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2005-02-11 Toshiba unveils high-density DRAM with floating-body cells
Toshiba Corp. has developed 128Mb silicon-on-insulator (SOI) DRAM with floating-body cells that the chip maker claims will help usher in embedded DRAM chips on SOI wafers.
2008-02-11 Toshiba touts 'fastest' embedded DRAM tech
Toshiba has developed what it claims to be the fastest circuit technology for embedded DRAM for System LSI, achieving a speed of 833MHz at 32Mbit density.
2003-08-06 Toshiba memory cell technology eyes DRAM apps
Toshiba has developed what it claims to be the world's first memory cell technology for embedded DRAM system LSIs on SOI wafers.
2002-06-17 Toshiba enhances embedded DRAM with SOI wafer
Toshiba Corp. has accomplished a breakthrough in embedding DRAM on SOI wafers, which ends the DRAM performance degradation typical of such integration
2003-06-17 Toshiba announces latest embedded memory technology
Toshiba Corp. has developed and verified the operability of a memory cell technology for embedded DRAM system LSIs on SOI wafers.
2005-08-01 Sony, Toshiba tip DRAM prototype
Japanese companies have jointly developed an embedded-DRAM cell measuring 0.069?m? in 45nm CMOS technology.
2005-06-20 Sony, Toshiba co-develop 45nm embedded DRAM
Sony Corp. and Toshiba Corp. have reported they developed the first 45nm embedded DRAM cell by scaling embedded DRAM cells down to 0.069 square microns.
2005-06-29 SOI embedded DRAM company raises $16 million
Innovative Silicon Inc., a developer of an embedded memory based on floating the body voltage for transistors implemented using silicon-on-insulator CMOS processes, said that Austin Ventures has joined with existing investors to lead a $16.0 million Series B round of investment in the company
2003-02-17 NEC, Mosys push bounds of embedded DRAM
NEC Electronics introduces its DRAM capacitor as Mosys launches its 1T-SRAM-Q technology designed to usher the next phase of on-chip memory evolution
2005-03-30 NEC to use Mosys embedded memory with 90nm process
Monolithic System Technology Inc. (MoSys) has renewed its partnership with NEC Electronics licensing the Japanese chip company to embed MoSys' embedded DRAM technology into high volume semiconductor devices for consumer applications manufactured using 90nm manufacturing process technologies.
2005-04-28 NEC Electronics to deploy its DRAM in Microsoft's next Xbox
NEC Electronics Corp. announced that Microsoft Corp. has adopted its embedded DRAM for the next-generation XBox, the U.S. company's game console, to be announced at E3 in Los Angeles next month.
2005-03-09 NEC debuts embedded DRAM on 90nm and high-k
Japan's NEC Electronics Corp. on Monday (March 7) rolled out a new embedded DRAM technology, based on its 90nm process.
2007-08-15 Hynix licenses floating-body tech for future DRAM
Hynix has licensed the floating-body single-transistor memory technology from Innovative Silicon for use in future generations of DRAM chips
2005-03-16 Hope floats for new DRAM
A potentially revolutionary 90nm DRAM technology, claiming gains in speed, size and power consumption, has been developed by a Swiss startup
2004-01-28 Hitachi DRAM offers 4GBps data bandwidth
Hitachi Ltd has released a high-performance 144Mb cache DRAM that features a random access time of 8ns and data bandwidth of 4GBps
2003-09-17 Growth of embedded flash stumped, In-Stat says
According to In-Stat/MDR, the rapid growth in the use of eFlash has been limited, primarily a result of a variety of issues and the resulting cost associated with the embedding of it.
2014-08-28 Examining Intel's embedded DRAM
With its astronomical manufacturing costs, SRAM's viability is being questioned and the industry is looking for alternatives. This article examines an intriguing option in the form of embedded DRAM.
2003-08-18 Embedded memories multiply in system-on-chips
The latest embedded memories are even bringing the added benefits of low-power operation to handheld systems
2008-02-22 Embedded DRAM tech speeds forward for graphics LSI
Toshiba has claimed the world's fastest circuit technology for embedded DRAM for system LSI.
2002-05-10 Embedded DRAM market to reach $250M in 2006
The worldwide merchant market dollar shipments of cell-based designs containing at least one or more blocks of embedded DRAM will grow from $95 million last year to $250 million by 2006.
2002-01-16 Embedded DRAM has a home in network world
The article shows why embedded DRAM can be used to reduce parts count and power consumption. It also discusses where DRAM fits in the memory requirements of network processors.
2003-06-25 ADI TigerSharc packs 24Mb IBM DRAM
With the help of IBM Microelectronics, Analog Devices Inc. has embedded 24Mb of DRAM unto its TigerSharc DSP.
2016-05-12 Win some, lose some: DRAM stands on shaky ground
DRAM has found itself in the situation of being a low-margin, commodity memory in a slowing tablet and PC market, while it still makes the most sense from a performance, density and cost perspective
2009-03-04 Using a Micron CellularRAM device with the AMCC PPC405EZ embedded processor
This technical note focuses on the asynchronous/page/burst, 128Mb, CellularRAM 1.5-compliant device, MT45W8MW16B.
2004-11-23 TI, Ramtron tip 4Mb embedded FRAM technology
During the Non-Volatile Memory Technology Symposium 2004 (NVMTS2004) last week, Texas Instruments Inc. and Ramtron International Corp. presented more details of their efforts in the ferroelectric random access memory (FRAM) market.
2003-01-15 The genesis, success of 64-bit MIPS - an Embedded Perspective
Today, 64-bit addressing is becoming more and more prevalent as witnessed by the recent introduction of competing 64-bit processors by Intel and AMD.
2011-06-14 Tablets push DRAM demand
According to IHS, tablets will consume exponentially more DRAM in the years ahead, particularly if bookseller Amazon introduces its own tablet to rival iPad
2010-06-11 STT-RAM geared to displace DRAM, flash
Grandis Inc. has updated its STT-RAM roadmap with some ambitious efforts in mind: It hopes to replace DRAM, and eventually, NAND, with its next-generation MRAM
2013-05-21 ST advances PCM foray with NVM-embedded MCUs
STMicroelectronics plans to offer microcontrollers with embedded non-volatile memory as it advances its phase-change memory venture, according to CTO Jean-Marc Chery
2014-12-19 SRAMs in nextgen IoT and wearable embedded designs
In this article, we will discuss the technology advances that necessitate SRAMs and also the evolving trends in SRAM technology that make it ready to service the needs of the future.
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