronics industry beefs up engineering capabilities
Long considered a minor player in the global electronics game, the Philippine electronics industry is rallying itself to step up to the plate with two key points in mind: cooperation and education.
2003-01-09 Perspective on 2003 electronics test industry
The future of the electronics industry lies in using commercial off-the-shelf technologies to lower costs and increase performance, said National Instruments CEO Dr. James Truchard.
2007-12-20 Organic electronics materials promise $15.8B market
The market for organic electronics materials will hit $15.8 billion in 2015, according to industry analyst NanoMarkets in its report, 'Organic Harvest: Opportunities in Organic Electronic Materials.'
2004-09-29 OEMs dominate electronics industry in China
More original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) in China are improving their capacities as iSuppli Corp. notes that 14 out of 22 product categories are dominated by makers of electronic products.
2008-12-03 Nitto Denko blazes trail for organic electronics R&D
Nitto Denko Corp. opened on Dec. 1 the Nitto Denko Asia Technical Centre (NAT), the company's second center in Singapore, to spearhead and manage its R&D operations. The new center will focus strongly on integrated organic electronic device development.
2006-05-29 Networking industry accelerates 10GbE implementation
With the scheduled ratification of the IEEE802.3an 10GBase-T standards by the Institute of Electronics and Electrical Engineers this July, the 10GbE adoption is expected to gain acceleration
2006-07-01 Net industry accelerates 10GbE implementation
The adoption of 10GbE is expected to gain momentum with the scheduled ratification of the 802.3an 10GBase-T standards by the IEEE this month.
2014-08-14 MIT blazes power electronics trail
Several of its work on ultra high-frequency conversion and ultraminiaturized converters feature size reductions and efficiency improvements for applications including giant server farms, lamps, and handheld devices.
2004-03-12 Mentor Graphics works on China's chip design industry
Mentor Graphics Corp. has signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with China's Ministry of Education (MOE) to help the country boost its IC design engineering talent pool and overall industry growth
2007-01-25 MEMS devices gained inroads in consumer apps, reports industry group
Microelectromechanical systems made significant inroads into the consumer electronics market last year, according to the MEMS Industry Group, the association representing the MEMS and microstructures industries.
2011-01-04 Market trends and the electronics industry
As the cost of IC design advanced nodes increases, companies are also looking at embedded systems to shorten the development cycle and increase the potential for hardware reuse.
2005-06-02 Malaysia seeks to foster electronics cluster
Malaysia's Ministry of Trade and Industry has unveiled plans to develop a local electronics industry cluster centered on semiconductor production, but stopped short of announcing concrete measures to lure more semiconductor firms to the country
2007-07-16 Malaysia fights to keep post in electronics race
Squeezed by low-cost giants like China and India in the manufacturing space and by R&D centers like Singapore and Taiwan at the high end, Malaysia is struggling to maintain its place as an electronics hub
2005-01-11 LG Electronics inks agreement with CableLabs
LG Electronics Inc. has entered into agreements with CableLabs that will allow LG to implement OpenCable application platform (OCAP)-compliant middleware on its interactive digital TVs (DTVs) and set-top boxes
2008-05-08 Korea's new IT strategy targets auto electronics
South Korea President Lee Myung-bak has unveiled the country's new IT strategy, eyeing to seize 10 percent, or about $4 billion, of the world's automotive electronics and IT market by 2010
2007-01-01 Korea's electronics sector awaits solid year
Prospects are bright for Korea's electronics industry in 2007.
2003-09-23 JEITA reports rise in Japan consumer electronics sales
Reporting on Japan's hi-tech industry's performance in the 1H of this year, the acting chairman of JEITA said that &qout;digital consumer products did well and thereby bolstered the sale of electronic devices.&qout
2013-11-05 Japanese consumer electronics firms still in limbo
Putting the spotlight on Sony and Panasonic, the firms issued contrasting full-year financial forecasts that do little to create a solid prediction of the fate of Japanese CE companies.
2007-03-26 Japanese association compiles global electronics production statistics
The Japan Electronics & Information Technology Industries Association announced the results of its recently compiled global electronics production statistics
2005-12-26 Japan's electronics production dipped in 2005
Domestic production for Japan's electronics industry is expected to drop this year for the first time since 2002, but will rise 2.3 percent in 2006, according to Jeita.
2005-09-20 Japan electronics industry should consolidate
Under attack from lower-cost Asian competitors, Japan's fragmented electronics industry, must consolidate in order to achieve respectable profitability levels, analysts and industry executives said according to a Reuters report.
2015-05-04 Is the industry afraid of change
"Cannibalise your product or someone else does" is a watchword that drives a successful transition. It sounds good but why do technology companies fail at it? What can leaders do to step it up a bit?
2005-09-20 Is Singapore hitting the skids as electronics hub
Despite this city-state's loss of some manufacturing operations to cheaper destinations such as China and Malaysia, officials and analysts insist Singapore can still count on its skilled workforce, first-rate infrastructure and pro-business policies to maintain its status as an Asian electronics hub
2006-01-01 Integration and Innovation: applications and technological tendencies in China's 2006 electronics industry
3C integration and 3G technologies are predicted technologies to boom in 2006, as Cindy Hu discussed hot applications and technological tendencies in China's 2006 electronics industry.
2012-11-30 Inland Chinese cities gaining electronics business
As developmental coastal cities become more costly, foreign companies are shifting investments in Chinese cities like Chengdu and Xi'an which offer similar skilled workforce.
2002-07-05 Industry-focused tech forums highlight ESC-Asia 2002
2004-10-11 Industry slowdown is short term, says National's Halla
Refraining from making any predictions, National Semiconductor Corp. President and Chief Executive Brian Halla said in an analyst's meeting Tuesday (Oct. 5) that the current slowdown in the electronics industry represents mostly a short-term inventory correction by customers.
2006-10-16 Industry leader sees Asian business models evolve
Hein van der Zeeuw shares his insights on the evolution of the electronics business and how shifts in the EMS, ODM and OEM models are affecting the electronics supply chain
2005-09-29 Industry lacks innovation, says Philips CEO
Lack of innovation is causing the industry to suffer from an "electronics glut" and a disenchanted end-user base, warned the president and chief executive of Royal Philips Electronics NV.
2006-10-02 Industry guru talks about digital entertainment
At STMicroelectronics' back-end IC factory in Shenzhen, Bob Krysiak, the company's corporate VP and general manager for the region, recalled the development of the first single-chip MPEG-2 decoder ICs and discussed his ideas on the development of digital entertainment equipment in China.
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