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What is an embedded system?
An embedded system refers to any electronic system that uses a CPU chip, but that is not a general-purpose workstation, desktop or laptop computer. Embedded systems generally use microprocessors, or sometimes custom-designed chips or both. It is used in various applications such as vehicles, machine tools and consumer electronics.
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2004-12-09 Embedded system example: Web server design using MicroBlaze soft processor
This app note details an embedded system example design of a web server running on the MicroBlaze soft processor, designed using the embedded development kit (EDK).
2008-01-03 Embedded solutions to continue to flood market
Market research firm Venture Development Corp. is anticipating more and more embedded systems and devices will be shipped in the coming years
2007-03-13 Embedded software vendors also take IIC-China floor
This year's International IC-China Conference and Exhibition registered increase presence among embedded software vendors
2008-03-24 Embedded software evaluation tries hybrid approach
Simulation-based performance evaluation of software on a customized processor is accurate but can be very slow, according to researchers at an Indian institute, who have instead proposed a new hybrid approach for software performance evaluation.
2014-12-23 Embedded software development tools: A third approach
Learn why there are so many options for embedded development tools, and know the selection strategy that works. Also, find out whether free tools are worth having or you really need to pay real money
2002-05-16 Embedded software debug for real-time trace
Developing a new embedded-processor-based digital system can easily be achieved through the use of an in-circuit emulator capable of real-time trace.
2009-08-20 Embedded PC geared for mission critical apps
Adlink Technology Inc. has launched what it claims to be the first Extreme Rugged system based on the Intel Core2 Duo processor
2003-11-17 Embedded multimodal systems tell a good story
Applications spanning multiple HTML pages benefit from a well-designed interaction manager that dynamically generates pages with SALT rather than directly invoking the speech processing and GUI methods.
2008-06-27 Embedded Ethernet system design guide
This design guide/application note by Silicon Laboratories discusses the benefits of Embedded Ethernet and walks you through three easy steps to add Ethernet connectivity to your embedded system: system definition, hardware design and software development.
2008-06-17 Embedded design kit rolls for CryptoController
Atmel Corp. has rolled an embedded development kit for CryptoController, Atmel's Trusted Platform Module for non-PC embedded applications
2004-12-29 Embedded algorithms for co and parallel processing
Celoxica announced its new Embedded System Level Algorithmic architectural design tool.
2001-04-25 Embedded 1394 LynxSoft hardware abstraction layer (HAL) for MPEG2Lynx and GPLynx: Programmers interface user's guide
This application note serves as a user's guide that describes the LynxSoft Hardware Abstraction Layer (HAL) software for embedded systems, which use the TSB12LV31 GPLynx and TSB12LV41 MPEG2Lynx IEEE 1394 Link Layer Controllers
2009-10-23 DOST system keeps people, orgs, gov't connected
Imagine Cup finalist from India developed the DOST system that consists of kiosks designed to cater grants, information and assistance to underprivileged people
2014-11-26 Device tree partitioning for embedded software design
Here's look at a resource partitioning scheme for a multi-core embedded system, where the system under consideration contains multiple instances of embedded Linux, each running on a different set of cores.
2003-10-16 Developing embedded real-time systems
As embedded real-time systems become more complex, designers must look at hardware and software trade-offs as they define and analyze initial requirements for them not to compromise system flexibility, speed, cost, schedules and available tools.
2008-11-05 Dev't platform supports dual processor embedded systems
Xilinx Inc. has released its Virtex-5 FXT FPGA ML510 embedded development platform for high-performance embedded systems driven by dual processors
2005-10-12 Designing your embedded algorithms with high level graphical tools
Using an interactive and iterative graphical approach is necessary so that you can quickly and efficiently move from design, to simulation, to implementation.
2004-02-16 Designing a USB embedded host controller
This article has demonstrated the implementation of an embedded USB host using only one additional IC and no third-party software
2006-11-16 Controller enables graphical system design
NI, Freescale and Wind River collaborated to develop the CompactRIO cRIO-9012 controller, which promises to simplify embedded system development through graphical system design.
2010-08-16 Comprehensive symbol model library provided to help speed-up embedded system design
Silicon Labs now offers hundreds of symbol models for its? mixed-signal MCU portfolio. It also offers complimentary download of Accelerated Designs' Ultra Librarian Reader along with Silicon Labs? symbols and footprints.
2003-01-08 Complexities of embedded product development
The success of embedded development today is highly dependent on the decisions that are made on an enterprise-wide, strategic executive level, and not merely on local decisions made by a product manager or an engineer working on a single project
2002-03-13 Ceibo embedded C++ compiler targets 8051 microcontrollers
The company has announced the availability of what is claimed to be the first embedded C++ compiler targeting the 8051 microcontroller
2005-09-05 Calculating the exploitability of your embedded software
Here are some tips on a 'back of the napkin' way to get a sense of an application's vulnerabilities by showing it mathematically.
2001-05-16 C++ backed for system-level design
The industry must solve the problems of a synthesizable and verifiable C++ subset that has extensibility despite language constraints and lack of transportable libraries.
2012-07-25 Black Hat conference to expose holes in ARM, x86, embedded systems
Countermeasures to be presented for attacks against Apple's iOS, Windows 8 and HTML 5.
2002-09-27 Axis Systems: Taiwan's electronics industry depends on system verification
Over the last ten years, Taiwan has transformed itself into becoming the leader in the semiconductor foundry business which was achieved through joint efforts between the Taiwan government and engineers.
2002-02-18 Astrodyne MicroBricks' 15W drive telecom, embedded apps
Astrodyne's MicroBrick line of open-frame isolated 15W dc/dc converters has 21 models, providing single and dual outputs from 3.3V to 15V from 9V to 36V and 18V to 75V inputs.
2002-07-01 Asian engineers intensify embedded design activity
As communication systems equipment are dominating the mainstream embedded systems design in Asia, engineers grab this opportunity to create better and more sophisticated embedded devices for various apps
2014-10-09 Asia-Pacific gets biggest share of embedded tech market
The Asia-Pacific region is set to dominate the global embedded technology market with a share of $79 billion out of the total forecast growth of $198.5 billion by 2019
2007-07-02 ARM-based secure MCU eyes embedded systems
Atmel Corp. launches the AT91SC192192CT-USB, a flash-based, ARM SC100 powered, secure MCU targeted at embedded systems
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