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2005-06-01 Using ADSP-BF561 Blackfin processor flag pins to emulate the PCM interface
This app note discusses how to emulate the PCM interface using four programmable flag pins (GPIOs) of the ADSP-BF561 Blackfin processor.
2007-02-16 Emulate SIMD in software
This article will give some examples of how to implement software-based SIMD, and quantify the processing speed-up you can achieve with this technique.
2005-05-16 Superconductors set course for wireless
Technological maturity and potentially lucrative applications suggest that low-temperature superconducting is turning a corner.
2014-04-16 Generic timer module I2C bus emulation
Know how to emulate I2C bus Serial Data and Serial Clock output signals.
2010-07-06 Tips and tricks with DMA on MPC56xx
This application note presents a set of simple examples using eDMA on MPC56xx and MPC55xx to emulate receiving and transmitting serial data over SPI and SCI.
2001-10-02 ST7 software SPI master communication
This application note presents a basic software driver to emulate a master SPI full-duplex communication through standard ST7 microcontroller I/O ports.
2008-06-18 SCI software communication with a PC using ST72251 16bit timer
This document presents a standard communication between a ST7 MCU and a PC. It shows how to emulate a SCI communication in half-duplex mode by software, using the ST7 timer resource.
2012-02-16 PCM progress report no. 4: Simulating the brain
This report explores the use of phase change memory to emulate a component of the brain, the synapse.
2010-08-09 Emulating 16bit resolution for better LED intensity control in a video display
This application note explains how to emulate 16bit PWM resolution for the video application by using the MAX6975 with a native PWM resolution of 14bits.
2002-05-07 EEPROM replacement with Flash memory
This application note describes the hardware and software architecture necessary to emulate EEPROM memory in Flash.
2003-04-04 AVR070: Modifying AT90ICEPRO and ATICE10 to Support Emulation of AT90S8535.
This application note discusses the correct way to install the necessary straps to convert the AT90ICEPRO and ATICE10 to be able emulate AVRAT90S8535.
2015-03-04 Adjustable ISI option in BERT enables channel loss emulation
The new adjustable and programmable ISI function allows engineers to emulate channel loss. This function is integrated in each pattern generator channel of the J-BERT M8020A.
2005-11-22 ZiLOG's new Crimzon MCU offers on-chip "learning" capability
ZiLOG's ZLP12840 Crimzon MCU family offers an 'on-chip' ability to learn codes from other infrared remote controls via a learning circuit.
2008-05-26 WLAN modules simplify Wi-Fi transition for M2Ms
Laird Technologies released a new range of 802.11 WLAN processor modules that provide a wide range of AT commands and web configuration to make the Wi-Fi transition simple for M2M designers.
2008-07-01 WiMAX Wave 2 tests commence
Even as WiMAX technology begins riding its first wave of deployment, second-generation equipment design is entering the water. WiMAX developers are targeting what they call Wave 2 development, which aims to increase security and performance in fixed and mobile applications.
2008-10-06 WiMAX emulator allows real-world network testing
Elektrobit has released what it claimed as the industry's first radio channel emulator aimed at makers of base stations and subscriber devices using WiMAX, LTE and other 4G wireless network standards.
2008-04-08 Will LED-backlit LCD TVs break into mass market?
Stunningly clear pictures are produced by LED-backlit LCD TVs, enabled by Dolby Laboratories' High Dynamic Range (HDR) technology. Unclear, though, is how much consumers will have to pay for that kind of picture quality.
2005-11-09 Wi-Fi emulator portrays real-world performance
ACE-400 NB Azimuth Channel Emulator from Azimuth Systems Inc. emulates 4-by-4 multipath channels in a controlled environment.
2012-09-21 Why GigaDevice gambles on NOR flash memory
China fabless firm GigaDevice is staying put in the NOR flash market even if the industry proves challenging for sales growth and expansion.
2010-09-28 Which chip company will Oracle buy?
Just months after Oracle purchased Sun Microsystems, CEO Larry Ellison announced that the company is considering to buy a chip manufacturer. There are varied forecasts on which the likely candidates are.
2011-08-26 What happens to Apple now?
An Ovum analyst believes that the effect of Job's resignation will take a while before it impacts Apple and the industries it competes with.
2008-08-21 Wear Leveling
This application note will highlight a) what is wear leveling, b) advantages of using wear leveling and c) wear leveling mechanism.
2004-12-21 Video test gear gets HDMI v1.1 support
Quantum Data will soon be rolling out an upgrade to its 802-series of HDMI generators and analyzers.
2012-12-20 Vertical crosspoint memory for Internet of Things
Here's a look at antifuse NVM and the recent advances that make it a good solution for IoT MCUs.
2008-04-08 USB CDC class on an embedded device
This document describes the Microchip PIC32 USB CDC serial driver and acts as a programmer's guide for developers wishing to adapt it to their own application.
2003-01-27 USB 2.0 analyzer supports USB-OTG
The SBA-30 USB 2.0 analyzer from Catalyst Enterprises Inc. provides advanced bus analyzer capabilities for low, full, and hi-speed USB 2.0 and 1.x, as well for the USB-OTG specification.
2015-12-04 Ultrasonic water flow metering chip works up to 20 years
The TDC-GP30-F01 from Ams is a complete hardware and firmware measurement solution for cold water metre that draws 8.5?A continuous current when capturing flow measurements at 8Hz.
2012-10-01 Ultrabooks to boost motion sensor sales
Global sales of motion sensorsincluding accelerometers, gyroscopes and compassesused in ultrabooks will expand to $117.3 million by 2016, up from just $8.3 million this year, said IHS.
2012-08-28 Ultrabook Vcore sol'ns cut footprint, extend battery life
The IR3588 CHiLdigital control IC, and IR3552 and IR3548 single- and dual-phase PowIRstage devices meet Intel's VR12.6 specifications for 15W and 25W Ultrabook laptops.
2004-09-01 UbiNetics test upgrade set to speed HSDPA 3G rollout
UbiNetics extended the range of its HSDPA tester, the original version of which the company developed in collaboration with NTT DoCoMo.
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