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2012-01-30 Utilizing V3 pin on 71M6513 energy meter IC
Learn about the proper connection of the dual-use input V3 pin for Maxim's Teridian 71M6513/71M6513H energy meter ICs.
2011-06-02 Programming Teridian Meter ICs
Know the interfaces, tools, precautions, and processes that are to be used for programming the flash memories of the Teridian Energy Meter ICs.
2008-04-07 PIC18F2520 MCP3909 3-phase energy meter reference design
This application note shows how the PIC18F2520 MCP3909 3-phase energy meter performs under test as designed, and also how it can be easily modified for compatibility with a number of power measurement or energy meter designs.
2011-05-30 Meter calibration procedures
Learn about calibration, the process of trimming the meter so its error becomes minimal
2015-05-18 Examining a 100V DC energy monitor
To realise the green goal of energy efficiency, a mere power rating might not be sufficient under all circumstances. To achieve more exact results it can be a good idea to monitor the actual current
2005-10-28 Energy-measurement ICs output average, instantaneous real power
Microchip Tech's MCP3905 and MCP3906 devices are fully functional, stand-alone energy-measurement ICs that output average and instantaneous real power
2007-02-19 Energy-measurement IC adapts to various meter designs
Microchip's highly accurate energy-measurement IC combines low-power consumption with a SPI interface and active power pulse output, making it adaptable to a wide variety of meter designs.
2012-02-01 Energy sol'ns target smart grid market
TI unveils its portfolio in utility metering, home and building automation and smart grid infrastructure.
2008-04-25 Energy meters handle next-gen monitoring apps
ADI has expanded its portfolio of energy metering solutions with the ADE51xx and ADE55xx metering devices, designed for the increasingly sophisticated communications networks
2010-10-13 Energy meter IC based on ARM Cortex-M0 debuts
NXP builds energy metering IC around ARM Cortex-M0 processor to power sophisticated tasks
2012-05-04 Employ V3 pin on 71M6513 3-phase energy meter IC
Know the proper connection of the dual-use input V3 pin for Teridian 71M6513/71M6513H energy meter ICs.
2014-07-18 EMI and EMC considerations for energy meters
This application note tackles the metering type-tests along with different tampering conditions. It also provides the best practices to create a robust metering system.
2011-05-09 Development tools for 71M651X energy meter IC
Know the various development and programming tools available for the 71M651X, 71M652X, and 71M653X families of energy meter ICs.
2002-04-08 Current sensing for energy metering
This article describes how a digital integrator can be used to convert the di/dt signal output from Rogowski coil current sensor to an appropriate signal and how it can be combined for a high-current energy meter.
2002-06-16 Current sensing for energy metering
This technical article discusses how a digital integrator can be used to condition a signal output from a Rogowski coil current sensor to an appropriate level for high-current energy meter applications.
2009-03-19 Chipset replaces transformers in energy meters
Maxim Integrated Products has released the MAXQ3108 and DS8102 chipset that reduces the BOM cost of a polyphase energy meter.
2005-01-19 Chip supports conventional 1-phase 2-wire, 1-phase anti-tamper energy metering
austriamicrosystems introduced the latest addition to its expanding energy meter IC product range.
2012-10-03 ADC ensures energy meter magnetic immunity
ADI's ADE7913 is a 3-channel, sigma-delta ADC that incorporates the company's iCoupler and isoPower technologies to implement isolated signal transfer and DC/DC power conversion across a 5kV-rated insulation barrier.
2011-06-13 71M6521 energy meter IC: Real time clock compensation
Know how to use software to compensate the real time clock (RTC) in Teridian meter chips
2011-05-31 71M651x energy meter IC: Reliability and aging data
Here's a discussion on the reliability and aging for the 71M651X family of energy metering chips
2011-05-25 71M651X energy meter IC: Operation with batteries
Know the proper production sequence when using the electricity metering ICs of the 71M651X family.
2011-05-26 71M651x energy meter IC: Crystal frequency variations
Know the reason for the frequency deviation and methods that can be used to minimize this effect.
2011-05-27 71M651x energy meter IC: Boot loader
Find out how a boot loader can be implemented, how it is deployed and how compatible firmware applications can be generated.
2011-05-06 71M651X energy meter IC
Here are the details on interfacing LCD displays to the 71M651x chips.
2008-03-20 Zigbee-powered meter plug reads electrical usage
Energy Optimizers has developed a Zigbee 'plogg' device, which is a combination smart meter plug and data logger.
2011-08-19 ZigBee Alliance OKs Smart Energy 2.0 standard draft
The ZigBee Alliance unanimously approved draft 0.7 of the Smart Energy 2.0 standard, but still has to resolve the comments raised in the letter ballot process
2010-08-02 UK smart meter makers to work on standards
UK smart meter manufacturers Elster, Landis+Gyr and Secure have agreed to work together for the development of communication standards needed for the interoperability of equipment in the UK market
2014-08-20 Toshiba integrates two ARM core units in smart meter MCU
Aside from the cores, the MCU implements tamper detection, failure detection and key security functions, enabling independent control of the measurement and communication units on one chip.
2011-10-17 ST, Enel team up to cut home energy use
ST's ZigBee USB key will be integrated with Enel's 'Smart Info' device to communicate with household smart meters.
2005-06-22 ST simplifies energy metering apps with smart power tech
Electric utility firms around the world are looking to replace the traditional electromechanical meter, which has remained essentially unchanged for over a century, by electronic meters
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