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2002-11-11 Quantum encryption secures high-speed data stream
A quantum encryption system developed by two Northwestern University professors can encode entire high-speed data streams and could potentially encrypt data sent at Internet backbones speeds, its inventors said
2014-10-13 Answering the need for network security through encryption
A new OTN encryption core gives AES-GCM with 96bit IV and a choice of 128bit or 256bit keys, offering privacy as well as confirmation that the decrypted packet has not been altered.
2009-05-18 Addressing the physical security of encryption keys
The DS36xx family of secure supervisors provides a wide range of capabilities, enabling systems that can generate and store encryption keys, monitor for tamper events, and actively and completely destroy the keys when a tamper event is detected.
2015-04-02 Secure encryption systems against side-channel attacks
Vendors must now look into the process of designing and testing to guard their systems against side-channel attacks. This process begins with understanding how such threats operate.
2002-11-13 Quantum encryption to spell doom for hackers
Quantum encryption pioneers promise to put the world's first uncrackably secure networks online by early 2003. Based on the quantum properties of photons, quantum encryption guarantees absolutely secure optical communications
2004-06-16 Quantum encryption secures crypto war
Quantum-key distribution provides continuous key regeneration that enhances the security of the communications channel.
2013-07-09 PLM IC security solution for private, public keys
The AIS 31 robust, hardware-based True Random Number Generator from Altis semiconductor ensures generation of secure private and public keys
2006-07-28 IP coprocessor eases Wi-Fi encryption on M2M apps
Connect One has released a secure IP coprocessor that promises easy addition of encrypted Wi-Fi connectivity to price-sensitive machine-to-machine applications.
2008-06-27 Advanced encryption standard
The Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) is an algorithm used to encrypt and decrypt data for the purposes of protecting the data when it is transmitted electronically. The AES algorithm allows for the use of cipher keys that are 128-, 192-, or 256bits long to protect data in 16byte blocks.
2007-05-17 Tools feature embedded cryptographic security
Atmel Corp. is offering a development kit for a nonvolatile memory surrounded by a 64bit embedded cryptographic processor.
2013-03-26 Protect data with hardware AES engines
Know how the MAX36025 DeepCover tamper-reactive cryptographic-node controller enables physical tamper protection.
2002-04-30 Microchip Technology encoders provide KEELOQ security feature
The rfHCS362G and rfHCS362F wireless encoders from Microchip Technology integrate a built-in RF transmitter that feature the company's KEELOQ access control system.
2014-07-21 Interview: Infineon products take on counterfeiting
Infineon is bolstering its Optiga line to protect devices from malware and to control access mechanisms for secure software updates, adding flexibility for adapting to a variety of applications.
2007-10-04 EEPROM secures products from cloning, counterfeiting
Atmel says it has developed the world's first family of EEPROMs with a 64bit embedded hardware encryption engine and 64bit session encryption keys, which help prevent product counterfeiting.
2008-05-26 Brocade, EMC simplify enterprise data security
Brocade and EMC have entered a collaborative development effort to help enable data center customers to more quickly and reliably encrypt data for security and compliance purposes.
2007-01-03 'First' embedded hardware security module rolls
nCipher touts the first embedded hardware security module (HSM) designed to provide OEMs with a simple, secure, drop-in solution for data encryption, digital signing and strong authentication
2003-04-02 Windows XP download boosts 802.11 security
Microsoft has released for download a free patch that adds WiFi Protected Access to both consumer and business versions of its Windows XP OS.
2002-11-25 Suppliers to add security features to wireless comm chips
Infineon Technologies AG has made a strategic decision to put security features into its wireless-modem chips.
2015-01-27 Self-encrypting SSDs to become de facto standard
Self-encrypting SSDs are starting to become more appealing as they allow for encryption at the hardware level, regardless of OS, and can be deployed in a variety of scenarios
2006-02-16 Peripheral DMA boosts networked MCU security, bandwidth
With the help of a peripheral DMA controller, streaming AES encryption bandwidth is 20 times greater than software encryption alone
2003-08-25 Nokia wins security certificates for Tetra
The Tetra Class 3 encryption interoperability certification has been granted to the Nokia Tetra system and three Tetra radios
2011-03-25 Microsemi forays into SSD space with new storage device
Targeted at mission-critical applications, TRRUST-Stor gives users a hardware-based implementation of AES-256 encryption with XTS, thus enabling even higher levels of security
2014-05-28 Heartbleed's impact on Internet, embedded security
Majority of publications on Heartbleed have focused on the security of consumers' usernames and passwords. It should, however, also make us reflect on how we should secure our embedded designs.
2010-09-07 Advanced car key needs no user intervention
GM integrates advanced key that eliminates user intervention into new Buick LaCrosse
2006-10-04 Industry players meet to discuss standard for Open DFM
Participants of the Open DFM Model Workshop last week explored issues ranging from DFM flows to encryption and identified possible next steps
2004-11-24 Increasing system security by using the DS5250 as a secure coprocessor
This app note describes how to use the Dallas Semiconductor DS5250 high-speed secure microprocessor as a secure coprocessor to protect passwords, PINs, encryption keys and other critical data.
2008-07-01 Hardware secures standards
With global competition growing in ferocity, standards of conduct getting looser, and the manufacturing supply chain operating in countries with weak intellectual-property protection, what's the best way to safeguard the security keys integral to standards-based security schemes for everything from HDTV to iPods
2008-05-16 WLAN print server for HP printers supports WPA/WPA2
SEH has introduced the PS56 print server, a new WLAN interface card, for connecting HP printers to WLANs supporting WPA and WPA2 encryption standards
2008-05-14 Kit designs counterfeit-proofing embedded apps
Atmel has rolled its Aris++ development kit with Crypto Evaluation Studio tool suite for the design and evaluation of counterfeit-proofing embedded applications that are protected by hardware-based encryption and mutual authentication
2005-06-06 IEEE 802.11i and wireless security
IEEE's wireless security amendment adds stronger encryption, authentication, and key management strategies that go a long way toward guaranteeing data and system security
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