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What is ASIC emulation (also logic emulation)?
The use of programmable circuits, usually based on FPGAs, to emulate the design of an ASIC or an IC before it is built. ASIC emulation allows you to check the operation of a design before committing the time and money required to fabricate the IC. Emulation serves the same purpose as simulation/design verification but is much faster because it is based on hardware rather than software.
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2011-02-25 Broadcom picks Cadence platform for system verification
Broadcom is using Cadence tools for emulation and transaction-based acceleration to provide the user controllability and real-world verification environments needed for system-level integration and early hardware/software system validation.
2003-12-18 Aptix releases prototyping system for block and IP designers
Aptix Corp. has developed a relatively small, inexpensive FPGA-based hardware-prototyping system for intellectual-property and IC-block design.
2003-08-15 Applications of the MT9088x family support SDT and UDT using the MT9076
This application note focuses on the clocking scenarios, the data path and the configuration of the MT9076 and the MT90883.
2003-08-15 Applications of the MT9088x family support SDT and UDT using the MT9072
This application note focuses on the clocking scenarios, the data path and the configuration of the MT9072 and the MT90883.
2004-09-17 Agilent receives patent on USB test spec
Agilent Technologies Inc. has obtained a patent that describes a method to use the Universal Serial Bus (USB) to communicate with a message processing device, including some aspects of GPIB emulation.
2004-12-08 Agilent adds powerful toolsets to wireless test set
Agilent is adding a comprehensive set of new tools for its existing E5515C wireless communications test set.
2003-06-10 Accellera launches new verification standards
Accellera announced that its Board and Technical Committee members have approved four new standards for language-based design verification.
2004-03-25 Verisity adds accelerators, emulators to Axis line
Verisity Ltd plans to add dynamically programmable processors to the XoC, Xtreme, and Xcite acceleration and emulation products it acquired in the deal last month for Axis Systems Inc.
2007-06-26 Tool rolls for BDF conformance testing
Agilent Technologies Inc. says it has introduced the industry's first single-platform solution for protocol emulation and conformance testing of bidirectional forwarding detection.
2015-01-12 Testing libraries target Intel Bay Trail processors
The VarioTAP libraries from Goepel enable flexible execution of processor emulation tests using the native debug port and allows users to use the processor for hardware design validation of prototypes.
2013-08-15 Tabula's stylus compiler adds SystemVerilog support
Verific's software serves as the front end to a wide range of EDA and field programmable gate array tools for analysis, simulation, verification, synthesis, emulation and test of RTL designs.
2007-04-02 ST7 Visual Develop (STVD7)
ST7 Visual Develop (STVD7) is an integrated development environment (IDE) that allows you to build and debug applications, then program them to ST7 microcontrollers. This Windows-based IDE runs on your host PC, which can be connected to your emulation or programming hardware. With the integration of new build and programming features, STVD7 now provides all the features for developing your application from start to finish.
2005-03-30 Software emulates TI chipset
Virtio introduced the VPOM-V1030 Virtual Platform is designed to provide fast, full-function emulation for TI's OMAPV1030 GSM/GPRS/EDGE chipset.
2007-10-15 Single platform eases E-OAM conformance testing
Agilent Technologies Inc. has announced the availability of a single-platform solution for protocol emulation and conformance testing of E-OAM.
2007-05-29 Signal integrity analysis series: Part 2 - 4-Port TDR/VNA/PLTS
The Vector Network Analyzer (VNA) has come a long way since it was used to test antenna arrays for military applications. VNA can be used to perform more than 100 critical characterization, modeling and emulation applications for high-speed, digital design, many of which are illustrated in this application note series from Agilent.
2015-07-22 Sensor device slashes PCB space, smartphone BOM
The TMx4903 from Ams features multiple functions including universal remote control, barcode emulation, RGB colour sensing, proximity and 3D gesture detection.
2004-11-30 Recommendations for real-time debugging using Bondout chip in Super10 applications
This app note discusses how to design a system-on-chip (SOC) based on the Super10 microcontroller to ease its real-time emulation using the corresponding Bondout chip.
2002-03-26 Peripheral emulator board
This application note discusses how the peripheral emulator board (PEB) provides emulation of different PC peripheral types.
2014-12-26 Optical sensors provide touchless detection
The TMG399x devices from ams feature six key sensing functions such as gesture detection and Mobeam barcode emulation geared for smartphones, tablets and other consumer electronics.
2007-01-16 Noise canceler IC suits DVB-H, cellular handsets
Quellan brings noise cancellation to consumer platforms with Q:Active, extremely small noise-source emulation chips intended for handsets designed for mobile broadcast video.
2011-08-15 NFC transceiver supports peer-to-peer comm
TI's new low-power NFC transceiver comes with easy-to-configure software, supports card emulation and works in two crystal oscillator frequencies13.56MHz or 27.12MHz.
2012-11-08 NFC booster chip to fit into SIM form factor
The PicoPulse NFC RF front-end booster chip will enable manufactures to fit all components of an NFC card emulation and peer-to-peer mode solution into a standard SIM form factor.
2014-05-06 Neurogrid board replicates human brain circuitry
The board comprises 16 180nm-processed CMOS chips paired with a daughterboard and FPGA, and employs a combination of hardware emulation and software simulation to mimic the behaviours of neurons and synapses on the power it takes to run a tablet computer.
2004-06-16 NEC engineers advance HW/SW co-verification
Claiming a new approach to hardware/software co-verification, researchers from NEC presented details about a combined simulation and emulation system at a Design Automation Conference paper session here.
2008-07-09 MSP430 interface to TPS60250 via I?C master software
This application report written by Randy Wu describes a simple hardware and software platform to demonstrate a Texas Instruments MSP430 MCU implementing an I?C master interface using two general-purpose I/O pins via I?C software emulation.
2005-06-16 Migrating applications to USB from RS-232 UART with minimal impact on PC software
This app note explains some background materials required for a better understanding of the serial emulation over USB method and to describe how to migrate an existing application to USB
2008-11-06 Improved adapters, VIP comply with system app needs
Cadence has introduced its new system verification IP and SpeedBridge adapters' portfolio focusing on transaction-based acceleration and in-circuit emulation use models.
2001-08-30 Implementation of a scanning light
This application note provides a functional emulation of a scanning LED array.
2014-12-23 Impeccable debugging reflected on iPhone 6
Lauro Rizzatti, a verification consultant, believes that the elegance and simplicity of all Apple chip designs suggests that hardware emulation is the foundation for the iPhone 6's verification strategy.
2001-04-15 Ikos lawsuit against Axis turns more complex
Is the Ikos lawsuit strictly 'black and white' or is it tied to a takeover bid? This technical news article describes that issue against Axis Systems, which deals about the emulation patents of both companies.
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