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2010-02-04 SMIC, SHHIC deliver smart card IC using 0.162?m EEPROM
SHHIC's a high-end contactless smart card IC design has successfully entered into commercial production at SMIC using 0.162?m embedded EEPROM process.
2004-01-23 Philips announces breakthrough in embedded EEPROM
Royal Philips Electronics has developed a new low-voltage low-power EEPROM option for its 0.18?m CMOS18 process technology
2002-04-01 Peregrine synthesizer ICs include EEPROM
Targeting fixed-frequency applications, Peregrine Semiconductor Corp. has launched a family of high-performance PLL synthesizer chips with embedded EEPROM memory.
2015-02-03 MagnaChip adds high voltage option to 0.13-micron embedded EEPROM
The 0.13?m embedded EEPROM IP boosts the performance of touch controller ICs and MCUs by decreasing the density of 32KB memory blocks by about 50 per cent and by adding a high voltage option.
2013-05-10 Magnachip adds 30V option to its 0.18um EEPROM
The additional high voltage option provides increased noise immunity by improving the signal-to-noise ratio characteristics of devices, a critical issue in touch sensing IC performance.
2005-03-08 EEPROM blocks offer low power operation, high data retention
austriamicro's Full Service Foundry released what it claims is one of the industry's most reliable embedded EEPROM blocks for its 0.35?m process family.
2006-09-25 Dual-interface MCU features 66Kbyte EEPROM
STMicroelectronics unveiled a dual-interface secure microcontroller with 66Kbytes of embedded EEPROM and 224Kbytes of user ROM.
2006-06-08 CMOS process tech features high-density EEPROM
Atmel announced the AT35700 high-voltage process technology with double-poly, high-density EEPROM for IC foundry customers
2003-08-13 Aplus Flash announces 0.35?m embedded EEPROM IP
Aplus Flash Technology has released its 0.35?m embedded EEPROM IP.
2007-11-16 8bit MCUs combine CAN interface, EEPROM, debug tools
Freescale has unveiled the S08D family of 8bit MCUs, touted to be first to integrate a CAN interface, EEPROM and on-chip emulation/debug tools
2007-05-22 0.18?m embedded EEPROM process offers high reliability
Shanghai Hua Hong NEC Electronics Company Ltd has announced the availability of its 0.18?m embedded EEPROM process.
2014-12-19 SRAMs in nextgen IoT and wearable embedded designs
In this article, we will discuss the technology advances that necessitate SRAMs and also the evolving trends in SRAM technology that make it ready to service the needs of the future.
2005-08-29 Securing pervasively connected embedded MCUs
How great is the need for security at the MCU level?
2006-12-05 Real-time clock has EEPROM, embedded crystal
STMicroelectronics has introduced a high-accuracy Serial Real-Time Clock (RTC) that adds EEPROM and an embedded crystal in a single, space-saving 18-pin SOIC.
2006-03-20 Philips' flash/EEPROM technology delivers low power dissipation
Royal Philips Electronics announced that its 0.18?m CMOS embedded flash/EEPROM technology is now fully qualified for Grade-1 automotive applications.
2002-10-03 Oxford bridge IC integrates embedded compatibility mode
Oxford Semiconductor Ltd has added an embedded compatibility mode to its OXCF950B 16-bit PC Card UART bridge chip
2015-06-09 Nothing left to be invented in embedded control (Part 3
In Part 3, we explore a few more examples of core independent peripherals; combining their functionality with analogue peripherals to create new intelligent analogue solutions.
2007-04-27 Metering IC features embedded flash memory
austriamicrosystems is getting ready to sample the AS8268, a single-phase SoC metering IC with embedded flash memory
2004-11-08 MCUs with 288KB EEPROM, 320KB ROM, 8KB RAM
Atmel unveiled a new member of its AT90SC family of secure microcontrollers featuring 288KB EEPROM, 320KB of user-ROM and 8KB of RAM
2012-03-07 MCUs tout low power use, integrated EEPROM
NXP's LPC1100XL MCU series features power consumption of 110uA/MHz while the LPC11E00 series is for space-constrained applications requiring dedicated EEPROM
2007-03-05 Is MRAM right for your consumer embedded device application
Available memories on the market have inherent limitations that prevent them from offering the best memory features. However, with further refinement, MRAM could someday be hailed as the universal memory.
2004-12-14 IPCore rolls out 'China's first silicon-proven embedded-OTP solution
IPCore said they have released China's first silicon-proven embedded-OTP solution in CSMC 0.5?m 2P3M CMOS process to design houses worldwide
2007-04-18 Hua Hong NEC, Cypress ink embedded NVM licensing pact
Hua Hong NEC Electronics Co. Ltd and Cypress Semiconductor Corp. have signed an agreement whereby Cypress will license its 0.13?m SONOS embedded nonvolatile memory technology to Hua Hong NEC
2004-11-15 Flash PIC MCUs tout USB 2.0 connectivity for embedded apps
Microchip's newest flash PIC MCUs are said to provide a complete embedded-control solution for designers working with USB in embedded apps
1999-10-25 Flash memory PCI add-in card for embedded systems
The Flash memory PCI add-in card was created to demonstrate the feasibility of interfacing the Flash memory to the PCI bus in an embedded system. In such a system, Flash memory devices are used for high density and high performance storage for user code and data. This application note describes the Flash memory OCI add-in card
2007-10-04 EEPROM secures products from cloning, counterfeiting
Atmel says it has developed the world's first family of EEPROMs with a 64bit embedded hardware encryption engine and 64bit session encryption keys, which help prevent product counterfeiting
2009-03-03 EEPROM emulation in STM32F101xx and STM32F103xx microcontrollers
This application note explains the differences between external EEPROM and embedded flash memory, and it describes a software method for emulating EEPROM using the on-chip flash memory of the STM32F101xx and STM32F103xx devices.
2005-08-01 Develop a robust low-power embedded flash
A major consideration in the development of a 0.18?m embedded flash technology is how to integrate flash in existing libraries and processes
2002-05-02 Dallas IC combines potentiometer, EEPROM, MicroMonitor
Designed to provide microprocessor supervision, NV storage, and analog function control in embedded systems, the DS1846 combines three linear-taper potentiometers, 256 bytes of EEPROM, and a MicroMonitor into a 20-pin TSSOP.
2011-10-13 Benefits of SONOS memory for embedded flash
Here's a discussion on why silicon-oxide-nitride-oxide-silicon memory technology is ideally suited for eFlash.
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