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2011-08-02 Digital isolators offer up to 5kV isolation ratings
Silicon Labs' Si86xx 3.75kV and 5kV digital isolators feature isolation ratings that translate into a longer service lifetime in harsh application conditions.
2006-11-16 Converter architecture for metering apps
The use of intelligent mixed-signal, multichannel SoC-based programmable devices has already spurred new levels of functionality, performance and cost reduction in metering applications.
2005-10-17 Cirrus Logic metering ICs turn power measurement up a notch
The CS5461A and CS5463 high precision power meter ICs from Cirrus Logic are suited for next-generation applications
2004-09-27 Cirrus Logic IC enables higher accuracy power meters
Cirrus Logic's new single-phase power meter IC enables manufacturers to implement more reliable, lower-cost and higher accuracy power meters
2013-11-28 Building better barriers through flawless moisture detection
Developed by the Energy Department's National Renewable Energy Laboratory, the NREL Electric Calcium Test (e-Ca) uses unique design elements to measure corrosion from water using calcium
2003-03-28 AVX supercapacitors offer 25-milliohm ESR
The Battery Energy Saving Technology Capacitor series of electromechanical supercapacitors from AVX Corp. offers an ESR up to 350 milliohms
2013-03-12 Atmel expands smart metering portfolio with IDT buyout
Atmel has finalized its acquisition of IDT's smart metering IC product lines and technologies.
2014-11-03 Adding 'smart' to Asia's power grid
The installation of modern electronics to assist in better generation, delivery and consumption of electrical energy is picking up within the region, promising to prevent power outages, conserve energy and support green undertakings
2010-08-12 71M6513/71M6513H demo board quick start guide
The Teridian Semiconductor Corp. (TSC) 71M6513/71M6513H demo board is a demonstration board for evaluating the 71M6513/71M6513H device for 3-phase electronic energy metering applications
2010-08-12 71M6511/71M6511H demo board quick start guide
The Teridian Semiconductor Corp. (TSC) 71M6511/71M6511H demo board is a demonstration board for evaluating the 71M6511/71M6511H device for single-phase electronic energy metering applications
2010-05-12 WLAN module packs CPU, networking protocol
From Alps Electric Europe GmbH comes the UGFZ1 series of all-in-one WLAN modules for wireless networks.
2011-12-06 Smart meters to cross $200B in 2015
IC Insights' report reveals that global investment in smart grids will reach about $100 billion this year.
2011-09-08 OKI develops Japan's first wireless multihop comm system
The 920MHz wireless multihop communications system was designed by OKI for smart homes, communities and meters.
2011-06-15 Code for bank-switching with 653X-Series
Understand how to use banked code with a 71M6531 energy meter IC.
2014-06-23 The lowdown on batteries: Zinc/silver-oxide
This battery is known for its high energy density and flat discharge curve. It has found use as a backup power source in the space industry, as well as for the military in some specialty areas
2016-01-13 Smart streetlights enable connected city experience
Smart streetlights are essentially poles packed with LEDs, small cell LTE base stations, an optional control system for the lights and a smart meter to monitor the poles' power use
2012-12-27 Significance of flash memory to the smart home
Understand why flash memory is becoming more critical to the connected home and smart energy sectors
2011-02-02 Security solution safeguards smart grid nets
Atos Worldline and NXP Semiconductors have collaborated on an end-to-end security and authentication solution designed to protect smart grid networks against energy theft, privacy breaches and grid attacks
2013-07-22 Power line comms serves as IoE backbone
The availability of ubiquitous communication networks to allow the effective exchange and management of energy-related data produced or consumed at each relevant point of a power network, is the key element to build the so called "Internet of Energy" to enable a large variety of smart grid applications
2012-10-09 OMRON, ST team up to dev't MEMS based gas sensor
STMicroelectronics and OMRON MEMS based sensors to capitalise on Gas metering's shift from conventional mechanical solutions to smart electronic meters with automatic meter-reading functions
2009-12-30 Nanovacuums enable better batteries, memories
Researchers at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign claim that nanometer-scale vacuum tubes should be able to achieve 3x the energy density of Li-ion batteries
2010-11-25 MEMS gas mass flow meters target industrial use
MEMSIC Inc. launched its first generation family of high-performance MEMS Gas Mass Flow Meters. The METF2000 is the initial device released in this series of gas mass flow meter products which contends with the price and performance of traditional gas flow meters
2011-08-17 MCUs for medical devices tout longer battery life
Renesas' Continua demonstration platform is based on the company's Electronics V850 energy-efficient MCU with certified Continua Blood Glucose agent software
2010-11-25 ISSCC highlights emerging technologies
The 2011 International Solid State Circuits Conference has accepted 211 papers, including a sleep monitoring system, a two-dimensional wideband antenna array for 3D imaging, and an AC power meter
2009-07-23 Cisco, Intel help boost smart grids
A broad group of companies including giants Cisco Systems and Intel Corp. are working with utilities to draft proposals for smart grid, competing for $3.9 billion in grants recently announced by the Department of Energy
2010-03-03 Bluetooth enters smart grid market
The Bluetooth SIG has formed the Smart Energy Study Group to address smart energy initiatives sponsored by governments and other organizations on energy management throughout the world
2002-05-17 AE opens cleanroom facilities to support customers in Asia
Component and subsystems supplier Advanced Energy Ind. Inc. is opening three new class 1000 cleanrooms in Taiwan, mainland China and Singapore in a bid to support its mass flow controller customers in Asia
2008-02-18 Advanced software boosts PC efficiency measurements
This methodology focuses on providing consumers and system designers with understandable measurements of a PC's performance and energy efficiency
2011-07-21 STMicro unveils power supply solutions
STMicro has revealed its new line of power supply systems that include DC/DC converters, battery chargers, battery level indicators and home smart meters that, the company said, support energy efficiency
2003-06-17 TI transceiver suits industrial apps
The HVD3082E low-power RS-485 transceiver from Texas Instruments features a 16-kV HBM ESD protection levels that are suitable for apps in noisy environments.
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