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What is an encoder?
An encoder is a device, circuit, algorithm or software program that converts information from one format or code to another, for the purposes of standardisation, speed, secrecy, security or saving space by shrinking size.
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2005-09-09 Xilinx, IP supplier partner on single-FPGA H.264 video encoder
Claiming an industry first, programmable logic supplier Xilinx Inc. and intellectual property (IP) core supplier 4i2i Communications Wednesday (Sept. 7) launched a high-definition H.264 video encoder in a single field-programmable gate array (FPGA).
2006-06-12 Xilinx, Ateme unroll FPGA-based MPEG-4 encoder
Xilinx and Ateme announced a new FPGA-based H.264/AVC real-time standard definition at Main Profile video encoder.
2006-04-28 Xilinx, Ateme demonstrate video encoder
Xilinx Inc. and Ateme demonstrated a new H.264/AVC real-time, standard definition at main profile video encoder.
2003-03-04 Vweb encoder, codec support MPEG-4 standards
Vweb Corp. has released its VW005 encoder and VW2010 codec ICs, which support full-screen interlaced DVD MPEG-4 video images.
2011-04-20 VLSI claims most advanced MP3 encoder chip
VLSI releases what it claims to be the world's most advanced MP3 encoder and audio codec chip.
2003-10-30 ViXS video processor with MPEG encoder technology
ViXS Systems has launched the XCode II, which it claims is the first chip that can process content ranging from analog to high-definition digital video.
2012-04-30 Video encoder, decoder IP unveiled by Chips&Media
The CODA9A0 is a multistandards, multistream video decoder/encoder that supports resolutions up to 4K x 2K to meet the full HD frame packed S3D video imaging and immersive telepresencing.
2009-02-18 Video encoder for mobiles supports 1,080p
On2 Technologies Inc. launches its hard-wired HD video encoder that supports full-frame 1,080p video and enables mobile phone designers to add the latest video decoding capabilities.
2010-04-15 Using a rotary encoder to control PSoC projects: an interrupt-based hybrid design
This application note demonstrates a method to use a rotary encoder to control multiple functions in a PSoC-based project.
2007-06-18 TV-out extension on the i.MX31 using the Chrontel CH7024 TV encoder
This document provides information to set-up and use the TV-out of the Chrontel CH7024 daughter board with the i.MX31 ADS.
2008-02-19 TV encoder LSI has built-in image correction
ROHM has introduced a TV encoder LSI featuring a hardware image correctionAdaptive Image Enhancerthat offers high precision, discrete correction of images in real time.
2002-03-13 Trident encoder chip enables TV display of PC apps
The TVXPRESS TM II NTSC/PAL TV encoder chip is claimed to provide sharp text and graphics while substantially reducing dot crawl and color bleeding, and enables PC applications to be displayed on television.
2005-09-23 Telairity's H.264 video encoder delivers 55.5GOP/s performance
Telairity Semiconductor's high-definition H.264 video encoder is based on the Telairity-1 processor architecture, which has been developed specifically for broadcast-quality HD applications
2003-12-19 Switronic releases lever, encoder switch
Switronic Ind. Corp. has released the IL-1512 SMD push lever switch and IE-1511 encoder switch that are designed to suit digital cameras. The push lever switch features high temperature resistance material (ARLEN C230N) that can resist to 280C temperature, a rating of 5Vdc 10mA, operating force of 25050gf, and lifespan of 100,000 cycles.
2015-04-07 Socionext touts world's first HEVC/H.265-compatible encoder IC
The MB86M31 incorporates the HEVC encoder core co-developed with Fujitsu Laboratories and claims to achieve world-class high data compression while maintaining the image quality.
2007-09-04 SMT analog reflective encoder has 180 LPI resolution
Avago Technologies claims to have released the industry's first reflective encoder with analog output, which provides precise positioning information and direction sensing
2007-09-12 Single-chip JPEG2000 encoder, decoder roll out
Xilinx and Barco Silex have unveiled their jointly developed single-chip JPEG2000 encoder and decoder solutions.
2001-06-11 Shaft encoder drives multiple XICOR digitally controlled potentiometers (XDCPs)
This application note details how to drive multiple digitally controlled potentiometers by using shaft encoders.
2005-06-03 Shaft encoder drives multiple Intersil digitally controlled potentiontiometers (XDCPs)
This app note discusses the number of control potentiometers, but there is only enough room on the front panel for one knob.
2003-09-03 Scancon incremental encoder offers 5,000 pulses
Scancon A/S has released what it claims is the world's smallest high-resolution encoder that offers resolutions up to 5,000 pulses/rev in a 16mm(?) body.
2009-05-26 Rotary encoder withstands rough environments
From austriamicrosystems comes a magnetic rotary encoder IC specifically designed to satisfy stringent automotive requirements in angle sensing applications where robust IC protection is essential.
2008-06-26 Rotary encoder weathers extreme environments
Nonmetallic fiber optic rotary encoder operates in extreme electromagnetic fields, including various medical facilities and industrial process plants.
2006-11-13 Rotary encoder ICs offer contactless alternative
austriamicrosystems has introduced two 8bit absolute magnetic rotary encoder ICs that offer a contactless alternative to mechanical rotary switches in a variety of automotive, industrial and consumer applications.
2008-06-09 Rotary encoder IC suits brushless DC motors
austriamicrosystems has expanded its magnetic rotary encoder family with the AS5134 that is specifically designed for brushless DC sensing in automotive applications.
2002-04-17 Renishaw optical linear encoder has 55m to 10nm resolution
The RGH25F non-contact linear encoder offers resolutions from 55m to 10nm and features a compact readhead that can handle speeds of up to 300mm/s, making the device suitable for multi-axis fiber-optic splicing, joining, and bonding devices.
2003-09-19 Power Management of the ADV7172/ADV7173 Video Encoder
This application note describes the different power operating modes of the ADV7172/ADV7173 and how the device should be configured or used in order to use power as efficiently as possible.
2006-06-05 Optical encoder offers wide resolution range
Avago's new ultra-miniature transmissive optical encoder module is a good fit for industrial and motor control apps that require resolutions from 2,500 to 7,500 cycles-per-revolution.
2003-08-01 On2 Tech releases new VP6 Encoder version
The company has released a new version of its VP6 encoder.
2001-05-04 Obtaining absolute encoder position on a TMS320C240
This application note describes how the encoder count can be processed to obtain absolute position on the TMS320C240 DSP.
2005-05-13 Multimedia MPEG-4 encoder processes four video inputs
Parvus' new PC/104-Plus video compressor board comes with an on-board microcontroller to handle computationally-intensive video compression. The product's footprint measures 3.55-by-3.775 inches.
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