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What is IR emitter?
Infrared (IR) emitters emit light in the infrared range, usually to avoid noise from other (visible) light sources. The device is often used in conjunction with a photodetector to control other devices upon interruption of light. A common application is in doors that automatically swing open when a person walks closeby or passes a gate. In this application, an emitter passes an infrared beam, which is detected by a phototransistor. When a person walks by, the beam is ""broken."" Now that the phototransistor no longer detects infrared light, another event is triggered: the door opens.
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2004-08-10 Vishay IR emitters offer improved radiant intensity
Vishay developed a new family of high-speed infrared emitters that offer outstanding levels of radiant power and intensity.
2004-08-05 Vishay IR emitters improve optical efficiency
Vishay disclosed that its two new infrared emitters are optimized with an 850nm wavelength to improve the optical efficiency of CMOS camera illumination systems.
2008-08-11 Power LED emitters are efficient for lighting apps
Avago Technologies has introduced a 1W warm white Moonstone power LED emitter for use in a variety of architectural, commercial, spot light, task, backlighting, and decorative lighting applications.
2011-02-17 Phosphorescent emitters cut solid-state lighting costs
The new metal-free organic compounds form strong bonds with halogens in the crystal, tightly packing molecules, thus suppressing vibration and heat losses during recombination, for strong phosphorescence.
2006-11-22 Optek develops line of IR emitters, sensors
TT electronics Optek Technology has developed a family of infrared emitters and matching sensors, providing design engineers with SMDs for a broad range of applications.
2016-03-02 LED Engin rolls out double flux density emitters
The LZ4-04MDPB emitter includes a thinner flat glass lens, moving the secondary optics closer to the surface for greater illumination from fixtures with tightly controlled beam widths.
2011-11-16 IR emitters feature 520mW optical power at 1A
Due to the devices' low thermal resistivity, high drive current can be used over almost the entire operating temperature range of -40C to 100C.
2007-06-21 IR discrete emitters boast design flexibility
At the Computex Taipei event, Avago Technologies unrolls a new line of RoHS-compliant IR discrete emitters specifically designed for various industrial and consumer applications.
2008-06-27 High-speed 850nm IR emitters suit security cameras
Vishay Intertechnology Inc. broadened its optoelectronics portfolio with the introduction of a new generation of 850nm IR emitters in 5mm leaded packages.
2009-01-09 940nm IR emitters tout improved radiant intensity
Vishay Intertechnology has expanded its optoelectronics portfolio with a family of 940nm surface-mount IR emitters featuring significantly higher radiant intensity over standard emitter technologies.
2004-03-03 Spin valves open organic chip era
A research technique for making organic spin-valve electronics could herald the coming of nonvolatile semiconductors melded with optical emitters, transducers and sensors.
2008-06-24 SA2600 field spectrum management
In this application note, we look at how the SA2600 from Tektronix features are applied to solve four common spectrum management field activities.
2013-04-04 Improving digital signage with LED drivers
As digital signage projects become ever more sophisticated, equipment designers must rely on LED driver ICs capable of satisfying the unique demands of this application space.
2002-12-18 Emitter or detector in SMA package
This application note describes the thermal characteristics and parameters of the SMA package.
2013-02-18 Toronto University, KIT build nanoscale silicon-based LEDs
A research team from the Toronto University and the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology have created nanoscale silicon based LEDs, offering a significant potential as highly efficient light emitters.
2012-10-23 Research shows optical vortices on a chip
Scientists from the University of Bristol and the Universities of Glasgow and Sun Yat-sen and Fudan in China demonstrated integrated arrays of emitters of so called 'optical vortex beams' onto a silicon chip.
2008-07-16 Nu Horizons, Osram expand distribution deal to India
Nu Horizons Electronics Corp. and Osram Opto Semiconductors have entered a distribution agreement of the latter's LEDs, silicon photo detectors, optical sensors, IR emitters, high-power laser diodes, and intelligent display products in India
2003-03-18 Meeting the challenge of fast, cost-effective OLED testing
OLED electrical characteristics differ significantly from inorganic semiconductor-based emitters, which verifies the importance of conducting tests that would yield accurate performance results.
2009-08-04 LEDs target illumination apps
Philips Lumileds has added nine new emitters to its LUXEON Rebel family of LEDs, designed specifically for illumination solutions such as recessed lighting, street lamps and retrofit bulbs.
2005-08-02 IR emitter doubles radiant intensity
Vishay Intertechnology's new infrared emitters provide a typical radiant intensity of 130mW/sr at 100mA, which is more than double that of standard emitters.
2006-11-06 Handheld analyzer offers fixed WiMAX test options
Anritsu has introduced fixed WiMAX IEEE-802.16-2004 test options for its existing MT8222A BTS Master RF analyzer, rendering this handheld field equipment ready for measuring WiMAX emitters.
2010-12-22 Vishay receives Philippine environmental, safety, and energy awards
Vishay awarded for being compliant with all legal requirements respecting permits, emissions, wastewater effluent and recycling standards, showing continuous improvement year over year.
2006-04-19 USB dongle sweeps 2.4GHz ISM band
MetaGeek's less-than-$100 Wi-Spy plug-in is just the ticket for rudimentary analysis of IEEE-802.11 b/g/n Wi-Fi networks.
2008-06-20 Universal Display achieves 102lm/W in white OLEDs
Universal Display Corp. has demonstrated a 102lm/W at 1000cd/m? phosphorescent OLED technology that has the potential to create significant economic and energy benefits for future solid-state lighting systems.
2004-02-10 Sumitomo, CDT co-develop polymer OLED materials
Sumitomo Chemical Co. Ltd and Cambridge Display Technology Ltd (CDT) have reached an agreement to jointly develop high efficiency polymer OLED (PLED) display materials.
2007-08-07 Study: Laser printers emit hazardous particles
A study by Queensland University of Technology found that laser printers used in home and office environments pollute the air with toner particles that are potentially hazardous to human health.
2004-12-15 Spectrum analyzer spans time, frequency, modulation domains simultaneously
Tektronix's new RSA3408A spectrum analyzer debuts at a time when RF systems are racing up the curve in complexity and scope.
2011-03-24 Solid-state lighting poised to take off
While experts believe LEDs will remain the dominant SSL technology until 2020, they insist the rate of SSL adoption will still depend on how soon the cost of ownership can be reduced.
2011-03-11 Singapore takes R&D initiatives to green its electronics
With increased awareness of climate change issues, green electronics will be the underlying theme for both manufacturers and consumers. Singapore is addressing these issues through R&D initiatives.
2013-02-18 Shifting from CCFT- to LED-backlit LCD modules
Learn about the various advantages of LED backlights over cold cathode fluorescent tubes for displays.
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