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2007-02-22 IBM's eDRAM challenges Intel on cache
IBM's announcement that it will be able to pack as much as 48Mbytes of eDRAM on a processor when its 45nm process technology comes online, could mark a shift toward using DRAM for cache in some chips.
2014-07-04 IBM rushes to perfect 1.4nm transistor channels
Moore's Law is not yet dead and the tech giant is racing to come up with 1.4nm transistor channels with an approach that uses multiple carbon nanotubes, which it has until 2020 to perfect.
2011-09-05 IBM expands Power architecture licensing program
IBM broadens licensing program to include a multiuse agreement that allows developers access to the entire lineup of Power cores with a single license.
2010-03-08 IBM brings on-chip optical comms closer to reality
IBM scientists took a step forward in replacing electrical signals that communicate via copper wires between computer chips with tiny silicon circuits that communicate using pulses of light.
2007-08-15 Hynix licenses floating-body tech for future DRAM
Hynix has licensed the floating-body single-transistor memory technology from Innovative Silicon for use in future generations of DRAM chips.
2012-05-24 Hybrid chips gain ground
IMS Research reports that in 2011 processors with two or more types of processor cores accounted for half of the $111 billion processor market.
2014-10-16 How to improve FPGA comms interface clock jitters
Know how external phase locked loops can be used to resolve problems faced when dealing with clock jitter in FPGA-based high-speed communications interfaces such as SerDes.
2005-04-26 High-end computing mounts dual-core processor wagon
The Portland Group Inc., a wholly-owned subsidiary of STMicroelectronics, has released performance speed-up numbers for workstations based on AMD's latest dual-core Opteron that show a 30 percent increase in speed compared to the previously reported best single-chip performance.
2014-05-06 Have wireless sensor networks become irrelevant in the IoT?
Linear's Dust Networks develops ultra low-power sensor networks without wires for both communication and power, which is said to have become a subset of today's bigger IoT world.
2008-08-14 Green movement steers automotive MCU vendors
With the ongoing crises of increasing fuel prices and environmental degradation, the need for maximizing fuel efficiency and reducing emission among vehicles escalates. These factors when taken seriously drive the demand for green optimization of MCUs.
2011-03-21 GEMs found in more PCs
IHS iSuppli has released research reporting that GEMs will have a penetration of 50 percent and 45 percent in notebook PCs and desktops, respectively.
2014-03-06 Future Electronics mobilises accreditation for 300 engineers
Future Electronics is training engineers to provide technical support to OEM customers using a broad range of ARM-based microcontrollers, including devices from other vendors.
2005-07-26 Fusion tech marks new era in programmable system chips
Actel rolls out the Fusion technology which brings together flash memory, analog peripherals and FPGA fabric in a monolithic programmable system chip.
2004-10-11 Freescale embraces IMEC multiprocessor approach
In the hope of establishing its own proprietary hardware-software platform for future mobile electronics applications, Freescale Semiconductor Inc. has signed up to perform collaborative research with IMEC on reconfigurable multiprocessor systems.
2004-11-04 FPGAs get larger, cost less
Anadigm has just released two new field programmable analog arrays.
2005-10-27 Four Japanese companies sued for MPU patent infringement
Four Japanese electronics giants are the target of a patent infringement lawsuit filed Wednesday (Oct. 25) by a U.S. intellectual property management company.
2003-01-17 Flash memory controller achieves 20Mbps data rate
The F2-16X Flash memory controller achieves transfer rates of up to 20MBps and has an MTBF >1 million hours.
2009-02-12 Five ways to beat IC scaling roadblocks
Intel senior fellow and director of process architecture Mark Bohr listed five major stumbling blocksor challengesfor the 32nm node and beyond.
2002-10-03 FireWire Link Layer unit incorporates streaming data
Texas Instruments' iceLynx Micro IEEE 1394 (FireWire) Link Layer device supports DTCP to protect entertainment content from illegal copying during transmission.
2012-11-29 Female CEO could be next for Intel
Two of the most commonly mentioned candidates to replace Paul Otellini are women who currently head major business units at the chip firm.
2009-07-13 Eyeing Intel's strides in SoC biz
Intel Corp. isn't giving much detail on its two-year old initiative to become an SoC supplier. But interviews with executives and analysts show the company is making gradual progress laying the foundations to build competitive SoCs.
2002-07-25 Expanded conference aims to attract designers
The 2002 ICCAD will try to attract designers by featuring design-related papers and panels, as well as a workshop on open-source and open standards, organizers said.
2015-09-08 Examining performance in hardware emulators
Emulation performanceor the speed of its executiondepends on the architecture of the emulation system and the type of deployment.
2008-07-02 Enable DSP co-processing in FPGAs
Today's ever increasing demand for high-speed communication and superfast computing in support of triple-play apps is creating new challenges for those who need to draw together a multitude of standards, components and networking equipment.
2006-11-03 Emulation system supports Microchip's PIC MCUs, DSCs
Microchip Technology Inc. has begun offering its MPLAB Real ICE emulation system for the development of applications employing its PICmicrocontrollers and dsPIC DSCs.
2006-11-08 DSLAM controller enables triply-play services
TranSwitch has announced a feature-rich DSLAM controller optimized to transport Ethernet and ATM traffic for next-generation IP-DSLAM equipment to enable bandwidth intensive triple-play services.
2001-06-01 Dolphin, Raisonance team-up on microcontroller core
The Dolphin Integration and Raisonance team up to create a hierarchical development system for the 8051 8-bit microcontroller core is expected to bring enhancements in the field of control technology.
2006-07-13 Digital AM/FM tuner offers high-quality reception
STMicroelectronics is sampling a new digital AM/FM radio receiver chipset for automotive applications that features high-quality reception while reducing interference.
2015-07-01 Developing ZigBee driver with SynthOS
Know the unique issues in the development of a ZigBee device driver in particular and drivers for communication devices in general using SynthOS.
2011-01-06 Design for tomorrow's smart connected devices
As devices get internet-connected and interconnected with other smart devices, they are demanding high-performance, low-power CPUs and open source software platforms, says MIPS President Art Swift.
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