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2006-05-30 Zarlink unveils new embedded Ethernet switch
Zarlink expanded its DirectConnect family of embedded Ethernet switches with a new high-capacity aggregation and switch device.
2003-11-17 XML embedded Web support eases design
The simplest method to implementing XML embedded devices is supporting the Web processes completely in external software
2010-12-16 VDC’s forecast for embedded software, tools
Analysts presented an eight-point forecast for the embedded software and tools market in 2011. On top of the list are the bright prospects of the commercial Linux market
2011-05-09 USB modems outselling embedded modules
There will be sales growth of embedded modem in the coming years as people will prefer to buy embedded devices instead of external USB modems
2008-03-24 USB mass storage class on an embedded device
This application note discusses and provides a mass storage device function driver that can be integrated with almost any application running on Microchip 32bit PIC MCU products with USB peripheral support
2008-05-08 USB HID class on an embedded device
This application note discusses and provides a HID device function driver that can be integrated with almost any application running on Microchip 32bit PIC MCU products with USB eripheral
2008-03-25 USB generic function on an embedded device
The generic driver provides a very simple interface for reading and writing data exchanged with the USB host.
2008-04-08 USB CDC class on an embedded device
This document describes the Microchip PIC32 USB CDC serial driver and acts as a programmer's guide for developers wishing to adapt it to their own application.
2002-03-20 RSA offers security software for embedded, wireless devices
The company has announced the availability of the BSAFE Micro Edition product line aimed at enhancing the security of embedded and wireless devices, as well as maintain high levels of interoperability between wired and wireless networks
2001-03-26 Robust Implementations Of Java Technology For Embedded Devices
This paper explains how can builders of Internet appliances and embedded devices make use of the benefits that Java technology can deliver to their products
2013-11-05 Qseven module flaunts AMD Embedded G-Series SoC
The 70 x 70mm H6069 from Hectronic fits embedded applications that require powerful CPU and graphics performance in combination with low power consumption and extremely compact size
2014-05-07 Porting TCP/IP stack to embedded IoT devices
It is a common misconception that since a communication protocol stack is called a TCP/IP stack, porting it to an embedded target provides the device with all TCP/IP functionalities and performance.
2007-08-16 Next-gen embedded designs demand parallel test
Today's embedded devices are more functionally rich than the designs of the past. Thus, traditional test methods no longer suffice. For next-generation embedded designs, parallel test brings in more effective measurement
2008-01-18 Multimedia device OS protects files in flash storage
An OS that ensures file protection during power-failure for multimedia devices has been launched by Mentor Graphics Corp. Dubbed the Nucleus OS, the system features a Safe File System capability for devices using resident NOR, NAND and DataFlash flash storage.
2006-07-13 Microsoft announces winners of embedded competition
Finalists of the third annual Windows Embedded Student ChallengE were recently announced in a ceremony at Microsoft's headquarters in Redmond, Washington
2008-04-01 Micro Digital intros USB MVSP for embedded systems
Micro Digital offers a USB multiple virtual serial port (MVSP) solution for embedded systems
2013-04-24 MCU Reference design features embedded firewall
Zilog and Icon Labs teamed up to develop a microcontroller which features an embedded firewall that provides a critical layer of security that can block Internet-based threats
2003-03-10 Lantronix offers embedded device server in RJ-45 scheme
Lantronix has shipped its XPort embedded device server in a ruggedized RJ-45 package.
2009-10-19 Korea embedded system aims to fight world hunger
Offering a solution to fight world hunger, South Korea's Wafree embedded system topped the Imagine Cup 2009 Embedded Development Invitational
2007-03-05 Is MRAM right for your consumer embedded device application?
Available memories on the market have inherent limitations that prevent them from offering the best memory features. However, with further refinement, MRAM could someday be hailed as the universal memory.
2015-12-14 How to securely update FPGA-based embedded systems
This article explains the requirements for a safe, secure and reliable remote update facility, and how a flash-embedded FPGA can provide the key functions needed to satisfy such needs
2010-03-03 How to boot an embedded system from an eMMC equipped with a Microsoft FAT file system
This application note describes a set of solutions used to boot an embedded device from an Embedded MultiMediaCard (eMMC) equipped with a Microsoft File Allocation Table (FAT) file system.
2006-06-16 High performance Java on embedded devices
There is a great demand from consumers, carriers and handset manufacturers for a high performance execution environment capable of delivering more varied, performance-intensive applications, taking Java far beyond the realms of simple games--but without increasing system costs.
2014-05-28 Heartbleed's impact on Internet, embedded security
Majority of publications on Heartbleed have focused on the security of consumers' usernames and passwords. It should, however, also make us reflect on how we should secure our embedded designs
2007-05-16 Handy tips on embedded software development
Here are tips that designers and manufacturers can keep in mind when developing embedded systems and devices that capitalize on the digital lifestyle
2007-02-16 Guidelines when selecting an embedded mobile/consumer SoC
Here are five things to consider when selecting SoC processors for your embedded systems
2013-07-10 Guide to porting Android on embedded platforms
Find out how to port the Android distribution of the open source Linux OS to your embedded design in four easy steps
2012-03-16 Fundamentals of embedded firewalls (Part 2
Know the requirements, issues, filtering options and best practices when building embedded firewalls
2012-02-23 Fundamentals of embedded firewalls (Part 1
Learn about the need to defend against the growing number of vulnerabilities and hacking dangers.
2008-01-03 Embedded solutions to continue to flood market
Market research firm Venture Development Corp. is anticipating more and more embedded systems and devices will be shipped in the coming years
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