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2009-09-09 600V MOSFETs trims switching, conduction losses
Fairchild touts that the low RDS(ON) and total gate charge of its new 600V Super-Junction MOSFETs bring 40 percent lower Figure of Merit compared to the 600V SuperFET MOSFETs.
2015-09-10 60 start-up companies to watch in 2015
EE Times has selected 30 start-up companies to come on to version 16.1 of its list of 60 firms that are worth keeping an eye on. Readers are welcome to nominate their own emerging companies.
2012-11-01 50V GaN HEMT tech cuts cellular network power use
Cree's transistors that operate at 100W or 200W output powers are now released for both the 1.8- 2.2GHz and 2.5-2.7GHz frequency bands.
2015-02-27 5 things to expect at Mobile World Congress
The Mobile World Congress has morphed into a gathering place to discover and debate connected devices and new network technologies tailored for different applications.
2015-01-05 5 areas where smartphones need improvement
Smartphones have shown many technological advances over the years. This time, Eric Zeman weighs in on five different areas where smartphones must improve on.
2013-04-04 4.5A Li-ion battery chargers tout I2C, USB OTG output
The bq2419x family from TI claims to deliver faster and cooler charging to applications ranging from power banks and packs to 4G LTE routers, WiFi speakers, portable medical and industrial designs.
2008-08-29 3G mobile network JV taps tech partner
Mobile Broadband Network Ltd (MBNL), the network collaboration joint-venture between T-Mobile UK and 3 UK, has selected Nokia Siemens Networks as technology partner for 3G network integration.
2013-04-08 375W open-frame power supply tooled for power lamps
The XL375LED models offer single main outputs of 12, 24, 28, 36, 40, 48 or 56VDC maximum. They also have a 12V/1A auxiliary output (normally used to drive a cooling fan) and a 5V/1A standby output.
2008-06-18 30W universal adapter suits medical apps
Phihong has released the PSAM30R series of 30W universal 2-wire input adapters for medical equipment.
2007-08-03 30W adapter has four interchangeable clip plugs
Phihong U.S.A. has expanded its adapter line with the introduction of the PSC30R Series of 30W adapters available with four interchangeable clip adapter plugs.
2007-12-04 300V IGBTs can replace power MOSFETs
A family of 300V insulated IGBTs that can replace power MOSFETs have been introduced by IXYS Corp.
2008-05-20 3.3V/20A post-regulator driven by the NCP4331
This application note proposes a systematic process to design NCP4331 driven post-regulators.
2005-06-09 3 new inverters from SunPower
SunPower Corp., a Silicon Valley-based subsidiary of Cypress, introduced a new line of inverters, which are offered in three power ratings: 2,000W (120V), 2,900W (208V) and 3,200W (240V
2009-08-19 2Tbyte hard drive suits 24/7 applications
Hitachi GST leverages its fourth-generation high-capacity hard drive technology in its 7200 RPM 2Tbyte offering, the Ultrastar A7K2000.
2015-10-16 200mA boost converter supports 2.7V to 5V output
The AS1383 from Ams is powered by a single-cell lithium-ion battery and can be used in consumer products such as wristbands, media players, digital cameras and mobile phones.
2009-01-22 2009: year of green FPD implementation
DisplaySearch reports that 20 percent of flat-panel display (FPD) shipments in 2008 had green features, making it the year of green FPD development, and dubs 2009 as the year of green implementation.
2010-03-31 2.5-inch HDDs packs up to 1Tbyte storage
Toshiba Corp. is offering two new additions to its 5,400 RPM line of 2.5-inch HDDs featuring large storage capacities of up to 1Tbyte.
2008-06-13 2.5-inch enterprise drive heralds 300GB capacity
Seagate Technology LLC has introduced the Savvio 10K.3 hard disk drivethe world's highest capacity, small form factor 2.5-inch enterprise hard drive built for the demands of enterprise servers and storage arrays.
2009-02-24 2.2MW solar power system completed in California
SunPower Corp., California's Lake County and the Lake County Sanitation District (LACOSAN) announced the completion of a 2.2MW solar-electric power system on three sites, including the county jail and two wastewater treatment plants.
2009-09-14 160GB HDDs offer high durability, quiet operation
Toshiba Corp.'s new single-platter 1.8-inch HDD offers industry's highest areal density of 723Mbit/mm2.
2015-01-20 15MW solar project in Japan uses Delta's 20kW PV inverters
Takara Leben selected Delta's 20kW PV inverters for the country's first large-scale distributed solar PV power plant connected to an extra-high voltage power transmission line using string PV inverters.
2009-04-29 14bit ADC cuts digital feedback
From Linear Technology Corp. comes a low-power 14bit, 150MSps ADC that dissipates only 149mW, less than one-third the power of competitive solutions.
2010-09-13 103M MEMS seen shipping in 2010
MEMS sensors, actuators and microvalves are increasingly being used in non-consumer and non-automotive applications because of the value they bring o these high-end products.
2009-11-23 10 technologies to look forward to in 2010
EE Times has compiled emerging technologies that have potential to change the electronics landscape in 2010.
2010-03-19 1/8 brick power module suits 5V bus voltage apps
Ericsson Power Modules is offering a 1/8 brick power module designed for 5V intermediate bus voltages and other applications requiring a tightly regulated 5V supply.
2016-04-18 1.5kW RF transistor from NXP operates up to 500MHz
The MRF1K50H targets applications from laser and plasma sources to particle accelerators, industrial welding machines, radio and VHF TV broadcast transmitters, and amateur radio linear amplifiers.
2008-06-12 'Smallest' DC/DC converter remits high performance
National Semiconductor Corp. recently launched what it claims as the smallest step-down DC/DC converter that is optimized for powering high-performance processors from a single Li-ion cell battery in mobile phones, personal media players and other mobile devices.
2016-01-14 'Light recycling' enables power-efficient incandescent bulbs
MIT and Purdue University researchers have come up with a two-stage process to make incandescent bulbs as efficient as compact fluorescent and LED bulbs.
2005-08-19 'Dirty silicon' to enable cheaper solar cells
Researchers at the University of California at Berkeley have developed a new technique based on "dirty silicon" that could reduce the cost of solar cells.
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