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2008-07-09 Industry giants see more businesses in VC
In these cost-cutting corporate times, are electronics industry giants looking to outsource R&D to the venture market?
2010-01-12 Industry focuses on core competencies, cutting costs
The recent economic recession has focused companies on core competencies and collaborative efforts. EDA companies must focus on solutions rather than tools to help cut costs, says Cadence president Lip-Bu Tan.
2014-03-21 Industry experts ponder trends in car MEMS
At the MEMS industry panel this week in Munich, an expert panel worked around how the relationship between MEMS and automotive value chain will evolve in the near future
2015-07-09 Industry 4.0 grants clear path towards smart manufacturing
Industry 4.0 blends embedded systems and the Internet of Things into an intelligent and automated network that can run an intercontinental manufacturing operation
2005-07-11 Indian electronics growth to outpace China's, says In-Stat
India's electronics market, valued at $11.50 billion in 2004, will be the fastest-growing electronics market the next few years, according to market research firm In-Stat
2007-07-27 Indian electronics boom skips local players
While growing affluence in India is driving demand for electronic products, not many Indian manufacturers are poised to be strong players in any of the product segments.
2005-06-30 India's electronics industry will grow faster than China's
Driven by computer and computer component sectors, the Indian electronics industry is poised to take off at growth rates surpassing even those of China, according to a report released Wednesday by In-Stat.
2008-03-04 India beefs up tech institutes, snubs electronics sector
In an updated technology policy the Indian government shifted focus on tech institutes, adding three more branches to the Indian Institutes of Technology, while largely ignoring electronics industry concerns.
2012-11-12 IMI upbeat about EMS industry future
EMS firm IMI reported more than doubled its net income for most of 2012 attributing its growth to its ability to adapt to emerging trends.
2011-11-08 IHS: Thai floods drown electronics sector
The Thailand flooding represents the second major natural disaster to affect the industry this year after the March 2011 Japan earthquake
2011-06-06 IHS: IC inventories saved electronics industry from scarcity
According to IHS, the two-year inventory high has saved the electronics industry from suffering the full impact of the earthquake in Japan.
2008-11-17 How to grow an electronics giant
How Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd made the transition from a CE dwarf to a global brand is a well-told story. Less well-known, however, is the story of how Samsung, based in Seoul, South Korea, achieved its current supremacy by battling Japan companies on their own turfCE and memory chips
2011-03-30 Hoarding worries hit electronics industry
Slow recovery is seen for the electronics industry as suppliers struggle to meet increased orders, according to HSBC.
2006-07-20 Higher sales, investment for Malaysian electronics in 2006
The Malaysian American Electronics Industry said in its annual survey that total revenues for the group in 2006 would rise by 9 percent to $19.5 billion.
2008-10-13 High-tech communication headset tops Electronics Design Awards
Nine electronics products designed and manufactured in Asia were named winners of the Global Sources Electronics Design Awards
2002-08-01 Growth seen in Taiwan R&D investments by electronics industry
R&D investment by the Taiwan electronics industry accounted for 88 percent of the country's overall investments in Q1 of 2002.
2002-08-29 GlobalTRONICS 2002 to highlight Asian electronics future
GlobalTRONICS 2002 will be held on September 3 - 6, 2002, at the Singapore Expo Hall.
2002-03-01 Global electronics industries converge at electronicChina 2002
electronicChina 2002 preview: Global leaders in the electronics industry see the demand for electronics in Asia growing at a rapid pace, and behind this growthmainland China.
2014-09-29 From volume to value: Singapore electronics industry matures
The tumble Singapore's electronics manufacturing output took in the period of April to July has been a source of concern for many. With the rosy August results spelling a turn for the better, the weakened numbers may have been indicative of an industry that is moving up the value chain.
2015-10-21 Flexible electronics equipment makers turn to Asia
Equipment makers are moving towards Asia. There is an impending transition from equipment for development and prototyping purposes to buying equipment for higher volume manufacture.
2003-09-04 Executives envision the future of China's electronics industry
Whether or not 3G technologies have a future in the China market; and how the digital camera market will evolve are some of the questions consumer electronics companies in China are trying to answer
2003-02-25 Europe quietly forms polymer electronics project
Perhaps the best-kept secret in the electronics industry at the moment is the upcoming deadline for non-European companies to join the biggest polymer electronics R&D program ever.
2004-07-30 Engineer who grew up with Korea's IC industry
Fairchild Semiconductor's Kim Kyoung Soo digs up memories in Bucheon, where Korea's electronics industry took off.
2011-01-26 Electronics, EMS players exploit market opportunities to survive
Market instability, oversupply and fierce competition continue to challenge industry players. Responding to new market trends, focusing on niche markets and offering value-added services could be the keys to survival, according to IMI CEO Arthur Tan
2015-04-13 Electronics industry: Generating revenue thru effective CRM
Today's customer relationship management system has gradually moved beyond its intended scope and function to now actually help generate revenue for companies.
2003-02-17 Electronics industry in Japan shrinks again in 2002
A trade body estimates that there is no visible upturn on the electronics industry of Japan in the year 2002.
2010-11-01 Electronics industry analysts see mixed omens
The year 2010 is almost over, and the outlook is cloudy for the remaining months, heading into 2011.
2008-11-03 Electronics follow curves
There are many applications in which it would be useful for electronics to conform to curvilinear surfaces or to deform with use, especially in sensing
2006-07-14 Electronics downturn seen in Singapore
Singapore's technology sector is bracing for a slowdown after the Institute of Purchasing and Materials Management recently reported a downturn in the local electronics industry in its benchmark Purchasing Manager's Index.
2006-07-13 Electronics dip imminent in Singapore
The Institute of Purchasing and Materials Management reported a decline in the city-state's electronics industry.
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