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2005-02-09 Conduction-cooled VME board packs dual PMC sites and VITA 31.1
Concurrent Technologies is debuting a ruggedized conduction-cooled VME bus single board computer supporting dual PMC sites.
2003-10-17 Computer CPU makers debate multithreading, security
Computer microprocessor makers debated the merits of multithreading and hardware security at the Microprocessor Forum
2013-12-20 Comparing MCU real-time operating systems
The author shares the criteria he uses in evaluating which real time operating system or kernel to use in an embedded design
2003-06-02 Combine hardware and software design in programmable SoC
SCSD is a methodology converging hardware and software techniques, providing a cohesive path from system specification and functional algorithm identification to system implementation.
2007-06-28 China's first UMPC to debut in 2008
China is set to launch its first ultramobile PC (UMPC), powered by a domestic microprocessor technology, with chip design technologies transferred from AMD, a year from now
2002-07-19 Chartered aims to ride ARM license to SoC
Chartered Semiconductor Mfg Ltd said it plans to license 32-bit RISC ARM microprocessors based on processes ranging from 0.255m to 90nm.
2002-03-07 CAST 80186-compatible processor core is six times faster
Claimed to be six times faster than Intel's 80C186 processor, the C80186TX microprocessor core is suitable for use in embedded controller applications and provides a cost-effective alternative for replacing older parts that are no longer manufactured.
2006-02-23 Casio Computer purchases MMP portfolio licensing rights
Alliacense has announced that Casio Computer Co. Ltd has purchased "system" licensing rights to the Moore Microprocessor Patent Portfolio
2002-08-26 Broadcom displays range of architectures
Broadcom Corp. seemed to be announcing its arrival as a major embedded processor vendor at this year's Hot Chips conference
2013-11-12 Basics of ARM design on mbed IDE (Part 1)
Here are the basics of doing ARM-based application development using the open source mbed integrated development environment.
2005-04-01 Automotives drive hybrid controllers
Hybrid digital signal controllers buckle up inside modern cars and carry functionalities like MCUs with processing power like DSPs.
2009-01-21 Atmel MPUs come with free Windows support package
Atmel Corp. has announced the availability of Microsoft Windows Embedded Board Support Packages (BSPs) for its AT91SAM9 ARM926EJ-S-based embedded MPUs
2005-03-16 Async PowerQuicc II rolls out
Featuring asynchronous performance between the e300 RISC block and the Quicc Engine data path block, Freescale's MPC8360E PowerQuicc II Pro is the first comms processor in the line to support full Layer 3 internetworking functions on-chip.
2011-05-10 ASMCU IP collaboration ideal for touchscreen apps
Cortus, MagnaChip and Taegee unveils the APS3, a 32bit microprocessor based Application Specific Microcontroller
2011-08-18 ASIX acquires MosChip assets
ASIX's acquisition of MosChip's assets will enhance its embedded networking and connectivity products portfolio
2009-11-04 ARM-based MPUs handle extreme environments
The MPUs integrate multiple peripherals such as a CAN controller and an Ethernet MAC for savings of up to $10.
2004-03-29 ARM, SMIC sustained alliance with license of ARM922T
Semiconductor Mfg Int. Corp. (SMIC) has licensed the ARM922T microprocessor core and the Embedded Trace Macrocell (ETM9) on-chip debug peripheral.
2003-04-28 ARM, DSP makers team on system-on-chip spec
ARM Ltd has announced that it is teaming with DSP vendors to create an integration specification that would make it simpler for designers to debug systems that employ a microprocessor and DSP
2004-07-23 ARM, Broadcom partner for mobile comm apps
ARM Holdings has concluded a partnership with Broadcom that greatly extends the companies' existing licensing deal to cover almost the entire range of ARM architectures for communications applications.
2003-05-22 ARM university program reaches China
The Southeast University of Nanjing, China has become the first university in the country to license the ARM7TDMI core under the ARM University Program.
2004-11-05 ARM signs Thomson to use Optimode DSP
French consumer electronics giant Thomson SA has licensed Optimode signal processing technology from ARM Holdings plc, a licensor of processor circuit cores, for the development of broadcast video processing ICs, ARM said on Wednesday (Nov. 3).
2002-03-12 ARM releases development platform for ARM9 processors
Designed for use with the ARM9 family of microprocessor cores, ARM's Integrator/CP development platform includes some of the most frequently used PrimeCell peripherals and provides a provides a cost-effective solution for SoC designers to integrate hardware and software platforms
2003-10-29 ARM joins Consumer Electronics Linux Forum
ARM Ltd has joined the Consumer Electronics Linux Forum, an industry group focused on advancing Linux as an open source platform for consumer electronics.
2003-09-18 ARM core licensed to Datang Telecom
ARM Ltd has licensed its ARM946E microprocessor core to China's Datang Telecom Technology and Industry Group
2002-03-12 ARC provides Java extensions to ARCTangent-A4
ARC has announced the availability of new Java extensions for its ARCTangent-A4 microprocessor to address the market for small, low-cost embedded Java systems, particularly in high volume consumer and multimedia applications such as mobile handsets, digital STBs, and web pads.
2010-01-18 Analysis: Intel not likely to buy major FPGA vendor
Intel Corp. wants to move beyond its MPU base to the digital and Internet connectivity markets but its transition into new segments will not involve huge and disruptive acquisitions.
2003-08-08 AMD to purchase IA assets of National Semiconductor
Advanced Micro Devices has entered into definitive agreements to acquire substantially all of the assets of the Information Appliance business unit of National Semiconductor.
2015-06-24 AMD rebuffs planned breakup
The Reuters news service reported that AMD was mulling whether to split up the company, citing unnamed sources, saying AMD had engaged a consulting firm to help it review such options.
2007-10-04 AMD native quad-core hits x86 market
Barcelona is AMD's first quad-core microprocessor and was architected to migrate the K8 core architecture into a product that would compete with, and outperform, Intel's new Core architecture
2005-10-25 AMD licenses x86 technology in China
AMD has expanded its reach in China through new license agreements with China's Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST) and Peking University for its x86 AMD Geode microprocessor design technology. The deal allows Chinese development of low-power and embedded computer applications for the commercial and consumer sectors.
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